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Classic Leather Jacket is the best thing to hit the fashion industry in a long time. Gaining popularity in the 20th century, these beasts proved to be something that would stick around for a long time. From bomber jackets to protective racing jackets, the jackets began to adopt many shapes and faces. They are not only increasingly becoming popular in fashion but are also perfect for insulation and comfort. Different pop cultures have adopted the leather clothing in a separate way. The punk culture using the biker jackets, the aviator fans using the bomber or flight jackets, and so on. And that is what is right about jackets; they are available in so many types that you can easily find yourself one that suits you perfectly. Different brands have used the jackets to create their own fashion and style using different materials such as shearling, suede, exotic, etc. All these different designs have been crafted for different seasons; it isn’t that you can wear a bomber jacket in the sizzling weather of July or wear a light jacket like Schott’s Café Racer in January. You have to keep in mind the approaching month when purchasing. Do not worry as we have you covered with a month to month guide as to what you have to buy each month from Leather Jacket Store. Follow the guide below:




The new year has just started and here comes January; the coldest month in the northern hemisphere. This month scares quite a few people and even turns jacket-loving nuts into those individuals who rush to buy big thick coats to be safe from the cold. But fear not as we bring a jacket that is the perfect balance between style and being warm. Presenting, the bomber jackets; these jackets easily fulfill both the requirements of being stylish and the second one of being warm. The origin of these bomber jackets tells the entire story of it as these were originally made for the bomber pilots who had to deal with cold temperatures in the sky. So if it can handle those temperatures, then it can easily deal with the January weather. In the start, it was made from nylon and was a lot puffier. But slowly and gradually companies began to replace it with leather jacket sale that includes slimmer, which kept its warmth while doubling its stylish look. You can wear them with any outfit for the New Year’s Day as they are really adaptable and would go along quite well with other items.





February is the month of love and harmony. We have the all-famous Valentine’s Day in this month. What we also have, apart from genuine leather jackets and coats, is the cold weather of the winter. These are the reasons why I have chosen the shearling jackets for the month of February. First of all, these jackets are one of the warmest jackets out there, so you do not have to worry about the cold February winds when going on Valentine’s date. Second of all, these shearling jackets don’t allow you to sacrifice style for warmth as they come in such designs which are deemed as simple yet elegant, which is perfect for that special day. Another thing is that fur collar leather jacket is much more adaptable than other jackets, this is important because now that we have the spring approaching, this jacket will work in that season as well. These mens and womens leather jackets are also pretty durable and the sheepskin used is naturally moisture and water repellent, so those are extra benefits that come along with these 80s leather jacket.





March is the month where we shift from Winter to Spring, which seems like the perfect time for the old classic jackets. This jacket, without a doubt, will work well in the starting of the month keeping you warm and later on in the same month and the months to come; it will give you the style and glamor you want out of a jacket. These jackets compliment your outfit and work alongside every other clothing in a proper manner, so don’t worry if you do not have anything to wear on Saint Patrick’s days as you can wear these jacket along with your costume. Brown leather jackets works even better if you have a subdued wardrobe or costume for St. Patrick's Day. With the need for a good balance, the cool leather jackets are here to stay!





Spring has started, and the temperatures are going down, and the sun is less threatening; we unveil the jacket that is flawless to start off this season. It is the suede leather jacket. They are one of the leather jackets for sale in the market for warm spring weather. They also do not attract odor as much as other jackets, so perfect for pulling that 1st April prank of yours in a stylish way without making your jacket smell. Lastly, these jackets will fit and feel really well on your skin so no worries about the discomfort they might cause. However, there is one critical thing to keep in mind when purchasing womens and mens leather jackets. It is that you have to keep them safe from water, they get ruined in it quite easily as they are delicate.





We all know the traditional varsity jackets. They are big and puffed and were initially used in high schools and universities representing the institutions. They have the similar qualities of the bomber jackets and yet look entirely different. You’d be thinking that how can the a varsity be of leather? Well, here what we have brought are recommended to you!

The leather on the sleeves area gives it the ‘leathery’ feel you are looking for all the while donning the classic varsity look. The good thing about this is that on the second Sunday of May you can gift this to your mother, on Mother’s Day. We assure you that it will be loved as your mom would reminisce the old days with this letterman jacket that also has a modern touch to it. No need to worry about the weather as it suits the spring weather of May pretty well. And invest a few extra bucks in it and you would get a good quality outerwear.

