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Great Gatsby Suit Collection



An Australian-American 3D drama film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. It was released in 2013. Baz Luhrmann directed this film, which featured the stars like Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Debicki, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, and the most admired Leonardo Dicaprio. It followed the time and life of a Nick and his millionaire neighbor Jay Gatsby, who recount his encounter with Gatsby at the height of the Roaring Twenties. The film was initially planned to be release on 25th December 2012, but, unfortunately, it was then released on 10th May 2013 in 3D. While the movie got various feedbacks from critics, viewers reacted much more positively, and F. Scott Fitzgerald's family paid tribute to the film, claiming that F. Scott Fitzgerald Scott would have been proud". It was Baz Luhrmann’s highest grossing film of 2014 which made the business of $350 million all over the world.


Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio an American actor was awarded for most of his movies. He happened to be the main guy The Great Gatsby when he starred as Jay Gatsby. He wore such astonishing suits that attracted his supporters and increased his fan followings high. He gave himself a styling personality of royal type guy wearing those suits which he didn’t made himself consider nothing. Leonardo Dicaprio looked tremendously great with his stylish wearing suits. When Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan and Leonardo Dicaprio were walking from the garden, he wore this suit and looked sensational holding the stick in his hand. His dressing was an example of how the fancy dressing should be

There are many different fashion icons for the world that are a bus to introduce fashion tips as many as they can. These fashion icons have found several platforms to share their fashion with the world, and one of the platforms is Hollywood movies. One of the great blockbuster movies well known for its fashion is The Great Gatsby. These movies are based on a love story, but more of the part of the movie is designed to show the style of that Era. There are only four central characters in the film Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, and Joel Edgerton. All of them are shown as the richest guy of that time wearing top fashion statements.

The fashion of Great Gatsby clothing is not bounded to that Era only; even today people do love to have a Gatsby costume in their wardrobe. In the movie, there are suits and dresses highlighted at most of the part and yet become the desire of people to wear it in their life and feel the charm of The Great Gatsby Clothing. In all the characters of the film, Leonardo DiCaprio has maintained his style to be the most charming personality of the movie. Along with him, Carey Mulligan has also charmed her character to become the first choice for the girls to wear her dressing style on the occasions of formal wearing.


Not only that but the suits of Great Gatsby can also be seen wearing on the night of Halloween by several fans. This clearly shows the love of people for the fashion of 20’s and 30’s is still alive and is at its extreme. There are few other suits like the suit of Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton that people do desire to follow. The Gatsby men's clothing is not only to wear on Halloween. There are many people who even design the theme of their wedding to be the Gatsby style. Where the Brides can be seen attiring the costume of Carey Mulligan and men wears the suit of Leonardo DiCaprio Gatsby.

Even on the night of Prom and many other occasions where people get the chance to wear the costume of Gatsby, they use to wear the suits from Gatsby movie. This movie is also titled for introducing such Great Gatsby wardrobe fashion statements to the world like never done before. From driving the most expensive cars of the world to organizing the biggest party of the century, Great Gatsby has everything in it to create the best motivation for a millionaire to spend his life.

Jay Gatsby has always been seen while wearing sparkling outfits that enhances the person personality and may help you for attracting the ladies too. His body was perfect enough to wear that suit and because of that, it gave him the fitting and hot image. Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for many awards in fact not he was only nominated for the awards, but he also won many awards. But nonetheless his apparels you see in the movies are due to him that made his Gatsby Suit won the award, and so does the rest of the cast who suits are famous.



The movie was set to be in the 1920’s and was all about the high-class people and how they live their lives in luxury. Nobody would have thought that this fictional movie’s plot would be one of the greatest ideas for a party. It is an award-winning film that has an Oscar to prove that the Great Gatsby clothes is worth considering for a costume. This trend was followed all over the world that planned to keep The Great Gatsby theme for a party, and it turned out to be a great success. Just imagine, you are all dressed in suits and gowns, and you get the feeling that you are going to attend a very lavish and posh party.


