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Motorcycle Travel Bags

Bags are used for many purposes, and in the current era, you can't travel abroad without carrying a large capacity bag. Keeping essential is another story, but the actual purpose is to makesure your weekend getaway, and business trip stays super stylish and functional. Best words to describe a bag is they should be practically innovative while keeping your stuff well organized.

But what about bikers? They also need to carry some stuff for their traveling, right? 

For a secure and organized riding, it is essential to carry a bag to enjoy a worry-free travel experience. Moto-bags or backpacks often come with features like extra space for water bottles which minimizes the problem of getting dehydrated since there is an extra bottle with you. These types of bags usually have easy to access options while riding a motorbike, so you don't have to stop every minute. 

Your search for the best bag ends here. Bookmark this page or write it down somewhere, because we got the perfect size motorcycle travel bags for riders that are the best carry-ons in outstanding construction. Eye-catching design and makes traveling practical while protecting everything inside that includes, jackets, snacks, water bottle, and biker gear. Bonus point, you can add as many items as you like without worry about the weight or speed as these are compact after packing. Each contains zip-secured functions that keep your shipments and important items safe throughout the trip.

Our aim is to show you durable, fashionable, and practical travel solutions, whether you ride on a motorbike or use public transportation services. These upgraded bags emulates quality leather from outside with water-proof and rough weather defense feature and cushiony from inside to organize better. Other than that, these motorcycle travel bag are designed to work on the go. Get your matching style today!


Why is it called a motorcycle bag?

The reason is because riders always travel to long distance and need a bag that can be attached with the bike itself. Thus, the name motorcycle bag is born.

How much can you carry on a motorcycle?

The weight should be between 350 to 450 lbs.

Why you need a motorcycle travel bag?

The purpose is to carry your essential items such as clothes, gears, and bike equipment in one place so you can drive conveniently.

Which bags are best for motorcycle traveling?

Bags with large compartments, more zip pockets and straps are good for traveling.

How much is a travel bag?

We have different styles in affordable pricing for bikers. Explore our collection to find the right one for your traveling.