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Midnight Blue Tuxedos



In today’s world, nobody can be satisfied for a long time by owning just one thing. Eventually, that thought comes to mind about you being able to go the eblxtra mile and get another similar thing especially when it is costly. That could go either way, but as long as the confidence is there, there should not be any problem because having confidence is a vital element in fashion.


Nothing defines confidence than dressing in a different colored tuxedo. Some say that these colored tuxedos, besides the vintage colored ones like black and white, were once in trend, but nobody had the confidence of wearing it as their wedding suit. But now, those colored tuxedos have made their return in fashion. Today, as a replacement for seeing black and white tuxedos everywhere, there is another color that is being commonly worn in the last couple of years. That color is midnight blue.


Midnight blue tuxedos have become so popular in recent times that Proms and weddings are not the same without them. The new generation prefers looking different from the others as well as looks handsome. Everyone loves the spotlight and the never ending compliments about looking unique in a good way. That is why these tuxedo are so popular. It is the year of change and these outfits are the best example.


The men’s midnight blue tuxedo can certainly make you look like a superstar from the inside as well as from the outside. Tuxedos for men have always been classy and elegant. It is worn for Proms and other formal gatherings for this reason. You would always want to show off your best look to those who you will meet for the first time to have a good impression on them. Dressing aptly has never been more important than it has become now.



Did you ever wonder how suddenly the tuxedos came back into popularity after being considered ‘not cool enough’? Well, there is the only man to give credit to, and his name is “Bond, James Bond”. When these tuxedos were thought to be too extraordinarily to be worn for the big events, and navy blue suits were ruling the formal clothing category for Prom, etc., the costume team of Skyfall decided to go for something unique as well. It is no surprise why James Bond movies are considered to be the pinnacle influence for formal wear. James Bond suits are so expensive that you would need to save every dime for the next four to five months to own one of his regularly worn suits. Nonetheless, when James Bond was spotted in the midnight blue tux, the world was blown away by how well it looked on him. Hence, the demand and popularity of this men’s tuxedo grew. Today, you will see many guys value this color as their wedding outfit and get another design but in the same color for the groomsmen. The movie was a huge hit, but the outfit was a bigger success. This is not the first time that this elegant looking outfit was worn.


When you are picking a dark blue tuxedo, one of the most sophisticated and classiest colors in tuxedos, you just cannot mess it up. It is not only the look that you need to keep in mind other factors like comfort and adjusting according to the weather conditions. This color certainly beats the other shades of blue like a slate blue and navy blue. Here are five things that you should note down for the next time you go shopping for a tux in this stylish color.

1. Do Not Be Confused Between The Shades


The very common mistake for first timers is that they pick the wrong color in a blue tuxedo. It is pretty obvious that there are higher chances of anyone getting confused between the shades. Shopkeepers will tell you many weird things that would be convincing to buy the wrong suit. Here is what you should do. Look at the above image. The is the darkest shade than the royal blue next to it. There have been many people, especially teenagers that often get fooled when they rent or buy it for Prom. Regardless of the lapel style, the midnight blue tuxedo always resembles the night sky.

2. Use Traditional & Contemporary Style Shirts


This applies to those who are choosing the formal shirts for their wedding. The reason is that it is a more important event in a guy’s life, and he needs to look on point. A proper tuxedo shirt is as necessary as getting the right design. There are always two choices in this situation. You can easily go for the modern day shirt or you can for something more traditional. However, if you are going for a trim-fit tuxedo then wearing a modern shirt, which you can see on the right in the image, is a good option. Just make sure it is a trim fitting shirt to give you a sharp look. Nobody wants to keep straightening their shirt all the time and have creases on it.

3. Try On Some Suspenders Too


This is where your style gets interesting. If you owned a tuxedo before, have you ever worn a belt with it? If you have, you spoiled the whole purpose of wearing a tux in the first place. A belt is never worn on this form of outfit. The best option is to go for suspenders. They do not have to be of a specific color but if it matches the tuxedo you wore, go with it. Plain colors are out of fashion these days. Therefore, the best move is to go for suspenders that have the color of your outfit in it. A darker shade of blue would be good enough.

