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How to Buy a Mens Motorcycle Jacket?

Men's wardrobe is never completed without having a leather motorcycle jacket because it is the only essential gear for both style and safety. It comes in different colors, but black and brown are the most common.

Riders always choose moto jackets due to high-quality leather, and durability but apart from safety, motorcycle jackets are now part of fashion as it comes in many fantastic designs. 

If you're a first-time buyer, it can be stressful to find a biker jacket that works as a fashion piece and gear as well. 

Let me highlight the most important questions regarding biker style jackets. 

Is Motorcycle and Fashion Jacket the same? 


The answer is NO!

You see, a simple leather jacket is too light for the biker and may not withstand heavy road wind and also not work as safety gear. 

You can, however, style it, but it's not suitable for safety.

A real motorcycle jacket will not only give you flexibility but also provide intense protection.

The only question remains is can you style it as a fashion jacket?

The answer is YES!

And here's an example on how a guy can style up a biker jacket?


You may have heard of Negan from The Walking Dear right? Well, he's a perfect example of this.

He is never seen without a motorcycle leather jacket and because it looks so awesome, people started copying his style in regular lives.
In conclusion, a motorcycle jacket can work both as a rider's gear and style. 

How Should It Fit? 


The most important thing is fit. Not everyone wears a tight or loose jacket, the sizing, as well as the fitting, should be accurate at all cost.

The picture here shows how a leather moto jacket looks fitted on a person.

The loose style is good, but it does not have that much attraction. Here are 5 things to check before buying.

  • Length - should be a little below waist belt because it tends to look better on an average build person. If you're tall, you can try longer length jackets. 
  • Sleeves - they must not be tight or cover the fingers. The sleeves need to reach only the wrist area.
  • Movement - makesure the jacket makes you feel flexible. Try moving your arms up and down, left and right. If you notice any restriction, go for one-size up instead.
  • Armholes - the perfect way to identify whether the jacket is poorly cut or too big is through armholes. Low armholes mean the jacket is not designed good or big for you. 
  • Shoulders - the sitting on the shoulder needs to be proper to make it more comfortable. The tightness can crack or restrict movement. Also, ensure it's not loose. 

Here's the deal - always makesure to try the jacket or check sizing chart. 

What Should I Look for in a Leather Motorcycle Jacket?


When buying a mens motorcycle jacket, quality and features are two key points to check. Let me explain further.


A Robust jacket will never tear or lose durability. PU is a weak version that hardly can last a year or two and that's if cared properly. Real leather can flatter you up to 5 years and can last a decade.


Biker outerwear is known for having great features that a simple leather doesn't. It is more functional, includes many pockets and designed to counter wind, road particles and keep you save from injuries. Although, I will recommend to wear helmet, gloves and other protective accessories before riding.

For maximum protection, you should go with ourpremium quality jackets to rock the style and proper safety gear.


What is the safest motorcycle jacket?

A leather made of lambskin or cowhide offers best safety to the wearer. A PU may not provide much resistance.

Why do people wear leather motorcycle jackets?

It is a style only made for bikers that rides during the sunset. While, an average guy also wear these jackets for a cool look.

Do motorcycle jackets protect you?

Yes, only if it's a good quality.

How are these supposed to fit?

They are made to fit like a rider. A biker jacket gives you multiple options to wear it fitted or loose. An asymmetrical jacket has this feature.

Can you wear this style formally?

It is more designed for casual people. Formally speaking, there is no issue in rocking it with formal clothes.