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Over the past year, one superhero was the talk of the town. No matter how many blockbuster movies were released, people always spoke about him. February 12, 2016, will be remembered for years to come. Not only because the superhero finally got his solo movie but he smashed it out of the park. He is none other than Deadpool. Marvel’s mutant is a very popular character in the comic world but hasn’t gotten the chance to display his mad skills in the movies before. Before he was shown on the big screen, his merchandise was a huge fan favorite.



Comic fans loved his red and black color combination costume. Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Winston Wilson, is unlike any Marvel superhero you will ever read about. He was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Deadpool was initially written as a villainous character when he made his debut in The New Mutants comics 25 years back. He later began to take on a more anti-hero persona of the following issues, and that stuck for years to come. His famous appearances have been in The New Mutants, X-Force, and Cable & Deadpool. It is not only the publications he is known for but also for the alliances he formed with other superheroes like Spider-man


, Wolverine, the X-Men, Cable, and Weapon X. The most perfect chemistry was seen when he and Spider-man appeared together in the comics and fans knew from the instant that these two are perfect for each other.

His powers consist of regeneration healing, resilience, and he is a lethal sword fighter, martial artist, and marksman. Deadpool can even teleport and create holograms via the devices he carries around in his satchel. With all those powers, he is the most annoying and the funniest guy to be with as well as he is mentally unstable, which makes him more entertaining and lively than others. He is known for breaking the so-called 'fourth wall' and we got a full glimpse of that ability when he was portrayed in one of the highest grossing rated R movies of all time. Deadpool is unlike any antihero or villain in the superhero world, including DC Comics, so it is evident that he will have millions of fans all over the world to watch him in games and TV series and movies.




A fun fact is that Deadpool was created to be a parody of Deathstroke of DC Comics, who kind of looks similar to Deadpool in terms of the outlook. Deathstroke’s real name is Slade. Fans have used these two ruthless mercenaries as characters to create the Marvel vs. DC Comics battle. In fact, there is a computer animated show known as Death Battle that displayed these two characters goes at it. There are not many differences between them besides their personality. Deadpool is more humorous while Deathstroke is more sedate. Both are well trained in using guns and swords and spare nobody but prefers to kill them ruthlessly. They own a victory over each other, but nobody can say for sure who the better superhero is. Both are evenly matched and their mindset can overpower the other at anytime. It makes it hard to call. Arguably, this rivalry ranks in the top 10 of the battle between the biggest brands in comics.




Deadpool earned his nickname, Merc with a Mouth, by not keeping his mouth shut. Just imagine if there were more like him. There were two series that Marvel published. The first was known as Deadpool Corps, and the other was Prelude to Deadpool Corps. It featured a variety of versions of him that came from various eras. Deadpool was accompanied by Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, Dogpool, and Championpool. Headpool and Lady Deadpool have been seen before in the comics, the rest of the members are new comers. Possessing the same abilities Deadpool had, this team could not be underestimated even with their bizarre outlooks. If one ‘pool was not enough for villains to handle, imagine them managing six of them.





After seeing how Deadpool was flourishing on the comics’ platform as well as in the gaming world, the only platform left to conquer was in a movie. His first appearance in Wolverine was a moment to forget. Nobody quite knew what was going on or who he was until Wolverine asked if it was his him. That was the most shocking revelation in the history of Marvel’s characters. Whenever you hear about a famous superhero making his first appearance in the movie world, you already get super excited and expect him or her to be reflecting the comics in some way or the other.

When you know that the actor who played the role was annoyed, it is a clear sign that the writers did not know what they were doing with a household name like Deadpool. Deadpool was always making fun of X-Men for years now, and everyone expected it to be reincarnated in the film, which was very far from it. Before he kept talking a lot and made fun of every X-Men member in his standalone film, Pool was in the news for all the wrong reasons. In fact, he was the one that was the joke of the town. He did not say a single word when he became the Merc with a Mouth in 2009. Instead of people praising his debut, they were scratching the heads and asking one question, “is that really Deadpool?”

Thankfully, 2016 was the year that did the character and his nature justice. He was played by the same actor, Ryan Reynolds, who appeared as the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film managed to gross a higher total than almost all of the X-Men films, including the one Reynolds starred in. Everything was perfect in Deadpool, and the one billion mark was enough proof that when you get the plot and the costume right, you are bound to earn big at the box office. The good news is that Deadpool 2 will be released in the next couple of years, and it was unveiled by the man himself in post credit scene, the most unique one in the all superhero movies till date.





The sad truth about the reigning era of movies is that superhero movies have not had a consistent level of popularity when it comes to sequels. X-Men has had a rollercoaster ride with its films, Avengers released two so not much can be said about that, Spider-man had more than one reboots, Fantastic Four took a terrible fall, Batman did alright, Superman was fair enough too. Only the three Captain America movies have maintained a level of grossing and popularity to date, other than that no movie has had a good run with its sequels. The team of Deadpool 2 will have to learn from the mistakes the other films have made and try to avoid them at all cost. There will obviously be higher expectations since they revealed who else will be appearing in it. As stated above, there was someone’s name that was clearly heard by everyone in the theatre.




That person would be Cable. Comic fans will quickly recognize this cyborg because he has a deep connection with the X-Men. Not only is he a hero but he is the son of Cyclops and a Jean Grey clone. Cable’s real name is Nathan Summers and is a good friend and partner of Deadpool. After the movie was announced, fans immediately started their theories about the sequel and who can appear at the side of the titular character. Cable was the obvious choice since Wolverine was either going to leave after his solo movie or be killed in the end. There are still chances of Hugh Jackman wearing the claws for one more cameo, and it would be the pairing the world dreamt of when Deadpool was confirmed to be coming to the big screen. The cast is yet to be revealed, including the actor that is going to bring Cable to the silver screen. Many actors have showed their interest of wanting to play the character and there are some very strong contenders for the role; anything can happen.




What we know about Deadpool 2 is that Cable is coming, and the shooting will commence in January 2017. The much-anticipated release date is in 2018 in the month of May. The fan made poster above was shared by the actor, Ryan Reynolds, on Instagram. The movie could be titled Deadpool Number Two, but nothing is confirmed yet. There is still two years left, and the name could be revealed during this year or when shooting begins. This is the biggest and the most concrete proof that we will get Deadpool in 2018. The poster, on the other hand, is a great concept and is worthy of a movie that features one of the most hilarious superheroes in Marvel. Moreover, if a star like Ryan Reynolds gave the thumbs up for it, you already earned his respect.

This is all we know about the sequel to the first film. There has been no more update in regards to the news of the movie. As 2017 comes nearer, hopefully, we will get some update on the cast and the villain of the film. Deadpool has made many villains in his timeline in the comics. It could be interesting to see a famous bad guy from there or he could go toe to toe against Cable. The possibilities are endless.




When a movie becomes an instant hit and record breaker, you will immediately see a rise in merchandises and collectibles. The only difference was that fans started buying more and more Deadpool stuff before the movie released worldwide. And that was because he was already famous, courtesy of the comics and games. The news that the movie will release was enough to convince them to get their hands on the latest merchandises like mugs, t-shirts, jackets, etc. and just like that, the demand shot up like a rocket. We too have some Deadpool merchandise for you to try out or gift to a fan. Clothing tends to be the most commonly sold items of a superhero but technology has shown that it can do equally better.

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