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When you talk about formal fashion then no other choice is better than a leather blazer. It's a men's formal style and without it, the whole setting feels incomplete. There are a few confusion regarding leather blazers because some just call it suit jacket but in reality, they are both different. Here's the thing, leather blazers are smart semi-casual option while suit jacket is better for formal settings. 

Why wear a blazer jacket:

Regardless of what you wear, a blazer would never make you feel odd and adds a slim-fit touch to the appearance. Unlike leather jackets, you can't wear it with printed t-shirts because it's a tailored piece, why would you want to ruin your overall style for a t-shirt? A better idea would be a dress shirt, a round-neck shirt, and blue jeans. There are plenty of ways you can style it but pair with the right texture and color will elevate the appearance.  

For example, you want to get ready for work so your choice of clothing would be a neutral color and simple texture. Adding too much hue with your blazer will leave a bad impression especially in business meetings. 
Is measurement necessary?
Yes, accurate fitting is essential. You need to check your body size by using measurement tape. And if you're ordering online, consider watching our tutorial on how to measure properly. Make sure the tape is snug and not very tight because there should be enough room inside to make sure you're relaxed. 

Finally, the cost? 

A blazer jacket price may vary, depending on the material and features. A simple blazer with original leather hide cost $189 to $200. What we are offering is made of real lambskin hide that features natural elements and shining. Our collection has some of the finest choices made for the everyday commute, best use for both formal and casual occasions. Shop yours today! 

What is a mens leather blazer jacket?

It is a just type of jacket that looks more formal and made from leather.

How many pockets are featured in leather blazer men?

Normally one pocket on the chest and two waist pockets.

Can you wear a blazer jacket casually?

Yes, you can wear it with casual clothes.

How to wear a mens leather blazer jacket to look more formal?

You can wear it on the formal shirt and dress pant to get the proper formal look.

Best colors for blazer jackets womens?

Brown and black are the most used color for womens fitted leather blazer

Is womens blazer jacket good for party wear?

Yes, many celebrities wear blazer jacket to parties.

Why mens black leather blazer used mostly?

Black color easily suit with any apparel and also trendy.

Can I wear blue jeans with a mens blazer jacket?

Everyone has its own style and you can make yours too, so no problem in wearing a blazer on jeans.

Is lambskin used to make men's brown leather blazer?

To make blazer jacket, different materials are used and that includes Lambskin

Is there any sale available on collection of blazer jacket ladies?

Currently, we are giving up to 64% OFF and you can avail additional discount via coupon code.

Are leather blazers good for winter?

The leather blazers are good for fall but not suitable for winter. If the temperature falls below 32°F or 0°C, then considers wearing them over woolen clothes.

Can i wear a leather blazer in rain?

Leather is a material which is not naturally waterproof but we redesigned it in such a way that rainfall won't effect your body.