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Rain Jacket

Getting wet in the unexpected rain makes you realize, you should've brought an umbrella! Rain can be fun as well as regret, especially for your fashion. If you wear a low-quality leather jacket during rainfall, it will ruin your overall outerwear texture, plus add wrinkles that only goes away when you dry it in the open air.  There is a particular jacket for wet weather and that's called a rain jacket. It's a unique insulator that is light-weighted and comfortable to wear. No matter how far you go outside in the rainfall, it will keep your head and body protected without sacrificing your style.

We have a variety of rain jacket stylish options for your safe journey. They are practical, versatile and made of high quality fabric, also completed lined for better protection. You don't have to take out your leather jackets or expensive outfits because our rain gears will provide amazing support at affordable cost. 

Choose from the featured collection, available in variety of design such as standard, hooded and more with functional properties. 


What is a rain jacket?

The best rain jacket feature water-resistant fabric It also works as a windbreaker.

Is it breathable?

These types of jackets are made of  blend material (mix) that blocks rain, wind and also keeps you away from moisture. 

Lightweight vs heavy rain jacket?

A lightweight version has less layering which are designed for less rain. Heavy version has hard shell that is way durable and water-resistant. 

Best one for heavy rain?

Try nylon or fabric blend with gore-tex property. 

What's the price difference?

The lightweight may cost you around $125 while an heavy rain outfit will cost you minimum $299.

Is it durable?

Depending on the quality of the fabric. If properly used, it can last several years.