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Silver Shawl Black Tuxedo

Fashion trend comes and goes, but only a few stays. One traditional fashion that was only introduced once and still considered as a dress to kill option for men is a tuxedo. Now the style is given a new status by the likes of 007. Similarly, it has also evolved quite a bit in terms of fitting as well as design. They are now available in modern, classic and slim fit styles, which are constantly updated with new features.

Simply a go option for today's events is a silver shawl tuxedo that you should wear at least once. It is typically a rental option since a shawl lapel tux is more likely to cost more than any ordinary suit. Compared to other lapels, shawl gives a more gorgeous look that is commonly found on dinner jackets and classic fit tux. 

In the modern tradition, it is considered as a standard choice to wear with classic pair of black shoes and pants. It just elevates the personality, all thanks to the collar on the front. If you're heading to a fancy gathering, it's the right call. 

Those who can't afford expensive tux usually rent it for a specific event in their standard size. A modern fit is hard to find these days, but we are proud to show you our best silver shawl tuxedos at reasonable prices. If you opt for a quality tux that you can wear all-year-round, browse our collection to find the right fit for yourself without breaking the budget.


How do you put a silver shawl collar on a tuxedo?

You can wear metal cuff links, a black bow tie, studs and similar accessories. 

What is a Silver Shawl Tux?

It is a regular tux in different colors with silver shawl.

Can I wear a necktie with a tuxedo?

If it's a black tux, you can style a colorful necktie but it is better to stick to bow tie.

What is a shawl collar?

It's a turned over collar that combines with tux lapel. 

Do tuxedo shoes need to be shiny?

A shiny shoes instantly highlights and makes your appearance look for elegant. 

Should I wear a watch with a tuxedo?

Yes, a silver or golden watch will match fantastically.