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Leopard Tuxedos

Every single style in a tuxedo has its own priority. If it's a wedding, you would definitely consider black or white, and if it's a special surprise party, there is a colorful selection for you. But for style-conscious men, it has to be something with patterns and abstract print. The only style that is too cool to wear in parties is a leopard print tuxedo which is a creative piece in the tux family. 

Gone are the days where men would just wear a simple tuxedo because they may look okay for weddings but not suitable to wear in modern floor dance. To pull off a look that will make you stand out, leopard tux is best for such purpose. The trouser is not usually in the same print as the jacket because it gives an odd look when both are in the same pattern. The leopard jacket goes very well with black trousers and it is better to wear it that way. However, not everyone is aware of this luxury print so, we decided to add some nice variations for you. 

It's another tuxedo that you should try this year which is increasingly getting popular. A wise investment except that it not good for general occassions such as office meetings, business trip etc. 

Our collection includes classic ready-to-wear tuxedo with notch lapel, leopard print, and matching trouser. Shop your favorite style here.


Is Leopard Tuxedo in trend?

Yes, it's a rare choice and only looks good when the event is either a prom, wedding or red-carpet show.

How much does a leopard tux cost?

The cost depends on the package and material. If you're only purchasing the jacket, it may not cost so much.

How to style it?

It can be styled with black pant, white shirt and black bow-tie. Try not to wear same pattern pant.

What is the average price to buy a tuxedo?

In our collection, you can find it low as $169 which includes complete package.

Is it important to purchase leopard style suit?

It's a rare choice and only high-profile and celebrity type people wears it. It is suitable for occasions like wedding, prom, red-carpets etc.