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  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/b/796/midnight_blue_tuxedo_men__92874_std.webp
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    Mens Shawl Lapel Single Button Dark Blue Tuxedo
    $199.00 $139.00
    If you're looking for a tuxedo that will make you stand out from the crowd, look no further than the Shawl Lapel Midnight Blue Tuxedo from fjackets. This stunning tuxedo will surely turn heads when you walk into any room...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/e/624/Mens_Deep_Blue_Suit__37385_std.webp
    Dive deep into the world of luxury with this Men's 2-Button Deep Blue Velvet Tuxedo. The plush velvet coupled with a sophisticated shawl lapel elevates your style to new heights. Ideal for both formal and festive occasions,...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/b/192/Mens_Three-Piece_Black_%26_Blue_Tuxedo__41836_std.webp
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    The Franklin: Mens Black and Blue 3 Piece Tuxedo
    $289.00 $169.00
    Mens 3 Piece Navy Blue Prom Suit Step into the world of classic elegance with our Mens Black and Blue 3 Piece Tuxedo. This meticulously crafted set includes a black jacket, blue trousers, and a matching waistcoat, all...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/m/311/Mens_Velvet_Dark_Blue_Tuxedo__14452_std.webp
    Elevate your ensemble with the opulent charm of our Dark Blue Velvet Groomsmen Tuxedo. This exquisite piece seamlessly marries the richness of deep navy with the lavishness of velvet. Whether it's a wedding or a formal...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/y/650/Mens_Blue_Velvet_Tuxedo__25421_std.webp
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    Raleigh Mens Shawl Lapel Blue Velvet Double Breasted Tuxedo
    $249.00 $159.00
    Introducing our Men's Blue Velvet Shawl Lapel Tuxedo - a timeless blend of luxury and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous detail, this double-breasted tuxedo is designed for the modern man who seeks elegance. Whether...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/o/667/Blue_Velvet_Tuxedo_for_Men__84271_std.webp
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    Hardnett Mens Double-Breasted Blue Velvet Tuxedo with Peak Lapel
    $249.00 $159.00
    Unveiling our Men's Double-Breasted Blue Velvet Tuxedo - a fusion of sophistication and contemporary style. Adorned with a striking peak lapel, it's expertly tailored for those who desire to make a grand entrance. Perfect...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/r/228/Men_Blue_Velvet_Tux_Jacket__09711_std.webp
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    Patrick Men's Blue Velvet Single Button Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel
    $249.00 $149.00
    Exude class with our Men's Blue Velvet Tuxedo. Elegantly tailored, its smooth shawl lapel and distinct single-button design make it a timeless piece. Perfect for weddings, award ceremonies, or any occasion where...


In recent years, the midnight blue tuxedo has become a timeless classic perfect for any formal occasion. Proms and weddings are only complete, with at least a few guests wearing this elegant clothing style. Midnight blue is a deep, rich color that Radiates sophistication and elegance. It is also a versatile color that can be worn with various other colors, making it easy to find the perfect match for any outfit.

The popularity of the midnight blue tuxedo has led to a wide range of style options, from traditional cuts to modern designs. Whether you are looking for something classic or contemporary, there is sure to be a blue tuxedo that is perfect for you.

The men’s blue tuxedo can make you look like a superstar from the inside and from the outside. Tuxedos for men have always been classy and elegant. It is worn for Proms and other formal gatherings for this reason. You would always want to show off your best look to those you will meet for the first time to have a good impression.



Did you ever wonder how suddenly the tuxedo Jackets came back into popularity after being considered ‘not cool enough’? Well, there is the only man to give credit to, and his name is James Bond”. When these styles were considered too extraordinary for significant events, and navy blue tuxedos and suits were ruling the formal clothing category for Prom, etc., the costume team of Skyfall decided to go for something unique as well. It is no surprise that James Bond movies are considered the pinnacle influence for formal wear. His tuxedos and suits are so expensive that you must save every dime for the next four to five months to own a James bond tuxedo. 

The movie was a huge hit, but bond tuxedo was a success. It is not the first time that this elegant-looking outfit has been worn.


Whether you're picking up a skyfall tuxedo, dark blue tuxedo or anything in between, it is important to know how it will work out for you?  Is the color okay? Is it comfortable according to the weather conditions. Here are five things that you should note down for the next time you go shopping for a navy tuxedo.

1. Do Not Be Confused Between The Shades


The very common mistake for first timers is that they pick the wrong color in a blue tuxedo. It is pretty obvious that there are higher chances of anyone getting confused between the shades. There are many shades of dark blue including mens tuxedo royal blue, navy blue and midnight blue. Here is what you should do. Look at the image above, the darker shade is midnight blue while the lighter one is royal blue. Regardless of the style, the Midnight Blue Wedding Tuxedo always resembles the night sky. So now you know how to differentiate between the shades of blue for prom.

