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Rose Shawl Jacket Tuxedos

The easiest way to style on any occasion is just by donning a jacket. Whether it's leather outerwear or a hoodie, it gives an instant style over whatever you are wearing (jeans, dress pant, etc.) But if you want to play around with colors, go for a dinner jacket because it comes in a variety of tones and looks good with any black dress pants. Mostly made of the wool blend but also comes in cotton and velvet fabric with only difference in the wearer's own choice. The front is either shawl lapel or the same fabric as the jacket. 

One thing for sure is you can never go wrong with a dinner jacket regardless of its color. The questions still arise what the difference between a tuxedo jacket and dinner jacket is? The only difference, according to experts is the place because it is known as Tuxedos in the US and Dinner Jackets on the UK side. Often people gets confused when it comes to selected the right jacket for the event. To simplify, when you hear the word dinner jacket, it means it's for the dinner event. While tuxedo jackets comes with similar decorative features and colors. 

Instead of trying the same black, go for colorful variations such as rose shawl jacket tuxedo which gives a purple good vibes only. We have launched stylish designs in all sizes as well as custom sizes. Discover our latest collection for men today.


What is rose shawl jacket tuxedo?

It is a pink shade stylish dinner jacket with matching or sometime black shawl. 

How to style Rose Tux?

Wear it over black trouser and white shirt. Compliment it with black-bow tie. 

Where can you wear it?

You can style rose shawl jacket in events like prom, wedding, engagement and parties. 

Is it better to rent or buy a tuxedo?

Renting is when you only have to attend one event. Our collection have affordable tuxedos which eliminates the need of renting. Plus, you can wear it for many years.

Should every man own a tuxedo?

Yes, because it can be useful in events like wedding, prom, engagement and parties.