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Quilted Jacket

Fashion has seen a lot of upgrades throughout the decades. Time has changed when we used to own a simple jacket with pockets because it's more than just about wearing simple outerwear for protection. Regardless of fabric and material, you will still crave for style to look awesome. The winter season calls for some serious fashion gears such as Quilted Jackets! 

Perfect gear to layer with any type of dress code that adds insulation and promises the best protection from the cold. To describe quilting jackets in one word, it's a winter-ready-outerwear. 

They are available in many different styles and materials in our collection such as leather, cotton, wool, and satin. Whether you want to adapt that celebrity look you saw in Drive or in search of a classic fit, it's all under one roof. 


Are quilted jackets in style?

They are best to wear in winter, fall, and spring season as protection and stylish gear. 

What quilted means?

A type of stitching that contains triangle shape patterns. They are always visible outside. 

When can I wear a quilted?

It's best to wear it in fall and winter. Depending on the material, some quilting outfits can be worn in summer too. 

Why are quilted jackets warm?

Depending on the fabric, they can be worn while some are just for style. Leather will give you both style and protection. 

Is it waterproof?

They are available in waterproof material and non-waterproof material. 

What type of materials are there? 

Leather, Satin, Wool, Cotton are a few to choose from. 

How much it cost?

A quilting outerwear price depends on the fabric. A satin is cheap while leather is expensive.