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Shawl Collar Tuxedos

You can never go to a prom or wedding without wearing a complementary tuxedo to dress confidently. And even if it's not a formal event, men consider prom tuxedos due to its colorful variation and stylish features. Speaking of which, a tux is largely popular due to its lapel, which uniquely defines the personality. There are different styles of lapels, and it's also important to know which will look good on you?

Don't take this as a big challenge since every lapel provides a better outlook but some fashion-conscious men are picky. Instead of wasting hours searching, we got a tux style that blends perfectly in any event. Especially if it's your formal party, try shawl collar tuxedo because it easily complements the personality. Both notch lapel and shawl lapel tuxedos are traditional choices that offer a similar outlook but only noticed when focused. In formal events like business or job interviews, shawl collar tux is not a good choice since it gives a luxury vibe. The fashion is just classical and would not look good for business purpose.

Shawl collar is more of a gentleman's dress code which freely lets you execute your personal style when blending with high-profile people. So, the next time you get invitation for an evening party, go for shawl tuxedo.

Our Shawl collar tuxedos are designed with premium quality fabric to help you make a statement in a unique way. Select made-to-measure to get the right fit for your evening events.


What is shawl collar tuxedo?

It is a round shape collar on a dinner jacket. However, peak lapel is more trendy.

Canyou wear a tie with a shawl collar?

A black bow-tie can be combined with shawl collar perfectly. A regular tie is a business suit accessory.

What is a peak collar?

These are pointed collar used on dinner jackets, business jackets and other styles.

Are wide lapels in style?

Men with large build should consider wide lapels as the measure is 3.5. A regular 3 measure looks better on a normal build person.

Can lapels be altered?

Yes, it might be possible but only at a higher cost and also chances of demanding the jacket. Seek consultation before altering the suit's style.