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Leather Blazer



The world will upgrade everything time to time to balance the market needs and deeds. Everything will change, but the desire of Human for fashion will never stop. They will wish more and more fashion each and every time. Human always tries to look more attractive and bold as compared to the person is front of him/her. This is a natural habit and the companies like Fjackets is introducing many styling outfits that can fulfill your demand on time. From the formal look to the casual style and ending on cosplay costumes, everything is now available everywhere.

One of the styles appealing outfits is famously known as Blazer that is much like the jacket of the suit but has its own cut and style. This style is trending today and is seen worn on many formal and casual occasions. But there are very few who know everything about Blazer. Where it came from? How to identify the blazer? What styles are there in the blazer? There are many questions to ask, and Fjackets is all here to answer each and every question of yours. You will now know the origins, the style, what to pair with, how it will be a perfect fitting blazer and how you can wear it on a formal theme party.


Blazer was first found as a uniform of British Navy in early 19th century and become one of the best-wearing outfits after the approval of British Royalty in 1837. It was the time that the style of blazer stepped into the fashion world. The first blazer was mostly in navy color and six buttons double breasted style. British military also found the single-breasted blazer with no ties and had two button closure style. Today, there are vast varieties of blazer jackets available in the market due to its look and the way to highlight the build of men. It’s a lot confusing while choosing between the blazer and sports jacket but few differences make both the style different from each other.



The standard styling list of the leather blazer is of three kinds. 2-button single-breasted blazer is the most versatile style that you can have in your wardrobe. 3-button single-breasted blazer is slowly making its position in the market and the wardrobe of men to compete for its counterpart. This style of the blazer is also good for guys who are taller than six ft. 6-button double-breasted blazer is comfortable to wear for formal occasions. However, all three styles are preferred to wear formally and casually. It depends on you how you want to use your blazer.



While purchasing your leather blazer, you should know that how it will fit you. You should definitely know your perfect measurements and also the points where you have to focus for a fitting blazer. Here’s how you have to determine it. The first thing that you should look for a perfect fitting blazer jacket is your chest measurement along with the shirt sleeves length. Preferred to measure your chest by yourself because it will help you getting the accurate size of your chest while you spread your hands and pump it. Just wrap the measuring tape around from the fullest part of it. You now know your chest measurement and can start to jump the next step.



You’re wearing a leather blazer, not a biker jacket that should rest on the back of your hand or should touch the edge of your palm. A suit jacket should end half-inch before reaching your hand. By following this measurement, you can quickly show a small portion of your formal shirt that is traditional style.



The sleeves of the shirt are meant to be seen just a little. This doesn’t even mean that you should go for a long sleeves shirt. The cuffs of the shirt should rest on the base of the palm, and the arms should fit perfectly. If you didn’t have the nice fitting, then you should have altered your jacket for a very small cost.



The vent on the leather blazer is compulsory. It allows men the ease of movement while sitting. The Italian style jackets mostly have vent that is famous as pantheon of style but is not comfortable as vent cut jacket. It will end up wrinkled or crumpled jacket because you were sitting on it. In men’s leather blazer, central vent cut is recommended because it makes most of the thing easy and not even looks bad from back.

What to avoid
Don’t hurt your standard of an impression. People normally do stretching or adjusting their back while wearing the blazer, but this is not made for it. You should determine the blazer you need according to your height. There is a simple calculation of your height and the style of blazer that will prefer to you. If you’re 5ft7in, then you lie on the short blazer category. If your height is in between 5ft8in to 6ft, then you’re a regular size. If you are 6’ to 6’3”, you require a long and anyone over 6’3” is an extra long. This is a simple calculation that you should use to find the perfect fitting leather blazer for you.


By following the steps above mentioned, you will find your true fitting size blazer. Okay! You’ve found the best blazer for you will perfect fitting but where will you wear it? This is another big question that people ask. However, the leather blazer is actually a synonym for formal dressing like suits and typically it’s worn in weddings. But today, the world has gone on an advanced level and now people prefer to wear the leather blazer on many occasions. Here are few guides that will tell you how to wear leather Blazer in different occasions.



No matter where you’re and what you’re doing, one thing that men won’t sacrifice in his style. He will try to wear better than best each day. There are many people who to wear best outfits casually and walk around like their routine lifestyle. This leather blazer is also a tremendous piece of outfit for winters outing and jackets. The color of the blazer over here is chosen blue, but you can wear any color that you like. Along with this blue leather blazer, you can wear blue denim jeans and a red t-shirt with a pair of black Sneakers.



A leather blazer is not limited till casual outfit, but it’s also a good synonym for formal outfits like suits and tuxedos. If you’re planning to wear the formal outfit, then leather blazer can be an ideal choice for you. Like a formal look over here where the model is wearing a black leather blazer with his brown formal style shirt and black dress pant. He is also carrying black formal shoes to complete the dressing style. You can wear it with any other gadget that you like.



You don’t love to wear suits all the time and leather blazer is the best replacement for it. Here is shown the outfit that you can use for your theme party. The model is wearing brown leather blazer here with white formal shirt along with black jeans. To complete his outfit, he adds the shine of brown formal shoes that are preferable for wedding wearing.



Weekend is the only day that gives the opportunity to enjoy the life at best. And there is a special kind of outfit available for each day. For the weekend party, model is wearing red leather fight club jacket along with black t-shirt and black jeans. To complete the look, you will need to insert chukka boots in this collection.


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