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What You Should Know About Slim Fit Suits & Classic Fit Suits


In today’s world, things have changed to suit people’s needs. Whether it is clothing or technology, it is all about making life easier for the modern day man. If gadgets and other things can evolve to be more sophisticated but simple enough for a six-year-old to handle then clothing isn’t too far away. In the continuous advancement of technology, fashion has gone hand to hand with it, and that resulted in the stunning outfits and slim fit suits that we see today.

What we once thought about things staying the same for decades even with the innovative and appealing designs, are now changing the minds of the people. From gowns to dresses to suits, everything has evolved in the line of fashion for men and women. It doesn’t take long for clothing to go out of fashion to in fashion and that isn’t good every time. Fashion conscious people go crazy to get an outfit that is trending, even if it means spending big. It’s a sad truth, but it depends on the person’s budget. The only positive fact that we can take from this is that at least they are trying their best to look good, even if it doesn’t work out sometimes.

Girls will love to buy the fanciest outfit like an evening dress or a ball gown to look their best. What do the guys do? They buy suits. If you think putting any suit on in the 21st century to impress is a piece of cake, you are massively mistaken. We are in a century that nothing as easy as it looks, even if it’s about choosing a suit. With the new designs and cuts, it does get a bit confusing even if you already own a suit.


slim fit suits

In this era, you need to pick suits by keeping in mind your body type. Telling the store guy that you want a medium size suit isn’t enough. It can go either way for you. So to stay on the safe side and, most importantly, follow the trend, you need a custom made slim fit suit.

Today’s trend is all about accurate fitting. It doesn’t matter how your physique is; what really matters is how should a suit jacket fit. The most common faced issue is the fitting, and this happens most commonly with the skinny guys. Even a classic fit suit isn’t enough to satisfy them with the comfort they desire. This is why you come across those tight fitting suits known as slim fit suits or skinny suits. These aren’t a new creation. In fact, they were worn decades back, but it wasn’t considered a trend. Nevertheless, today we see a lot of skinny suits that are coming into the stores and people do recommend them.

slim fit grey suit

Each outfit has a unique factor in them that can help us differentiate between it and the others. Whether it is small or big, there is always something that makes it stand out among the rest. When we talk about the differences between classic fitting suits and slim fitting suits, this is what you should remember. These three key points are going to help you enhance your knowledge of men’s suits.

Classic Fit/Modern Fit Suits:

  • Classic fit suits are the most commonly worn suits in men. We are so used to seeing and wearing it that we can easily make out the difference. A regular suit jacket fit and trousers will have an adequate amount of room in it.

  • The jacket has wider shoulders and longer length as compared to the slimfit jacket. The length of the jacket reaches lower crotch, while the trousers rest on your shoe laces.

  • The lapels have no fixed style. You will find wide peak lapels and standard notch lapels in classic fit suits. Regardless of which lapel you pick in your modern suit, it will be bigger than the one on the slim fit suit.

  • Just like in any trousers, classic suit trousers rest on the waistline and, as mentioned above, they have more room, so you feel relaxed in it. They can range from a flat front style to a pleated style and has a straight cut.

Classic Suit
Modern Suit
brown classic suit

The suit shown above is a type of classic fit in which the chest cuts are deeper but if you noticed, the lapels are thinner to give it a look a bit modern look. So overall we would conclude that this suit is a perfect classic collection with a bit blend of modern touch.

grey classic suit

An elegant classic suit for mid age working peeps starting from 30’s to 40’s. This suit contains a smaller chest neck and also has broader lapel to give it a vintage look.

brown suit

Above shown outfit is for our today’s entrepreneurs because this jacket has been made according to the lastest trends like deeper cuts, thinner lapels and above all Slim Fit, which our today’s generation want.

grey suit

This jacket is a perfect blend of slim fit and classic fits this is because it has shorter cuts and a little bit thicker lapels which can look best at formal presentations, meet-ups or any other formal occasions.


Slim Fit Suits:

slim fit suit
  • Just as the name suggests, the jacket is more trimmed, so you get a snug-fitting outfit. It gives you a more slick and handsome look because having a tailored suit is always preferable. There is less room but enough for you to be comfortable and move around in it.

  • The suit jacket length is a bit shorter than the regular suit jacket. Not only the torso’s length is short, but also the sleeves. The cuffs are shown when you put your arms straight down. Therefore, it can also be worn as a blazer.

  • The skinny suit lapel is what distinguishes a slim fit suit from the modern fit suit. Only slim fit jackets have a narrow notch lapel, which is quite thinner than the standard width of a classic fit suit’s lapel.

  • These require you to wear the trousers below the waist. However, the cut of the trouser is very much different because they are in a flat front style and have a narrow leg opening. Instead of resting on your shoes, it reaches slightly above it.

A suit may be considered the cheapest formal outfit for men but at times, it does get slightly expensive. The latest suits by the biggest brands will always make you think five times before you empty your wallet. Nowadays, online stores are giving the best deals on skinny fit suits, but the only disadvantage is that you can’t feel the fabrics, to confirm that what you will order is worth it. Seeing how times have changed, it does become reliable to order from online clothing stores. It is cheaper, high in quality and provides you with the accurately sized suit.

black skinny suit

The best way for any person, in this case, a man, to wear a classic suit is to wear it with confidence. If you aren’t sure about what you want, even after the suggestions from experts, you will end up making the wrong decision, and it will clearly show in your dressing. If you are on the average side, then get a straight fit suit altered. It will save you some trouble at least. If you are as thin as the guy in the picture above, the skinny suit or slim fit suit will be your ideal outfit.

At times, your luck determines how much you will spend on one suit. It happens very rarely that the most elegant looking suit is within your budget. When you go to a store that has suits from every trend, you should get yourself a made to measure suit. It is cheaper, and the outcome is always good. Whether it is for kids, teenagers or adults, around 80% of the guys tend to get their suits like that.

What you want to wear with your suit is completely on you. Those days have gone where it was compulsory to wear black leather shoes with any colored suit. The slim fit suit jacket is often complimented with sneakers or loafers. These shoes are worn without socks and are considered as the new trend.