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Snow Jacket

Winter is Coming!

And you know what that means right? Well, not discussing anything related to movies here, but my point is more related to winter essentials. There are many types of cold weather gears, such as a hoodie or a leather jacket or a long trench. These are all a good option for frigid cold, but if the snowfall is huge then try a snow jacket such as ski or a puffer. They both offer maximum support when you're venturing while surrounded by snow-capped mountains. 

Another winter gear is a sherpa-lined leather jacket. It is usually made of cowhide leather and great insulator in the colder months because it features a lined fur fabric inside—excellent coverage when you're traveling in the snow season between November and March. 

Defeat the wind and cold weather with our best snow jackets. Available in the best material and designs.


What jackets are good for snow?

Leather jacket with fur lining, flannel shearling, denim with fur lining, ski, puffer and long coats. 

Are snow jackets warm?

Depending on what type you are purchasing some can be warm, while some are good insulator. 

Are puffer good for snow?

They are reliable choice for winter due to their great insulation property. 

Can you wear leather jackets in the snow?

A leather with hood would better choice. If you don't own a hooded jacket, just wear a hoodie inside.

What about parka?

It is the best gear for extreme snowfall and wind conditions.