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White Tuxedos



Whenever you purchase something, whether it is clothing or some gadget, you do it because you want to be up to date with the trend that everyone has the desire to follow. Gadgets might not be as important as clothing. You do not want people coming up to you and ask “isn’t this out of fashion?” or “which world are you living in?” It is a bit harsh, but there are people like this who are out there. Even if it does not happen to you, staying updated is always a positive step.


You will see every day in magazines, television series, posters in malls, and other places where people are wearing some exclusive clothing. They always release new designs and styles over a particular time like a seasonal wear or occasional time where the people are more eager to go out and splash a lot of cash around in designer stores. Everyone studies how the market works and how the prices rise. It is quite noticeable. As times have changed, customers become more aware of when to go out shopping and what are the best possible ways to save big.

It feels like there is a devil tempting you when you see such exceptional outfits in magazines but just does not have the sufficient money for it. The worst thing that can happen is when you just a couple of hundreds short. You can touch it but unable to grab it. It happens with the most of us, and that is what lets us down, especially when we want something expensive like a white tuxedo.


Wearing casual clothes and trying your best to impress a girl is not enough nowadays. You need to have a balance between your outfits. If you have a good understanding of dressing in casuals, then you should even be good when it comes to formal outerwears like tuxedos and suits. If you want to sweep them off their feet, dress classy and dashingly. The only outfit that will impress them and is highly effective to do that is a custom made tuxedo. Now, you must be thinking which tuxedo to go for so you can keep the look simple but elegant. Well, nothing else speaks class and elegant better than an ivory white tuxedo.



Well, if you ever decide to buy a tuxedo, which you will, you can wear it at two places. If you are young and still in high school, you can wear it to Prom. There is no greater feeling than to have everyone compliment you on your look, making you feel more popular. Prom tuxedos can be of various colors but for a white color tuxedo, it is all about how you compliment the dress or gown of your date. The best example is the image above. The waistcoat of the guy is matching the dress of the girl, and he is wearing a white peak lapel tuxedo too. This is one of the all-time best ideas to taking things to the next level in fashion.


The second place (and the best one) where you can wear a white tuxedo is at a wedding. Suits are very common at Prom nights and weddings but wearing a tuxedo is the signature outfit for a groom. Dressing in all white is a fantastic idea because it shows that you are staying true to the traditions of a marriage ceremony by choosing a decent color for your outfit. White is a classic color for a tuxedo, and it can either be worn with a black or white trouser.




If you are Hollywood fan and watch the Oscars from start to finish and all the behind-the-scenes, backstage clips, and red carpet entries, you will notice that none of the guests wear typical look suits. It is the night that is dedicated to awards and tuxedos. If you go through the prior event, there have been some exceptional tuxedos that were worn by famous actors and other celebrities who are not in the acting business. Those outfits have inspired stores to release some identical designs so that people can have the luxury of wearing what their icons wore.


David Beckham is and will always be a style icon for all the guys as well as girls. The credit for this tag goes to his wife, Victoria. She is very fashion oriented and has made sure that her husband and children look classy and handsome. Here are David Beckham and his wife showing their elegance with a white outerwear to match his wife’s dress. He chose to wear a black trouser instead of white.


Jared Leto has displayed various looks over the years. He shaved his beard off, colored his hair, grew it long, and colored it again. Whatever Jared tried, it worked out very well. Now this rock star is now an award winner in acting and shows that he knows how to dress up for important occasions. His tuxedo here does not give you the impression that he is a singer of one of the most famous rock bands.


The reason for including a young celebrity is because of how they incorporate the modern style in their outfits. Everyone’s favorite singer of the new generation, Justin Bieber, also wore a tuxedo in white color but in a unique way. Compared to the other personalities in the list below, he has taken it to the next level by portraying a more casual look instead of a formal one by choosing to wear sneakers with it.


Kevin Hart may be one of the hilarious people on earth, but that does not overshadow his knowledge for dressing up grand. See how he used a black shirt, instead of a white pleated one, to go with his white tuxedo with a black lapel. It does look stylish, right? There is nothing too complicated about it. Kevin showed how to keep it simple and on the right track of complementing his entire outfit.


