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Rose Tuxedos

There was a time only women considered pink, but the trend has changed. Men are also donning the same color over and over again, especially when there is someone to attract. The trend may seem weird to some but it is actually cool. When combined with matching and dark contrast, it gives a better outlook. The color is now the new black for men and closely associated with formal parties, prom, and similar events. The trend is adopted by celebrities like Jason Momoa who also channeled a pink suit in a recent event and worked very well with men fashion. If you're not feeling very pinky, the other tone variation is rose. 

Rose color has special elegance, which can look good with just a simple bowtie. It's never made to wear in a formal business setting, and they are more associated with colors like blue or grey. While rose tuxedo is a good idea for a wedding party because the color will look more striking on a groomsman. To explain in details, it typically goes well in a black-tie event where the dress code is similar or calls for something fancy. Our set of the suit includes jacket and trouser in clean-cut, flattering print and sharp features. This season, embrace our rose color tux available in mix versatile options that will give you the best photograph of the year. So why think twice, go for the above-added styles and make a powerful impression with the earthy tone. 


What is a rose tuxedo?

It is a blend of pink and purple or sometimes only pink. It adds an elegant touch when combined with black trouser, white shirt and black bow-tie.

How to style rose tux?

To create a better match, wear it over black or similar color trouser. Compliment it with black bow-tie.

Can I wear regular tie with tuxedo?

There is no issue but a rose tux looks better with a bow-tie. 

How do you look good in a tuxedo?

Choose the right color that rotates with every event or consider picking one color for one particular event. Add accessories like fancy chain watch, bow tie, oxford shoes, cufflinks etc.

What color of tie is best?

Try black, maroon or rose color tie.