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Pinstripe Tuxedos

Modern occasions require you to dress as per the standard. Take the example of Prom, you need to make an impression in front of your friends and especially the girl you love the most right? So, how is it possible to do that? Obviously, by dressing good pal!

Meaning, there are a couple of choices to wear in the event, but the preferred option is a tuxedo because it serves a better purpose. The popular set that will let you blend is a pinstripe tuxedo dress as it is associated with men who like to project smartness, elegance, and grace. Plus, it adds a sense of confidence that pleases others. 

Consider pinstripe tuxedo as a uniform you must wear before heading to the prom. If you want to get noticed quickly without putting many efforts, I recommend trying out our delightful range of pinstripe tuxedo for men in a variety of colors and styles. Our traditional fits are best for young lads who desire smart appearance and outstanding results in one package. Choose wisely and remember, not all will match the theme of the occasion or your skin tone. If you're new and need advice, read this guide on how to dress for prom correctly


Do men still wear pinstripe suits?

They are not just for office or business meetings, the suit can also be worn in other events too. Just some color rules apply.

Can you wear it without a tie?

Yes, it can also be worn without a tie.

Are blue pinstripe suits still in style?

They are good for business occasions. Wear a light blue shirt and red tie to look more formal.

Why is it called pinstripe?

There is a narrow texture designing on the suit, especially double breasted suits.

Can I style it with non-pinstripe pant?

It is better to wear similar matching pant since it will look different.