Sean P. Diddy Combs also looked stunning on the red carpet. The legendary artist chose to go with a black and white color combination for his overall look. People normally get the impression that since they are rappers, they do not have the capability to match the standards to dress grandly in formal clothes. Just look at P. Diddy and the way he proved those people wrong.


The only reason Tinie Tempah is one the list is very clear. Have a look at the rapper’s tuxedo jacket. Without a doubt, it looks classy, unique, as well as a fashionable outerwear of 2016. You are going to see many people try to wear something as close to this. He has definitely nailed his choosing and pulling off his look in a tuxedo with black borders.

Now you must be telling yourself “…but their outfits are stitched by famous fashion designers and designer clothing is always expensive. How in the world am I going to get something like this?” The answer is in this very collection of ours. In fact, instead of paying thousands of dollars for a designer wear, you are going to get something at a much lower price with the designs you desired. You will certainly not be disappointed with the quality and the fitting. There are some exceptional designs that are in trend, which is included here.




Whether your Prom is near or the wedding season, you have to get yourself ready before the actual day of course. So what are you going to do? What will you wear with your tuxedo? No guy wants to look like a complete joker in wearing an elite outfit such as a tuxedo. You do come across multi-colored tuxedos, but since we are talking about tuxedos, in particular, you should keep in mind that there are three things that you need to pay close attention to. Those three things are the neckwear, the inner wear, and the footwear.



Regardless of whichever lapel style you go for in a tuxedo, when it comes to choosing your neckwear, there should be no second thoughts about going with a bow-tie. The one thing mostly every guy is confused about is choosing between the bow-tie and the neck-tie. The bow-tie is highly advised because it represents the honor and the lavishness in the dressing. Since tuxedos are considered to be lavish and grand, the bows are the perfect neckwear for it. Therefore, a bow-tie is best suited for a tuxedo even if it is a shawl lapel tux or a peak lapel tux.



The second and the most important factor in having the proper tuxedo look is to pick out a shirt that is only suited for this outfit. These types of outfits require a pleated style shirt and not the ordinary looking ones that are worn with suits. In a pleated shirt, the front has various styles like a flat front (as shown in the image above) and a fancy ruffled front. They are easily noticeable. Tuxedo shirts can differ regarding colors. Take an example of Kevin Hart and his tuxedo where he is wearing a black shirt to match his collar. If you want to go for a traditional and vintage look, then a white shirt should be good enough. A pleated shirt is a must, period.




If you think everybody is focused on your clothes and not your shoes, prepare to be taken by surprise. If your shoes even have dust on it, they will easily be in plain sight. Everyone knows and follows the rule of wearing a pair of leather shoes with a suit. But what do you wear with a tuxedo? The answer is patent shoes. Patent shoes have a silky appearance that makes it more attractive and mesmerizing to the eye. These men’s tuxedo shoes are available in various designs, but there are only three that are eligible to be worn with a white mens tuxedo. Those three colors are black, white, and the combination of these two colors. The black and white shoe design can be seen in The Great Gatsby where Leonardo DiCaprio wore with his white suit.

Apart from the list above that includes a bow-tie, pleated shirt, and black and white tuxedo shoes, you can throw in some other accessories as well. A stunning stainless steel watch or black cufflinks would be perfect to take your look to the next level. After all, these two things are a must in men’s dressing. The color of the watch is not limited, but the cufflinks are. Black, silver, white, or gray would be good enough to go with a black or white shirt. The only point we left out is the trouser. White is such a color that can be worn with any classic tuxedo color. For example, white jacket with black trouser and white jacket with white trouser are the two usual combinations for a men’s white tuxedo.


You can now probably end your search for the best looking apparel the fashion world has to offer you. With celebrities and designer brands providing you some incredible outfits to choose from its variations, you now have a better idea in the choice of the one you want. The time for renting out a tux is gone because a store like this will allow you to own one and wear it for any grand event in the future. Place your order for some elegant looking tuxes and inspire others to be a fan of your sense of style. These tuxedos may look expensive, but here, they surely are reasonably priced enough for you to order. Always remember, it is better to be straightforward and comfortable, than to be funky and uncomfortable in dressing up. A well-tailored tuxedo, with a trim fit cut, is the best.