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Star Trek Uniform

Star Trek Uniform Costume Collection


An American science fiction entertainment franchise, Star Trek that was created by Gene Roddenberry under the ownership of Paramount and CBS broadcasting Inc. Star Trek original series and its twist off shows were Next Generations, Deep Space and so on. But the most watched series were the Next Generation and First Contact Deep Space Nine. Star Trek the Next Generation story was based on the adventures of the starship enterprise in the 24th century. This was a long awaited successor story to the original Star trek in 1966. All the new Enterprise NCC 1701-D want to travel to different planets where no one has gone before, under the command of Jean-Luc Picard.

Whereas Star Trek Deep Space Nine Stories, the Captain was ordered not to get in the way of a Ships and Borg Cube from the federations. When the federation is going on the losing side, the Captain ignores orders and gets into the command of the defensive fleet. With the information of Cube's weak spot, they demolished it. Nevertheless, a little portion of it escapes and plots a course through for Earth. The Enterprise reaches it and gets in a time distortion formed by the Borg. Stopping the Borg from assimilating Earth was their only chance, is to help Zefram Cochrane make his first travel to the stars at the speed of light when they end up in the mid of 21st century.

On the missions, the captain, Picard, was seen in the classic piece of clothing. In the Next Generation, officers wore a jumpsuit with a logo of Starfleet on the left side of the chest. Whereas in First Contact Deep Space, the fashion was more improved than before. In this, Star Trek uniform featured with a colored turtleneck under tunic covered by a black jacket with colored bands. Picard looked the most stylish commander in the history with that uniform, performing his duties and seems to be comfortable in it. He fought against the enemies while dressing in some classy outfits and one cannot say that he is the captain; but looks more like trendsetter. But the scenario was not that. He looked in shape and elegant.

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