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Dark Knight Rises Bane Outfits

Dark Knight Rises was the sequel to the famous Hollywood movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan directed the film. Christian Bale played the lead role of Bruce Wayne as Batman. The villain's role was played by Tom Hardy as Bane whose mission was to destroy the city of Gotham. The Director of the movie was hesitate first while making the sequel but after developing the story with his brother he felt this is the time to wrap up the story on a satisfying note.

The movie is about how the Batman rises again and what scenario was occurred that he comes out of retirement to save the city. After Harvey Dent's death, the city of Gotham finally had peace. Few years later to his death, a villain named Bane emerged in the city, and he wants to tell the truth of Harvey Dent, what he was. In short, Bane wants to destroy the city of Gotham that made the cause of Batman rising.

Being a villain, Tom Hardy dressed in such marvelous outfits which sometimes can create confusion that either he was a villain or hero. Bane's Costume designer, Lindy Hemming told that Bane gained 40 pounds and increased his weight up to 198 pounds for wearing the costumes that were made by excessive hard work. Bane wore some extraordinary apparel that made him look like a new generation's stylish villain. His coats and vest were stitched and fitted perfectly; he doesn't seem to be a villain by any means or his appearance, in fact, looked like a hero. He performed absolute carnage stunts while wearing the latest style fashioned outfits.

Superstars after their film releases, view their performances on televisions to take a look that how they acted and then wait for the awards that are held every year. Hoping that they could win on behalf of their exciting roles. Bane has won two awards up till now, but he has not won for the Dark Knight Rises. In fact, he has been nominated several times for this movie. He was chosen twice in 2013 and a 2012 for the best villain, best fight, but he failed to win both.

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Those who have made the tattoos like Bane or for those who are inspired by his personality should try these banes jacket collection which are becoming the most selling jackets these days. It will make you look astonishing and encourage others to adapt to your style. Guaranteeing you that you wouldn't have seen or wore such outfits in real that the people have craze for.