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Tweed Jacket

Suiting has been associated with mens style since the 17th Century. Introduced in so many variations designed for different purposes such as prom, wedding, parties, etc. As of now, suiting is not only associated with formal occasions, they can be incorporated casually with jeans as well. It has become one of those daily style arsenals that communicate your smartness while giving an interview, training or speaking with a large audience. 

It all makes sense and you know what else can elevate your personality? A Tweed Jacket. 

A smart casual tailored outerwear that is exactly what you need to incorporate with your fashion. Tweed jackets are made of woven dyed wool which includes patched elbow and come in a variety of designs, weights, colors, and features. It works more like a uniform for some men, especially those who are frequent airline travelers. If you're one of those guys then we have unique tweed suit jackets for you. 

Our collection is traditionally well-made, functional and offers maximum comfort. We have the smartest options that you can wear outside of your workplace on any day. Explore now! 


What's a tweed?

It's a traditional menswear suit jacket made of woolen fabric. Usually worn by school teachers and professors. 

Why do professors wear tweed?

Teachers an professors who were living in poverty had to patch the elbow side and from that day, it was considered as tweed and now it is a style. 

Is it durable?

Yes, a tweed garment can last forever if properly cared and used. 

What pants go with tweed jacket?

It can be paired with both formal and casual pants. Consider dark contrast jeans.

What shirt to go with?

You can try any plain dress shirt of any color. 

Is Tweed good for winter?

It is warm, thick, durable and stylish. Hence, a perfect piece to layer in winter.