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Mens Wedding Tuxedo



You went out to buy a nice ring to propose the girl you loved, and she exclaimed with excitement saying “yes.” The time is near for both of you to become one, officially. The arrangements and preparations have begun. She and her girls are deciding how the bridal gown will look like and what pattern the bridesmaids’ dresses would be. But, what about you and your friends? Where have you reached with deciding what to wear? Are you still not sure about the color of tuxedo for men while you got the best men’s suits sorted out? You have come to the right place, and we will put that issue to rest.


So if you see any groom, they are either wearing something expensive or something that makes the guests gush over his sense of dressing. Nevertheless, it is your wedding, and you have to look better than the others. And in order to that, you have to wear something that will blow everyone’s minds off, especially yours. If you will not be happy with what you are wearing then, it is no use. For tuxedos, they do come expensive, but that is in some places. On the contrary, the tuxedos for men are available at an affordable price tag, especially depending on the brand agnd quality. They say “nothing good comes cheap”, this is heavily applied on the formal outfits like men suits and tuxedos.



Whether it is leather jackets, cotton jackets, blazers, suits or even wedding tuxedo styles, there are more five varieties and styles to choose what you think will look good on you. Men tuxedos are expensive than suits, but that does not give any man an excuse of not wanting to own one. The reason is that these outfits are classy and look far more superior as compared to wedding suits. Therefore, men prefer wearing tuxedos at their wedding ceremonies especially if they are the grey and red tux as you see in the list above.



Tuxedos do vary when it comes to colors. But what you should really notice, is the collar aka lapel and the front closure. Have a look at the image above. You can clearly see how brilliantly these men tuxedo jackets differ from each other. The first blazer has a standard peak lapel with a one button closure. The second blazer has a wide peak lapel with side closure. The third blazer shows a narrow peak lapel with a button closure. The fourth blazer shows a standard shawl lapel with a button closure. The fifth blazer has a wide shawl lapel with a sideways closure, and the last blazer is in white.


The wedding tuxedo has never become so easy to choose after you will visit this category. Are you one of those people that prefer wearing or copying the style of world famous personalities? If you are, then stay right here. You will come across many superstars wearing white, blue, purple, gray, black and other colored tuxedos at award shows or for a fashion event. For example, events like the Oscars, Grammys, and other grand Hollywood shows require the best dressing and style. Since tuxedos suit that circumstance, you will see a variety of them.



At one of the Grammy Awards, one of the music industry's biggest events, renowned rapper Chris Brown wore this all white tuxedo as his outfit. Of course, it is not an ordinary tuxedo. It would be too boring then. There is some minute detailing as you can see in the above still like the black strip on the area of the cuffs.



How can you forget one of the most dashing actors in the last half decade? The Oscars is the grandest stage where every performer and celebrity gathers to witness the actors and actress be appreciated for their work. Chris Hemsworth had everyone’s focus on him with his trim fit style black and burgundy tuxedo. The burgundy tuxedo jacket had a special feature that made it look outstanding.



He may belong to one of the most widely recognized rock bands in the world, but Jared Leto is also one talented actor. He also has won an Academy Award. Here is the 2016 Joker attending the Golden Globes Awards in his overall cream-colored tuxedo. His jacket has the standard peak lapel, which is in black, a good color combination.



Ryan Gosling may not be as heavily involved in films like the actors are, but when it comes to making a stellar appearance on the red carpet, he does not disappoint. Whether it is in a head to toe burgundy tuxedo or in a classic Ryan Gosling blue tux like this, his sense of fashion has impressed us and made us want to imitate the way he dresses for grand events.



All of us are fond of “America’s sweetheart” Ryan Secrest. He has worn some stunning outfits during his time at American Idol and his incredible knowledge of fashion keeps developing. Here he is on the red carpet in his gray jacket and black trouser tuxedo combination.



Black is a very commonly used color in suits and tuxedos as well. Sam Smith, the singer who sang the theme song for the 24th installment of James Bond, wore this black tuxedo at the Grammy’s where he picked up a lot of awards. His style was simple and charming, pulling off the all black tux amazingly. We are sure that more 80% of you are not into going out of your way by wearing tuxedos that are in red or green or any light color.

Therefore, the products here will help you better than anywhere else by giving you a better idea on which tuxedo style and color will suit you. These celebrities definitely get their tuxes from big designers. You, on the other hand, can get that durable quality and world class appearance by spending what is in your budget.




