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Faux Leather Jacket

When it's finally the time to purchase a leather jacket, the first thing we look is for ideas that are worth investing in the money. It is important because without knowing what type of jacket to purchase could lead to wasting money on a jacket that is totally cheap. Similarly, it is important to know that type you leather you are purchasing. There are many types in terms of quality:

Lambskin - a soft supple hide that feels natural which is durable and long lasting material. 

Cowhide - it offers toughness and extra durability, the best use for the winter season. 

These are two hides I mentioned that are currently used for leather production while other type includes, sheepskin, Calfskin and more.  Among the leather material consist of aniline, semi-aniline, and lastly faux. 

Faux offers a real leather look while it is not made out of an original hide. It features textures, attractive elements but feels different when compared to lambskin or cowhide. Whenever buying a faux leather, you should always look out for brands because not everyone makes a good quality piece. The key advantage of the material is water-resistance, it can also last several years but if properly cared.

We have introduced quality mens and womens faux leather jackets at a budget-friendly price. Shop your favorite style today!


What is a faux leather jacket?

It is a budget-friendly option compared to real leather jackets. The texture that is chemically treated to give an original leather look but at a low cost. 

Can it keep you warm?

It is made from synthetic material, which is human design. A synthetic won't make you feel sweaty. 

Is faux leather washable?

The material can be easily cleaned with water splashes and soft dry cloth. Avoid machine wash because it will add wrinkles to the garment. 

How do you maintain faux leather?

The best way to maintain a faux material leather jacket is to avoid washing it. If it gets wet, let it dry in open-air place. Use brush or damp cloth to clean small particles and stains. 

Faux leather vs PU leather?

Both a human-made material that look and feels like real leather jacket but affordable and less durable. They both come in different styles such as hooded, bomber etc.