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Heated Jackets and Vests: Battery Pack Included


Winter is not just a season; it's an emotion. When the cold winds start to blow, and the temperature drops, our need for warmth becomes paramount. With our selection of heated jackets and vests for men and women, you don't have to layer up excessively or stay indoors. Experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and innovative technology designed to keep you toasty, no matter where you go.

What are heated jackets and vests?


Heating Elements: Heated jackets and vests look like regular winter wear but come with a special feature - built-in heating elements. These elements are carefully placed in key areas of the jacket or vest to provide targeted warmth.

Weather-Resistant: Many heated jackets and vests are also water resistant, making them perfect for snowy or rainy conditions. They're designed to keep you warm and dry, no matter what the winter weather throws your way.


Lightweight Batteries: The rechargeable batteries used in these heated jackets and vests are impressively lightweight, ensuring that wearing them feels just as comfortable as your regular winter clothing. Our heated jackets for men with battery pack included are made to ensure you feel comfortable wearing them without the bulkiness.

Long-Lasting Warmth: These batteries are powerful enough to provide warmth for several hours.

Easy Charging: Charging these batteries is straightforward and convenient, much like charging a smartphone. It's not only more convenient but also better for the environment.

Why Choose Our Heated Jackets?

Advanced Heating Elements: Integrated with state-of-the-art heating elements, our heated jackets and heated vests for women and men ensure even distribution of warmth, targeting key areas of the body.

Adjustable Heat Settings: Customize your comfort! With multiple heat settings available, you can adjust the warmth based on your preference and the weather conditions.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted using premium materials, our products are not just about warmth; they stand the test of time and endure the harshest of winters.

Safety First: Engineered with safety in mind, our heating elements come with built-in features to prevent overheating. Plus, the water-resistant design ensures you stay dry and warm.

Stylish and Functional: Our collection boasts a range of designs that cater to both fashion-forward individuals and those who prefer a classic look. Pockets, adjustable fittings, and lightweight construction make our heated wearables a must-have for winter. Whether you're a outdoor worker and looking to get a perfect heated vest for men or a daily commuter looking to void cold climates with our heated jackets for women, our wide range adheres to both men and women alike.


Customer Testimonials

A lifesaver for those who hate the cold. The jacket heats up quickly and stays warm for hours. It feels like a warm embrace during chilly days. The jacket is also surprisingly lightweight. It does not restrict my movement at all. Easy to wear with any outfit.

Cameroon J. — Heated Jacket for Men

Impressive quality and functionality. The heated vest fits well under other jackets too. Ideal for layering. The vest is not bulky and the heating elements are unnoticeable. The charging port is conveniently placed. I find it very practical for everyday use.

Rebecca Heather Womens Rechargeable Heated Vest

Got this as a gift for my husband and he wears it all the time. The battery life is superb. He says it's the best gift he's ever received. It keeps him warm while he works in the garage. It's easy to wash and maintain. He's been recommending it to all his friends.

Holly James — Mens Black Heated Vest

The heat distribution is spot on. No more bulky layers for me in winter. This jacket simplifies my winter dressing. It's slim yet warm. The heating elements cover all the right areas.

Josh Luke Mens Black Heated Jacket

The sizing is accurate and the jacket is very comfortable. Love the heat feature! It fits like a glove. The heating mechanism doesn't interfere with comfort. It's stylish enough to wear in the city. A great heated clothing piece for both urban and rural settings.

Ally Wilson — Womens Heated Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

How do heated jackets and vests work?
Heated jackets and vests use internal heating elements connected to a rechargeable battery pack. These elements are often made of carbon fiber or conductive thread and are distributed throughout the garment to provide warmth.

What are the benefits of heated jackets compared to heated vests?
Heated jackets offer full upper body warmth, making them ideal for extremely cold conditions. Heated vests focus on core warmth, offer more mobility, are lighter, and typically have longer battery life due to fewer heating elements.

How long can heated jackets and vests stay warm?
The duration varies based on the design, temperature settings, and battery capacity. Generally, heated jackets can last several hours on a single charge, with jackets lasting 4 to 10 hours and vests 6 to 12 hours on low settings.

How should I maintain and care for my heated jacket or vest?
Follow the manufacturer's washing and maintenance instructions or read our detailed Heated Jacket Maintenance Guide.

How do I choose the right heated jacket or vest?
Consider factors like size, style, purpose, temperature settings, and battery life. Ensure the garment fits well and suits the activities you plan to use it for.

A lifesaver for those who hate th

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