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About Leather Jackets with Hood


A leather jacket is the ultimate way to stay stylish and add instant boost to your outfit. The perfect Leather jacket not only provides warmth, but also adds incredible style to whatever you are wearing it with. These jackets come in a variety of colors and styles that will suit every occasion or personality

 You might have heard about the all-time classics like the biker jacket, café racer or bomber jacket that have been a go-to fashion piece for leather lovers. But here comes a newer model that adds bit of technical yet stylish upgrade to the piece, we’re talking about the leather jacket with Hood. This style of jacket is currently at it’s all time high and it’s something that everyone’s loving right now, and why wouldn’t they, here are some key benefits.

Benefits of Hooded Leather Jacket Mens

Looks Attractive:

First things first, leather hooded jacket highly attractive and add a little edge to your wardrobe. With a hood, they're designed to be the perfect complement to your weekend look.

Protection from rain and dust:

This sleek leather-look jacket protects against the elements, while adding a touch of class. The fabric hood covers your head and makes it perfect for everyday wear and active winter walks in the city.

Sleek Fit:

Leather jackets with hood are far less bulky than wearing a pullover under your ordinary leather jacket, as it comes with its own hood attached you can enjoy the benefits without the unwanted thickness.

Experiment with your style:

As the hood is removable for most of the style you have the freedom to try two different looks with the same jacket, wear it with the hood or remove it to wear it as a regular jacket the choice is yours


Leather jacket with hood you’ll find at FJackets

Leather bomber jacket with hood


Similar to the classic style bomber jacket, this piece is a true wardrobe staple. The hoodie features an adjustable drawstring and collar, as well as a long sleeve, so it can be worn in all types of weather. The bomber jacket has the perfect shape to wear over any outfit plus the removable hood adds an extra boost of style to it. We have many variations and colors of this jacket and it’s also on of the most demanded product in our store.

Hooded Motorcycle Jacket


This style of jacket has the same badass appeal of a motorcycle jacket but with the added benefit of a hood. You find classic asymmetrical zip closure, panel details and zipper cuffs. If you like motorcycle style jackets then you’re going to love this baddie, plus the hood is removable for this one too so you can wear it both ways.


Can you wear a leather jacket with hoodie?

Yes, you can wear a leather jacket over a hoodie but make sure you order one size bigger to accommodate that extra layer of fabric. If you want it to fit a little slimmer, opt for a hoodie leather jacket combo as a better alternative.

How many jackets should you own?

It's recommended to own at leather 3 jackets for your casual wear, you can try different colors with brown and black being the most prefered choices, while other colors like blue, maroon and grey are also a good third option.

Are leather jackets warm enough for winter?

Leather jackets are usually favorites for transition period, however you can also wear them in winters depending on your climate, usually an extra layer of sweater or pullover does the job on a chilly day.

How to wear hooded leather jacket?

A leather jacket hoodie with jeans or chinos is the ultimate casual combo that can be dressed up or down. Add a pair of sneakers to give the edgy look a trendy touch.