You can grab the best piece from the trusted store, avail and enjoy your shopping.




June is often regarded as the month of racing as it is when we have the honor of witnessing the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans race which takes place in France. In honor of this, many other similar events are organized around the world, so it is the ideal time to buy these racer apparels. These are sometimes also called ‘motocross because they don’t have the top designs, having snap tab collars, and such. Mostly are made purely for the utility of racing. They have a biker touch, but they stand on their own. They work well even if you are not participating in a race.





Make way for the month of July, which had the ‘honor’ of winning the award of being the hottest month on record, in 2015. That would give you a glimpse of what it is like in the month of July and why many people avoid jackets altogether. But you don’t have to do that. Introducing the jacket to withstand the heat of July all the looking stylish, here is the perforated jacket. These cute things have tiny holes on them to allow air to circulate properly, keeping you as cool as ice in the summer heats. Not to mention that they look pretty good too. The best thing is that they are available in multiple designs and colors likewise in blue or maroon so you have plenty of choices, even if you are celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July, you will find one that works impeccably.





For August, we have chosen the famous biker jackets also known as Motorcycle jackets or less famously as double rider jackets. You might be wondering about our decision of selecting this jacket for this month. Oh, who am I kidding? You won't be wondering as everyone knows that August is the time when one of the biggest motorcycle events in the world takes place in the US, called Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This is the chance for everyone to show off their bike skills as well as their fashion sense. People ranging from the numbers of 500,000 to a whopping 800,000 attend the event. So, if you will be attending the event then do not wait any longer because it would get pretty dull if you don’t get a biker jacket for a biking event. These outerwear are known to have features which facilitate the motorcycle riders really well. One feature, among many others, is its unique zipper which doesn’t allow any air to get inside of the jacket.





The Fatigue leather jacket has come from the jackets made for the military. It is easily identifiable through its multiple pockets which can be seen on the front of the jacket. This was done in the army so that the person could have easy access to items. This fatigue jackets women's is definitely the one you wouldn’t want to miss buying as it keeps the body in check and is the perfect solution for the temperatures that occur in the transitional period between summer and fall, meaning it isn’t too cold or warm. They offer much more utility than other jackets although they don’t keep you as much warm as the bomber jackets and neither are they suitable for racing nor biking. They are, as common people would say, in true essence real. These fatigue jacket mens are worn mostly by those in their twenties.





In case you didn’t notice, western leather jackets are making a comeback as people are rushing to leather jacket store to get one. This is because of the recent rise in popularity of Western culture. That is one reason I chose this jacket; another reason is that as October comes to an end, the biggest costume day of the year comes around, Halloween. In Halloween, one of the most popular looks has been that of Cowboys and Cowgirls. So you’d be killing two birds with one stone, which is a great thing as you will be spending much money on a high-quality version of this jacket. Other than Halloweens, be sure to join the Rodeos around the western side of US, you’ll fit right in. Make sure to wear your western winter outfits in brown color because Rodeos Don't like to wear black leather jackets on their events.





Ostrich leather falls under the exotic leather type jackets. The leather is different from others as seen from the ‘bumps’ on it from the places where feathers have been plucked out. Naturally, you would want to wear something to Thanksgiving which is rare and stylish. This leather is both as it is the most traded and fashionable exotic leather. You can’t get better than this when you will be hanging with your friends and family on Thanksgiving. The quality of these jackets is determined by the number of bumps on it. Are you afraid after seeing all the bumps and thinking that it will be uncomfortable? Well, don’t, as Ostrich leather is renowned for its softness and strength. It is said to be one of the strongest leathers available in the world, so, you can wear it to multiple Thanksgivings without fear of wear or tear.





The Aviator Jacket originated the same way as the bomber. They look much more like a leather hooded jacket because of its large collar. As its name would imply, It was firstly, made for pilots flying at really high altitudes and at cold temperatures. There wasn’t much difference between the two, but slowly and gradually, it changed into the slim and fit version we have shown you above, while the jacket retained its same structure. Don’t you worry about wearing it being fashionable or not because in recent times it has gained tremendous popularity among the youth who are the people who set up fashion standards, so that takes care of that!

These jackets are more than perfect to wear on Christmas as a coat because they are one of the few that look like actual ‘winter jackets’. And everyone knows that winter jackets are the ones that give the impeccable ‘Cold Christmas’ feeling, so there won’t be any other jacket that could take this beauty’s place for this month especially when it's red leather jacket.