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Many people are lack of the correct information about Motorcycle leather Jackets. Only few professionals will know that how to find the best fit bikers leather jacket to complete your requirement. This also make sense because nowadays, people try to buy leather jackets to just showoff in front of the world but they forget the main 8 factors which they should follow. If you want to buy a real bikers jacket, you should know some factors first.

Mens Motorcycle Leather Jackets are fully designed to provide the complete protection to biker if he falls off his bike. Jackets are made to absorb the impact and work as a shield for biker along with helmet and pants. Biker Jacket is also a major piece of protection because it covers your Torso and has armors to absorb the shock. The following terms will guide you the signs of real motorcycle jacket and also help you to choose the best Mens Leather Jacket for you.




The priority of buying womens leather motorcycle jackets or mens motorcycle jackets should be protection first. It is the gears of biker that protects him from getting serious injuries. There are two type of protectors or safeguard that varies according to the budget of biker. Simple Padding is very inexpensive but also very low category of protection for bikers that can only guard them by scratches or minor accidents. Motorcycle Leather Jackets that offer great amount of protection includes reinforced chest, elbows and back. The motorcycle jacket with heavy-duty plastic armor or Kevlar inserted in jacket to protect valuable part of body also comes in the expensive type of protection. The best way to check either it’s a high quality leather Motorcycle Jacket is that the insert don’t shift or move around too much. If it does, the jacket is of low quality protection and will not guard you perfectly.


There is another type of protection in leather motorcycle jackets, which is the most expensive and highest quality protection, is airbag system. This type of protection is used by professional bikers who ride about 300 Kmph or more. The airbags has integrated carbon dioxide in it that is triggered by a ripcord. The rider attaches the ripcord with his motorcycle and the airbag inflate within seconds as biker gets pulled away from his motorcycle. This protection can be reused by the cartridge but the only thing is that it lies in the most expensive category.


Another sign to find the original and best mens motorcycle leather jacket is to see if the seller indicates that the jacket is “CE Approved” or not. CE Approved is the highest level of protection guards that are used in motorcycle jackets. There are two levels of CE Approved protectors, CE1 and CE2. CE2 is preferred to be the best protectors.


Some Padded Motorcycle Jacket also has reflectors as protectors. However, people do prefer to buy Bikers Black Leather jacket than buying Brown Leather Jacket but it makes hard to identify in low light traffic. The chances of getting accident can be decreased by having Padded Motorcycle jacket in light color like yellow, orange or red leather jackets that attracts the attention. The reflecting stripes also help decreasing the chances of accidents by making it visible for the driver or rider when they shine their light on you.



You know that Biker jacket is all about protection but there are many other factors that you should decide first before purchasing your Racer Leather jacket.




If you’re a professional rider and want to race your bike or ride it on the freeway then one-piece Motorcycle suit is the perfect thing to wear. It’s a full body protection that fits to your skin and doesn’t flap in the wind.



The Two-piece suit is combination of jacket and pant for the people who prefer to have flexibility while riding. It’s not compulsory to wear both the piece at the same time if you’re taking casual ride. Simply, you can put your jacket on and you’re ready to go. Except this, motorcycle jacket allows more space and pockets than one piece suit to hold your wallet and mobile phone. It’s a flexible option to buy motorcycle jacket rather going for a combine suit.



There are many types of Motorcycle Jackets available in the market and each style has its own standard of protection and style. Today, biker’s jackets are frequently used for styling and for winter apparel but there are categories for all of it.




These types of black leather motorcycle jacket are all about fashion. They have a very low level of protection and highly decorated with pockets, belts and flaps on it.



Rain Jackets are just designed to keep the rider dry. It has low level of protection. The jacket is made with Waterproof and lightweight material. Sometime, it does go over another mens classic leather motorcycle jacket and is printed with graphics on it.



This style has all the same features of protection like racer jacket just without the aerodynamic cut and fitting. This jacket is also a good to wear for casual riding.



Where classic style allows very low level of protection, perforated leather motorcycle jacket is completely made to provide the best level of protection to the rider. It has armor, thick fabric and padding. Racing jackets are always fitted and often have graphics printed or decorated on it. They are always designed completely in aerodynamic fitting completely opposite to leather jacket mens motorcycle.



This style has a modern shape with vintage graphics and patches featuring on it. This jacket mostly has striped design on it and the safety level of the jacket can be adjusted from non to heavy protection.



