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Field Jacket

In fashion list, there are so many selections to choose from. You may come across leather jackets, cotton jackets, denim, and blazers to name a few. While every jacket has it's own origin, some are inspired by military uniforms and some were converted into a jean jacket. All these types are staple outerwears that are versatile and offer great support. One more outerwear that is no less than any other style out there, that is a field jacket. Originally, issued to Vietnam fighters in many different patterns and colors. They are practical, stylish and easy to dress over any dress code. 

Currently, you will see these in a series of versions that are specific for each species. Upgraded with hood for winter with extra lining inside for insulation. Summer jackets are equipped with button closure, seam sticking and unlined inner construction for mild and dry weather. Regardless of what you wear it with, it will still make you look awesome. The featured collection includes the best styles of Field Jackets at low-cost pricing and designed to create a better outlook.


What are field jackets?

They are lightweight military inspired outerwear which comes with atleast four pockets. 

Is it warm enough?

They are versatile and can bear any season. Durable and last many years

How do you wear this jacket?

Underneath, you can wear it with any formal and casual clothes. Similar to leather jackets

Are field jackets in style?

The style is among menswear top preference after leather jacket. Can be paired perfectly with jeans. 

What other name it has?

It is also called M-1965 or just M-65 Jacket.