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Maroon Leather Jacket

The leather jacket trend seems to be evolving every day. Nobody wants to quit wearing their leather jacket even if it gets rusty, distressed, or old! Because it's a style that is forever here to stay and making a big impact on men's and women's fashion.

In this decade, we saw many new colors and variations introduced in the leather family. Some inspiration came from movies and TV shows, while some are new lines as a good option for fashion enthusiasts.

What makes you different among others is the selection of the best product and here we go, we have launched the eye-catching maroon jacket for you.


What goes best with Maroon Leather Jackets?

Anything that is classic and casual will look good like jeans and black shirt. But maroon has no limitation, you can layer with just about any dress code - similar to black and brown.

Can men wear maroon?

Yes, knock yourself out! There are plenty of new styles for men.

What's the difference and why it's an appealing color?

Red leather jackets are among top stylish options and maroon is just a variation from the family, so there is no significant difference. Color appeals to many just as burgundy, wine and scarlet.

How many styles are there?

Maroon is available in biker jacket, cafe racer jacket, leather coat, blazer and bomber style jackets.

Is maroon jacket expensive?

The only difference is color. It will cost you in same price as any black or brown.

Can we wear maroon jacket with formal dress code?

Yes, it depends on how you wear it. The color is more casual forward but will also look nice with chinos, dress shirt and shoes.

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