This style is all about comfort. The jacket is featured with many pockets, loose fitting and hydration system sometimes. The protection level of the jacket can be raised from low to high according to the need.




They are the most basic style jackets. They have low range of protection and not decorated with graphics. The jacket is in fitting design and has vented fabric sometime. Here are all the types of Motorcycle Jacket for you. To choose the best style for yourself, determine for what riding purpose you need the jacket and what level of protection you will require. If you only need jacket for styling then you should try Varsity and Letterman jackets.



There is a basic argue point for biker that either the biker jacket made of leather material is essential to wear or the textile material would be a good choice. The thing is that both these materials are different in purpose but the common fact in these materials is that the performance of the jacket varies on the quality and how the making is done.




Denim is a durable material and it won’t rip off easily because of its hard bonding. Due to this, the Denim Jacket provides the good range of protection from cuts and scratches. The material also assists to keep the rider cool by its breathing ability. This motorcycle jacket is not a good wear for winters because it doesn’t insulate well unless there’s a think lining inside.



Motorcycle Jackets are normally made of leather material because it is good scratch resistance and the protection level is excellent if you get into an accident. In leather jacket, the thickness of the material does play a very important role in the protection level. The thickness of your leather jacket mens motorcycle should be 1.2 to 1.4 mm if you’re having sheepskin leather. If you’re having Kangaroo leather then the thickness level jumps down to 1 to 1.1 mm due to the sturdiness. Cowhide leather is preferred to be the best choice for biker leather jacket. Leather also doesn't breathe well so it’s a good choice for winters but in summer, you will need vents in your Mens Motorcycle Leather Jacket.



This type of motorcycle jacket is made of nylon and polyester material. It’s light weight and is excellent for summers because of the feature of breathe. However, this Textile material is not durable for winter because of minimum insulation unless lined with another material.



Today in market, many manufacturers are offering bikers leather jacket made of a combination of textile and leather material. Leather is used to cover the most conscious parts of the body including shoulders, chest, bottoms and top of the arms. The Textile fabric is used to provide comfort by creating ventilation for the rider.You should choose your class of jacket by deciding the purpose of your need of biker jacket. If you’re a weekend rider and touring biker then choose the textile material for the best comfort experience. If you’re a professional rider and usually take big risks like racing or traffic then go for leather material. If you’re willing to purchase your motorcycle jacket for a daily routine or casual ride wear then denim will be a good choice to wear in summers.




While purchasing the Bikers Jacket, you should note the age of the model that either it’s outdated or not. Older jackets won’t supply that amount of comfort and safety in case of accidents.


No matter you have chosen the best material, the best style and the best type of biker jacket, it won’t work a perfectly if you didn’t go for the recommended size. These jackets are typically sold in sizes for men and women and some will also be labeled as unisex. But the sizing chart will differ from one place to another. You just need to know how the biker jacket fits perfectly to the body and you will find you size anywhere.





The length of the sleeves should be long enough to reach your wrists when you extend or bent your arms while riding.



It’s compulsory for your jacket’s cuff to have zipper on it. This helps the jacket to guard your wrist by not slipping over your wrist in accident that can cause scratches or serious injuries. It is also compulsory that the zipper should be covered so it won’t increase the chances of injury.



Your jacket is your lifeguard and it’s your duty to take care of it. A motorcycle leather jacket mens regularly needs to get clean to increase the lifespan, the functions of the jacket work long lasting and your jacket look good for a long time. The time to clean the jacket depends on the material it’s made from.



The leather should avoid water as much as it can. Water decreases the life of your jacket. A good care and clearing with lubricants like leather oil, leather balm or Vaseline will keep the shine on your jacket. This will help your jacket not getting hardening and drying out. Spray your jacket with a waterproof spray before you treat your jacket. Rub the oil in circular motion with the help of soft piece of cloth.



Textile material requires complete different caring style than the leather material. Mostly the jacket has its care tag with instructions to follow. Sometimes, it’s possible to wash your textile jacket if the tag says. You should spin your jacket in a delicate cycle with delicate detergent. You can use detergent boosters for serious stain and make sure the temperature of water is not higher than 85 degree.

The next step will be to rinse out the jacket twice with plain water to remove the remaining detergent. Don’t use any softener on your jacket. You should then treat the jacket with waterproofing spray on it. This will increase the protection against dirt and water and also will merge the fibers in the outer material. You can see in the video how you can clean your motorcycle leather jacket easily.



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