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Pea Coat

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In today’s world, suiting is very important these days then whether it’s for men or women. You may have come across or seen many different types of coats and today we will be talking about Mens Pea Coat also known as pilot jackets. The mens winter pea coats is usually a bit longer in length than our traditional coats. And have chest cuts/Lapel a Bit smaller and broader. The best part of the warm pea coat which I personally like is that it looks classic on everyone.

Surprisingly, mens pea coats have been there in the history since 1800’s when naval powerhouse of Dutch was first seen in his pilot jacket. In Dutch, Pea means a coat made up of course woolen. But today, we can find these jackets in plenty of different fabrics in stores and everywhere. Men Pea coat has recently came into the trend because it has been used recently in many famous TV series and movies like Doctor Who, FireFly, Logan and has also been used in some upcoming movies like Blade Runner. Mens Winter Pea coats are usually made up of many fabrics like cotton, wool, leather, nylon, and parachute.

In the blog, below you can find 7 different types and ways to wear these jackets that will suit your personality and can make you look elegant enough.

Combination 1


As you can see in the above picture the Combination contains:

Usually, you can wear this attire in winter and can carry this combination for your presentations, formal meet-ups, and in your office. This attire will match your figure and will make you look sober and classy.

Combination 2


In this Combination you will need:

This Semi Formal combination is best suit for parties, wedding and casual dinners. In this combination, you can replace the pink shirt with brown, white or any other light color shirt. This kind of attire has been used in fire fly movie too.

Combination 3


To carry this attire you will be required:

This Grey Sexy Pea Coat can match almost all the accessories of your wardrobe. Just to look more elegant in your work place, you need to put on the above-mentioned items to beat the class and create your own level of style.

Combination 4


To complete above attire you will need:

Black is the color of men. This attire is one of my favorite and looks sober on anyone who will wear it. In this wardrobe, a light blue shirt can be replaced by any dark color shirt but if you are replacing light color shirt then just make sure that you wear your pant accordingly to give it a contrast while there is no need to change the muffler since it can match any combination.

Combination 5


This outfit need the following to get complete:

This attire contains a special position in my list since it’s pea code is of 2 tonnes woolen fabric and require a gray shirt with texture embossed on it. But the triple shade muffler steals the show and enhance the look of your pea code so to carry this wardrobe it is required to use these colors.

Combination 6


This garb needs 5 product to be like the same as shown above which are :

The above attire is a semi-formal attire that can be used for parties, weddings, dates or in formal wears. The thing which make this attire more attractive is its pilot jacket because it contains a detachable hood which can help you to make it a formal and a casual look at the same time. The other thing which I like about it is this mens pea coat is the best fit with almost all the colors of shirts stored in your wardrobe.

Combination 7


The outfit shown above contain 6 items which are as follows:


This attire is the best fit for all your upcoming parties, friends night out and could be your next outfit for your upcoming events or interviews. In this attire, you cannot replace the shirt but can exchange the pant with a Black stretchable Formal pant. If you are thinking of replacing your pant, then make sure to wear brown shoes then just to give you a complete look of a gentlemen’s attire. James Bond has used not the same but a similar attire in 007 Spectre Movie.

The combinations mentioned above of mens winter pea coats can be used for any occasion. You can refer this blog to carry any of this outfits for any occasion or after reading this blog and having idea o how to use warm pea coat in your wardrobe you can create your style and can break the limits of class and set a benchmark of your own.