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Soft Shell Jacket

Soft shell is not just a regular piece of fabric that only uses for protection purpose; it is more than a winter gear. The people who are fond of it know how it values. One of the most significant benefits of soft shell jackets is its resistance power. It offers great convenience by providing breathable function in rain and snow. 

Because it is perfect for cold conditions due to its resistance ability. Made supple with treatments that help rock climbers, snowboarders and hikers to perform activities freely and enjoy excellent mobility. Apart from its elite upgrades, a soft shell outer is also among cool options that are going to make you stand.  With combinations of colors and features, there is no way you could gnore buying a soft shell outer.

We are offering lightweight styles with quality fabric, breathable lining, and stretchable shell. Suitable for every winter activity. 


What is soft shell jacket?

It is a breathable, warm and stretchable outer which is best for winter outdoor performance. 

What are the advantages?

It offers maximum mobility and weather resistance when performing activities like climbing rocks, snowboarding OR running.

Are soft shell jackets warm?

Yes, they are also perfect insulator.

What color should I get?

It comes in blue, red, green, black and many colors. Try black which can pair with any combination.

Is it waterproof?

It can give you resistance in light rain and snowfall.

Which is warmer fleece or softshell?

Fleece offers more warmth experience and shell fabric gives protection from wind and rainfall.