Some call it the vintage party, but Gatsby style is a better term for it. It is not only the clothes that you have to get right; but the set up is also important as well. Gold and silver are the mandatory colors for the setup and can blend well with any other color. Have a look at the image to get an idea. Gold was the primary color used with purple. Like that, take the most luxurious color you can think of and combine it with a color you think is suitable. The Great Gatsby theme requires both, silver and gold, as it resembles royalty and glamour.



The question about to wear for a party is always in the head. But what will you wear for a party like this? If you think you got the right answer, well then, it should not be a problem for you, right? Great Gatsby is a theme that you simply can’t get wrong or go over the top. Just as in the movie, everybody knew what and how to wear their outfits. You are in luck because you will now find out what all you need to dress correctly for this kind of theme.


Daisy Buchanan was the obvious star of the movie for the ladies, and when you have all eyes on you, it is best that you look as stunning as possible. The gowns and swinger dresses are what you will find for the Gatsby party. The ladies will not spend thousands of dollars on a designer dress, but there are similar outfits that are available. Ladies should prefer dresses that are of silk or chiffon with ruffles or some detailing that looks gorgeous. Long gloves and beaded necklaces are a must to be part of your accessories. Head pieces with glitter are a must to give you an overall look of the 1920’s. For the footwear, simple heels or pumps would do just fine.


The men should not take their dressing so lightly even if they do not have much to do. But, what they have to pay attention to is looking dapper. The men, first of all, need to pick out their suits. A three piece suit is more preferable. While the ladies need to wear beaded necklaces, men have to wear boater hats. While wearing the hat, the outfit needs to be in a slim fit cut with high waist trousers. They also have to wear cufflinks and have colored handkerchiefs. Shoes strictly need to be wingtip oxfords. The colors are white, black or brown for the shoes. The fabric is not very important for your suit, but your entire look needs to be a standout.




The movie may be a couple of years old, but that does not mean that its outfits are out of fashion. Since the evolution of the Baz Luhrmann version of the Gatsby suits, it is the most popular choice outfit among the grooms. Whether the character is played by Leonardo DiCaprio or by Robert Redford the Gatsby suits, look sophisticated and fashionable without giving an ostentatious look. Gatsby suits are similar to the perfectly tailored three-piece suits with elegant accessories and luxurious appearance. It is the outfit of the rich and well to do people.


If you are fascinated by these Great Gatsby outfit, then do not limit yourself to these parties. Make sure you wear them to other events as well. The places where you can wear these suits are to weddings, Halloween, dinners, and other formal functions. Some are so unique that it can be used as a suit for the groom. Otherwise, if you are not comfortable with taking that step, you can wear them as a guest.

While some Gatsby suits for men can be used for grand occasions because of how simple it looks, some can be utilized for the most unique time. The colors and the patterns are quite stylish and will give you a refined look. It will make you look classy as well as fashionable. Choose the suits you require for your luxurious look and have a lasting impression on everyone that sees you. In fact, if you style icons at formal events or gatherings, you will see many that choose to wear the first four suits in the picture.



When a movie is nominated for awards in almost every major event, it does mean that this was one of those that are worth watching for obvious reasons. People have spent their money to go watch movies like The Great Gatsby more than twice. That is because either the story was good or they found something captivating during the runtime of the film. The Great Gatsby movie was not only nominated but also won. They won two awards on the biggest night for moviegoers, the Academy Awards aka the Oscars.

The costume designer for this film was Catherine Martin, the standout employee of the team, and her work paid off when she won an award for the Best Costume Design and the Best Production Design. Two years later and they all remember that night whenever they see a cream suit or a pink suit that reminds them of the one worn by DiCaprio. This award became the main reason for everyone to get their hands on the dresses and suits that were shown.

Today you see many women wear gowns and dresses that will remind you of this movie. The men’s suits these days have got the classic features in them with various patterns like pinstripe and checks being used nowadays.


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