2. Use Traditional & Contemporary Style Shirts


This applies to formal shirts for their wedding. A proper tuxedo shirt is as necessary as getting the right design. There are always two choices in this situation - You can easily go for the modern-day shirt or you can for something more traditional. However, if you are going for a Slim-fit tuxedo then wear a modern shirt, which you can see on the right here. Just make sure it is a trim fitting shirt to give you a sharp look. Nobody wants to keep straightening their shirt all the time and have creases on it.

3. Try On Some Suspenders Too


This is where your style gets interesting. If you owned a James Bond tuxedo before, have you ever worn a belt with it? If you have, you spoiled the whole purpose of wearing a tux in the first place. A belt is never worn on this form of outfit. The best option is to go for suspenders. They do not have to be of a specific color but if it matches the James Bond blue tuxedo, go with it. A darker shade of blue would be good enough.

4. Tweak Your Footwear A Little


For the shoes, the most sensible choice and color would be to go with black. 007 tuxedo shoes are a slightly different from your regular style because of the shine they have on them. A sparkle in your step and you are not short enough for people to think your entire clothing is designed by great designers. We are in 21st Century, things need to be upgraded a bit. Instead of going for lace up shoes, you can choose loafers or something like what is in the image above. Lace up shoes is usually worn for suits, so it gives away that specialty in your dressing. Loafers are a possible choice since it is being worn in semi-formal style as well. However, these loafers require you to wear them without socks.

5. Different Colored Trouser Is Good Too


You got yourself a blue and black tuxedo but need a trouser to go with. Or, you got two different colored formals and wondering how to mix it fashionably and get away with it. This is where your creativity comes in!

A Midnight Blue Tuxedo can be worn stylishly with a black trouser as well. It is not much, but as long as you are stepping out of the box with combination, it is good enough. Many people stick to the rules of not mixing anything up in fashion, but this is not a bad step after all.

These are the five primary points that you need to see in selecting a Mens Blue Tuxedo. The style completely depends on you. However, a lot of men and young teenagers have been confused about there being a lighter shade. There are no lighter shades; they are simply selling you a slate tux. It is good to be aware of these small things because it can happen to anyone. It is better to be safe than sorry, as the saying goes. Always make sure to go for the right navy blue tuxedo jacket.

Your look in dark blue tux will make you different among others. However, incorporating jeans into your outfit can be a great option too. However, it's important to get the right balance to achieve a polished look. According to a blog Business Casual with Jeans, there are a few tips to keep in mind when dressing in business casual with jeans.


In this category, you will come across the finest tuxedos for men. These are all well stitched with the most excellent materials so that you get a formal wear that can run for six to seven years, or even more.  Tuxedos do take some time to make because of stitching it according to given measurements, but that does not stop it from delivering it on time. You should never over do your look because in a formal outfit like this, the more simple you are, the better is the outcome.

If you want to look appealing to the eye and smart, shop one these tuxedo collection today. Also, get exclusive $10 OFF on orders. Also check out our vintage 1920 suits

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I wear a blue tuxedo to a black-tie event?

If you want to try something other than black, a dark blue tuxedo is a fine choice for your evening attire; it's also the safest color to try because the dark color blends wonderfully with the surrounding without looking too flashy.

What shoes go with a midnight blue tuxedo?

The classic evening pump is the most formal footwear that was traditionally worn with a tuxedo. However, you can try a black lace-up oxford which is the most acceptable choice for a formal event. Alternatively, you can also try whole cut or capped toe shoes if it feels more comfortable.

Is any color tuxedo Jacketsacceptable for a black-tie event?

Black is the ideal color for black-tie event. However dark colors like midnight blue and charcoal are also considered formal and only second to black therefore they're appropriate for evening events. You can stand out very well without looking out of place.

Can I wear a tie with black and blue tuxedo?

The plain answer is no; you shouldn't wear a necktie with a tuxedo jacket. It is against the black-tie rules and does not compliment the satin lapels of the coat. You should wear a bow-tie that strictly follows the formal dressing rules.

What color bow tie with midnight blue tuxedo?

Your most likely going the wear a tuxedo for an evening event for which a black bow-tie would be the most appropriate with the midnight blue jacket, alternatively you can't go wrong a bow of the same color as the tuxedo jacket.

Can you wear navy blue tuxedo with waistcoat?

If you want to keep your look traditional a cummerbund would be an ideal choice, however if you want a modern look a waistcoat is also an acceptable option, it totally depends on your personal preference whether to wear a cummerbund or a waist coat.

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