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This sporty, stylish and timeless red leather jacket is a wardrobe staple. Whether you're trying to create a fall-ready look or casual weekend outfit, the red is stylish and versatile enough to work with any look.

While the red jacket is certainly a statement piece, it can be difficult to know how to style it for different occasions. However you choose to style your red jacket, one thing is for sure - you're guaranteed to turn heads. So go ahead and take fashion risks - after all, that's what fashion is all about.

Red Leather Jacket Men Smart Casual Style


A suit may be the traditional choice for a semi-formal event, but that doesn't mean it's the only option. A red leather jacket mens in asymmetrical style is a great way to add a touch of edge to your look without sacrificing sophistication. For a refined take on the leather jacket, opt for a minimal style in black, white, or grey. Pair it with a turtle neck and dark wash slim fit jeans for a clean and stylish look. Complete the ensemble with a pair of dark oxblood boots for an added touch of luxury. A leather jacket is an excellent way to dress down for not strictly formal events but still require to dress well.



Looking for an edgy and stylish outfit? Try a womens red leather biker jacket in cafe racer style with a white top and black jeans. This look is perfect for a night out on the town or a day spent cruising around the city. The red leather jacket women will add a pop of color to your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd.

The white top will keep you cool and comfortable, while the black jeans will give you a slimming effect. Finish off the look with some black booties or sneakers and you're good to go.



The style above is best described as "badass." It is a simple yet stylish look that can be easily achieved with some basic wardrobe staples. A red biker jacket, a plain white button-up shirt, light washed ripped blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers are all you need to recreate this look. The model above demonstrates that you don't need anything fancy to look sharp. Some basic pieces can look edgier than most of the expensive outfits.

This is a great style for commuting, as it is both comfortable and stylish. Additionally, you can mix and match different shirts and jeans to get more combinations out of the same style. For example, you could wear a black shirt with light wash jeans or a white shirt with black jeans. Regardless of how you chose to wear it, this style is sure to turn heads.



Red leather jackets for women are a trendy and sharp option. They look great with dresses, maxi dresses, jumpsuits and almost everything else you can think of. All you need to do is balance the colors well to generate maximum impact with your style. For the above look, all you need is a red leather motorcycle jacket, white and black horizontal stripe top and flared floral skirt.

You can elevate your look with a pair of stylish heels and a matching handbag. You can try this kind of outfit for almost every occasion. A little bit of mix and match and you'll have an all-new outfit combination for another event! The style is also preferred for theme parties such as Valentine's Day where red could add that extra bit of edge.

Red Leather Jacket Men Winter red and black leather jacketStyle


A shearling leather jacket is the perfect choice for when the weather gets chilly and you need something warm and heavy. The tough outer shell will block wind, while the soft shearling lining will keep you insulated. You can also add some extra layers like a turtle neck, sweater, or pullover. Don't forget other accessories such as a scarf and gloves.

For the above style, you'll need a red and black leather jacket. The base layer will depend on the weather. If it's moderately cold, a casual graphic tee will look awesome, but a sweater or turtleneck is an even better option if it's too cold. With this outfit, you'll be prepared for anything the cold weather throws your way.



Women's shearling coats offer the same level of luxury as their male counterparts. They are perfect for creating a stylish and sophisticated look, and can be paired with a variety of different clothing items. For example, you could team a shearling jacket with a slim horizontal stripe shirt, light wash jeans and leather boots. The solid red colour of the jacket gives you the freedom to experiment with different patterns, such as stripes, checks or florals. For instance, the model above has effectively mixed and matched patterns by teaming a floral handbag with a striped top. Consequently, women's shearling coats are incredibly versatile and can be used to create a range of different looks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are red leather jackets men in style?

If you're looking to get the most use out of your jacket, black and brown are two of the most versatile color. However, if you need something different or edgier, a mens red leather jacket can give you that stunner look.

Where to buy mens red jacket?

There are several online and offline options, but if you want a quality jacket with the best bang for your buck, check out the exclusive collection at FJackets.

Do real leather jackets keep you warm?

Leather jackets are an excellent windbreaker and also help retain body heat during cold winter weather. You can wear them on a cool day and still stay warm; moreover, you also have the option of layering the jacket with warm insulators like wool when it starts to get chillier.

What to wear with red jacket mens?

Unlike black jackets, you cannot throw a red jacket over any outfit to call it a day; however, it can certainly help you stand out in a good way if pair with the right outfit. Balance the color of your dressing by wearing it with a muted tone t-shirt/ sweatshirt and a pair of dark wash jeans.

Where can I buy a Leather Jacket in Red?

Black and brown leather jacket a readily available but red is a bit uncommon, you may not find as many, but you can surely find good quality ones if you look around. One example is FJackets, the store has really cool leather jackets at unbeatable prices.

What is the best color for a leather jacket?

Brown and black are two of the best colors for leather jackets, but if you want something that stands out try red. blue or maroon.