You must be thinking that we are selling these. Well, we are not. But what we are recommending is some good looking colors that you should start to think about to be used for your wedding attire. Have a look at what we got for you. Even your future wife will be impressed with your selection. Here are the colors of 2017 tuxedos inlcuding the white and burgundy tuxedo shades.



Blue undoubtedly is a color that will make you want to forget about black. A darker shade of blue like a midnight blue tuxedo would be the ideal outfit for a wedding. Usually, it is the dark blue tuxedos that are highly preferable. This color is always a fan favorite, and many people love having blue as their theme for the wedding. It is a beautiful color and very different but trendsetting color for a groom to wear a tuxedo in. Some famous colors in blue tuxedos are navy blue wedding tuxedo, slate blue tuxedo, and midnight blue.



With blue tuxedos being preferred in darker shades, grey tuxedos are preferred in a lighter shade. Grey suits were always in top 3 most used colors in weddings, and now grey wedding tuxedos are set to take the world by storm. Slowly and gradually, this classy color for men tuxedos is already being worn by stylish personalities. Attractive grey and purple tuxedos colors include sharkskin grey, cement grey, heather grey and steel grey.




What do you do if your fiancée wants to stick to the roots and go for a classic color, and that color is black? No need to think hard. Just go and take something that is currently in trend but looks more attractive. If you find a tux that has a different collar style or any other feature that is extraordinary, go for it. A black stripe tuxedo is unique and stylish at the same time so that could help you out.

These three colors are guaranteed to be in trend for a long time. People usually prefer picking their outfits because of the time they have scheduled their wedding to be at. So it requires them to choose colors that will compliment the time of day. This scenario applies for colors like the grey and blue tux because the shades they are available in.


Should You Wear A Vest or No Vest?


Here comes the question that men would go back to the state of uncertainty. If choosing which tuxedo he wants was not hard enough that this troublesome question arose, “should I go with a vest or without it?” If you search on the internet, you will come across a lot of images where the guy is wearing just the jacket and the trouser while some images show a simple waistcoat, like you would see in a suit. The answer here is yes, you should and this is the one you can choose. Tuxedos have their very own version of a waistcoat.


This is what you call a cummerbund. It is very commonly used because it gives the tuxedo the uniqueness it deserves. Those who wear a waistcoat are moving towards a more modernized version of wearing a tuxedo, which is a bit puzzling. The classic method is dressed in a tuxedo with a cummerbund. It is left to the wearer to decide whether he wants a waistcoat/vest or a cummerbund. Both can be worn for a particular reason, but not at the same time. Those who want to wear a cummerbund but are worried about how will it match their theme; well it is available in various colors so there is no issue.


In a tuxedo, everything needs to be on point, including your bowtie. So make sure you got one to match your cummerbund. Just like in high school, your prom required you to wear something along with your tux to compliment your date; the same laws apply for your wedding. All these themes and dressing according to it makes the wedding a whole lot more interesting and enjoyable. Many have tried their best to make sure they matched the theme with their outfit, even if they did not like it. Here you do not have to worry about anything because you are getting the best tuxedo as well as the best pieces of advice.





It is always better to go 100% on the right ‘path’ that calls for you dressing head to toe accurately. For your wedding, everyone will notice your dressing and that means they will carefully watch your shoes. Although they are the least important element in a wedding tuxes, men do not compromise in this department. To nail the look, you have to get special tuxedo shoes. They are shiny and very noticeable. The glistening part of the shoe is made from patent leather, and you need to be very careful. One tiny scratch and it could ruin the entire shoe. You need a soft cloth to wipe any dust off it. Even the shoes are important because that is what gives you the overall lavishness in your appearance.


We are sure that your stress about choosing the tuxedo you wants has lessened by seeing the list of outfits you can choose. With this online store of ours, you are going to save more than you ever imagined on a tuxedo. It is not the price you should worry about or the quality. Your clothing section has been covered up, and you can now sit back and place your order for the outfit that is going to make, not only you but, everyone happy. A special day like this needs the most amazingly stitched outfit. And that is only possible if you get that outfit from this online clothing store. You will be thrilled on how an online store will give you a great tailored made tuxedo on time. Now is not the time for you to hesitate, with positive feedback and good quality when it comes to stitching, you will not be disappointed when you order your tuxedo for wedding from here.