4. Tweak Your Footwear A Little


For the shoes, the most sensible choice and color would be to go with black shoes. Tuxedo shoes are a slightly different from your regular shoes because of the shine they have on them. A sparkle in your step and you are not short enough for people to think your entire clothing is designed by great designers. We are in 21st Century; things need to be upgraded a bit. Instead of going for lace up shoes, you can choose loafers or something like what is in the image above. Lace up shoes is usually worn for suits, so it gives away that specialty in your dressing. Loafers are a possible choice since it is being worn in semi-formal style as well. However, these loafers require you to wear them without socks.

5. Different Colored Trouser Is Good Too


You got yourself a tuxedo jacket but need the trouser to go with. Or, you got two different colored formals and wondering how to mix it fashionably and get away with it. This is where your creativity comes in. A tuxedo can be worn stylishly with a black trouser as well. It is not much, but as long as you are stepping out of the box with your tuxedo combination, it is good enough. Many people stick to the rules of not blending anything up when it comes to tuxes, but this is not a bad step at all.

These are the five primary points that you need to see in selecting a midnight blue tuxedo. The style completely depends on you. However, a lot of men and young teenagers have been confused about there being a lighter shade of midnight blue. There are no lighter shades; they are simply selling you a slate tuxedo. It is good to be aware of these small things because it can happen to anyone. It is better to be safe than sorry, as the saying goes. Write it down somewhere so that it does not get lost or misplaced.


Your fashion sense is what defines your personality. If you take the effort to go through a lot of research and guidance to look stylish like a star, the more admirable you will be. But when you have a clothing store that will give you all the advises you need to look handsome, you should not have any issue with the research. Everything you need in order to look your best is available here. This outfit is going to elevate your style and overall look to a level that nobody would expect it to reach, not even you. A fashion upgrade is pending in your personality and now is the time to do it. This is the outfit that can work wonders for you.


Of course, there are various styles to select from. The main differences would be in the collar style of the jacket. Every tuxedo has three iconic lapel styles. The first is a notch lapel, the second is a peak lapel, and the last is the famous shawl lapel. The shawl lapel is preferred because it stands out from the rest and is a significant feature for a tuxedo. Black is too common to wear for weddings, and other places and white is often considered a once in a blue moon color. A tuxedo in this shade will give you the ultimate satisfaction of owning it for a very long time. The positive thing about this is that no matter how many times you wear it, you are still going to look charming and dashing.


Have a closer look at this image and you will find something amazing. Any basketball fan would spot Kobe Bryant at the back. He is in his midnight blue tux at one of NBA’s finest player’s wedding, Shannon Brown. This is a superb idea you can use for your wedding ceremony to have your groomsmen dress in the same color but with a different lapel style, making you easily identified as the groom. Kobe Bryant is not the only one to have worn this exceptional piece of clothing. Other famous personalities and renowned Hollywood actors like, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, and Matt Bomer wore it at grand award functions. A handful of them have worn it in recent award shows like the Oscars.

A fun fact for all movie fans, James Bond fans especially, is that Daniel Craig and Sean Connery will always be remembered for displaying this tux in the James Bond movies. To make it more interesting, Sean Connery was the first one to wear it on the big screen. So the trend did not really pick up as the makers would hope. If these guys can stick simple to the roots of choosing and wearing a tuxedo like this, then it should not be a problem for you.

In this category, you will come across the finest suit for men. These are all well stitched with the most excellent materials so that you get a formal wear that can run for six to seven years, or even more. Other stores are selling it at a hefty price because of some materials. But a clothing store like this is offering a lower cost with free shipping delivery. Tuxedos do take some time to make because of stitching it according to given measurements, but that does not stop it from delivering it on time. You should never over do your look because in a formal outfit like this, the more simple you are, the better is the outcome. People often go for the best tuxedos, which are expensive, and ruin it by going over the top with shoes and other accessories. You are going to want to look appealing to the eye and smart, so place your order for one these tuxedos in midnight blue color and have the best time of your life at any event.