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Some days require you to wear chunky sandals, and some require trendy sneakers to illustrate your fashion. But a smarter outings ask you to have a pair of upgraded footwear in your closet. Each footwear function differently like boots are made for uniforms or to keep the feet warm. While formal shoes works in professional areas like office, weddings, proms etc. If there is something to invest on that works everywhere, then always go for a leather footwear. There are plenty of reasons to consider leather shoes for everyday outings, here are 5 of them.

1. Leather prevents nasty odor of your feet - don't buy low quality. 
2. Leather footwears are breathable.
3. Pairs with both casual and formal dressing.
4. Comfortable and durable.
5. You will never outgrow it. 

Other than its properties, leather-made footwear comes in a variety of styles. Over the last decades, we've already seen some smart casuals that make all the difference. If you're aren't sure which one to choose from the internet, then we've got you covered!

From smart-casual pairs to the dandy buckle pointed for a modern workplace, we have added both the latest and retro style shoes under one roof. Available in dark and bright silhouettes regardless of your occasions, they will work beautifully and practically. Whether it's your first interview, a business meeting, a gather, or weekend out, our footwears assures you stay trendy in an original way.

If you want to keep your feet, fashion and wallet happy, then pick our added pairs that will remain clean and functional even after a long run. If you're concerned about fitting, once you click the product, it will take you to the actual page, and from there, you can measure your feet size. Further, elevate your fashion by wearing footwear with our lambskin leather jackets with cool features and massive detailing. Especially, useful when its freezing outside. 


What are the types of footwear?

There are different types of footwear and each its made for different occasion. Sneakers, joggers and sandals are better for casual occasion. While loafers, boots, and shoes are made for formal occasions. 

What is a shoe without laces called?

Loafers and slippers are among the categories without laces.

What is a casual shoe?

They are made for everyday commute which are comfortable to wear and stylish too. 

What shoes are good for everyday use?

Loafers, sneakers, and sandals are best for everyday use. They are casual and fits every occasion.

What is the purpose of a footwear?

A footwear is designed to give protection to the feet and add comfort while walking. Other purpose is to match it with your clothing to create a stylish look.