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Vest with Patches and Embroidery

Wearing a leather vest is cool. In fact, when it features cool colorful logos, patches, or artwork, it looks completely different. However, not every artwork is made for every purpose as some justify politic influence, and some give you more punk-rock appearance that just doesn't fit. How is it possible to get artwork based on movies or tv shows? We got a solution for your problem.

In today's fashion, it is totally unique to wear a vest that features artwork that gives tribute to someone from movies and tv-shows. You may be thinking where on earth would you find a customized leather vest in cheap price and good quality? Well, look no further as we have added lambskin made vests, which are alternative investments to our leather jacket collections. Each design holds valuable features with the purpose of making your journey simple, practical, and not to mention stylish!

Now you can express your own personality without breaking the bank with our customized vest with patches and embroidery. Tailored to give amazing support, regardless of fit and size, because our expertise excels in creating a perfect leather piece in distinctive styles and colors. There is an option for all under our one roof and at the lowest market price ever.

We also take customized orders and process them straight away as per your style preference and fit. Point out the elements that you'd like to add and leave the rest to us. The designs of our vests are almost similar, but with your custom orders, we can make them look better for you. We will no doubt make one just for you without sacrificing its construction, natural properties, and silhouette. A complementary vest is all you need to cater your purpose. Don't miss our exclusive offers to enjoy extra bargain on your shopping.


Where do you put patches on a vest?

Patches can be added on any place of the vest.Most preferably on the back side.

How big should a back patch be?

It should fit the overall vest or only the center area. Avoid putting patch under arm pit area.

How do I print my own patches?

There are different tricks but putting a patch on a leather requires professional service.

How to sew patches on leather vest?

It can be sewed using sewing machine on a leather vest. It is better to get it sewed from a professional.

what do patches on motorcycle vest means?

It expresses your passion about bikers. Many riders wear vest with patches that includes flag to show off their patriotic side. You can do the same.