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Felicity Jones Jacket with Vest Inspired By: Jyn Erso

Get ready to join the rebels, gear up and look like rogue with this aesthetically popular Jyn Erso's Jacket and Vest, an excellent choice for venturing woman. Gearing up with this Rogue One Jacket will add a cutting edge appearance because all it features are similar to her actual version.

The product contains large pockets, Snab-tab cuffs and brown plates on the sleeve. It also comes with gloves and scarf that can be worn with this outfit. What else you need when you're getting another replicated version of Jyn Erso's merchandise from Star Wars Collection. While you go for a wild risky adventure, don't forget to gear up like Jyn Erso.

Cassian Andor Brown Jacket Inspired By: Captain Cassian Andor

Replicate the original character from the new Star Wars movie by wearing our featured Captain Cassian Andor Rogue One Jackets. He's a veteran whose mission is to serve the alliance even it cost him life. For die-hard fans, we are offering similar style brown attire inspired from the actual scene of the film.

This outfit will give you an intelligence feeling because it features sweat absorbing function that can last forever. It contains four pockets outside and two inside, overall a stylish jacket that can go with any clothing. If you're finally ready to combat then all you need is to gear up in this exclusive Captain Cassian Andor's attire.

Cassian Andor Blue Parka Inspired By: Captain Cassian Andor

If you want to fight against the empire in cold then you should go with our exclusive Rogue One Parka Coat. A flexible hoodie that'll keep you warm during your cold war mission because it consists of unique quality fur that matches exactly like Diego Luna Coat in the Star Wars: Rogue One Movie. Overall it is designed with nylon fabric so even in rough windy and snowy situation; it'll keep your body protected.

As a die-hard fan of Star Wars Cosplay, you should pick this. Not only your appearance will gain positive impression but it'll also maintain level of breathability.

Harrison Ford Leather Jacket Inspired By: Han Solo

It's time to transform yourself into a leader of Alliance for real because this Hans Solo Rogue One Jacket is just the outfit you need to become a Smartass Skywalker. It's official apparel, inspired by The Force Awakens story designed with 100% real leather that includes magnetic buttons, erect collar, and five pockets.

Harris Ford is a true bad-ass character from Star Wars and now you can also style just like him in this exclusive casual attire. A smuggler require more pockets to hide things so with this jacket, you can steal anything. To portray as Solo, one must wear his merchandise too.

Poe Dameron Leather Jacket Inspired By: Finn / Poe Dameron

Be an inspiring stormtrooper like Finn from Star Wars: Episode VII in his coat. It's one of legit Finn Rogue One Jackets that is created from 100% genuine leather. Also, it features absorb moisturizing function inside that'll help body feel comfortable and warm for a longer period.

It is special designed attire made for men as seen in the movie, women can also wear it casually but size may vary. From the looks of it, it completely matches the style of Finn's Jacket, from its Antique Beige color to internal fitting, not a single distinction. After wearing it, you will never get outgrow of it.

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