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Tartan Tuxedos

Mens fashion is evolving almost every year. In formal wear, we've seen massive upgrades, and that is absolute for the best. Especially men's tuxedos, which have entered a new style from ordinary black, blue, and red to a mixture of unique colors and texture. It's more of a semi-formal now but offering the same tailored-fits as it did to its previous generation from the '50s to '80s. 

Another entry in the suiting family is a tartan tuxedo, which is a form of fabric with multi-color finishing, sometimes it has two and sometimes three. It has features similar to flannel jackets, but only it's in a wool blend rendition that is soft and adds a smooth touch to the appearance. You can wear it on every occasion, but not a good option for a business conference or interviews since such events require a more solid color dress-code. But tartan tuxedo jacket gives you the option to improvise with jeans, chinos, and other formal pants. 

For your best physical setting and semi-formal moments, we have launched amazing design tartan tuxedos to look good instantly. Includes tartan tuxedo jacket in a straight-cut fitting with matching trouser, add your favorite shoes and accessories you're good to go. 


What is a tartan tuxedo?

It is a type of flannel pattern with silk satin lapel and goes best with black pant. 

How to style tartan?

It has green pattern consist of cross colors. Associated with Scottish tradition, and it goes very well with black and white shirt. Match it with black bow-tie for a better outlook. 

What does tartan symbolize?

It symbolize a royal fashion. It's a fashion that is from Scottish tradition.

Where can I where it?

You can wear it in any fancy occasion that requires you to look elegant as possible.

Is tartan tux in style?

It's a rare choice and not very trendy compared to black, blue and grey tux. However, it's an elegant style that goes very well in parties, prom and other events.