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Leather Blazer




Leather has been in the markets since when first proper car was being made. That fresh leather smell from the seat covers and the material itself made people its fans. They then started accepting leather in their daily wear too in the form of gloves, jackets, coat and many much more. Then in 20’s people started to catch a new trend from movies which showed them Leather Coats so people started replacing their traditional coat with leather blazers.

After early 20’s leather blazers then started making their place in market in top ranked brands and today you can find a really huge variety of leather blazer mens made up from different variety of leather. But good and genuine mens leather blazer jacket are usually found very light weight. And be assure that any blazer of any quality will be of same size as your tradition blazer and coat.

But this guide is for our readers who want to know about how to carry and what different styles of blazers are available in market and what different types of leather are used to made blazers.

Now let us tell you some of the combinations of leather blazers for men and women that you can use in your work places and while partying.

Combination 1


This combination works best for offices, meetings and presentations. Just you need to be careful regarding what shirt you are wearing inside the blazer your pant color should help it to become more prominent. Just as a suggestion, always try to wear black blazer at work place because whatever yours shirt or pant color is 90% chances are that it will complement your outfit.

Combination 2


Initially, leather goods were meant to use in winters only but these days weather is not a hurdle anymore this attire is best for your casual parties and friends night out. You just need to exchange the shirt if you want to else this apparel will suit your cuts and will make you look heroic.

Combination 3


All the office women that usually worry about what to wear in winter so have a look on this guide which tells you about how to use your leather blazers in your office. These kinds of female leather jackets are usually made up of sherling that our light weighted but thick to keep you warm and cozy you can just put on this blazer at the top of your formal apparel and then you are all set to go office in winters.

Combination 4


Leather jackets were introduces as casual wearing jackets at early ages but with time people used them for formal wear also but if you planning for a pup party wi