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winter coats for women


Winter coats for women provide not only the warmth that is necessary during the coldest months of the year, but they also provide a sense of style that is unrivaled by any other article of clothing. A woolen coat or a leather jacket can transform any outfit into something that is both stylish and practical. Woman's winter coat come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find one that suits any outfit. Whether you are looking for a casual jacket to wear on a hike or a dressy coat for a night out on the town, it has you covered. So next time you are looking for a new jacket, be sure to consider womens coats winter as an option. You will not be disappointed.

If you have queries in mind regarding the selection of perfect long winter coats womens, here are some things to consider before purchasing. 

HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT women's winter coat



By material we mean the outer shell of the jacket or coat, winter outerwears come in different materials such as leather, wool, nylon and synthetic fibers. All have their own pros and cons. Generally a wool coat would be ideal for moderately cold temperatures and can also be dressed up formally. Leather jackets and coats have amazing wind breaking capabilities and are perfect for your commutes. Lastly parkas and puffers are best for sports because of their lightweight and warmth but you cannot expect them to look stylish. It all comes down to where you’re going to wear the coat.


Each type of winter coat has its own unique color and charm, wool coats come with a more laid back charcoal, black and blue color scheme while leather jackets are found in the classic black and brown range. Lastly, other outerwear made of synthetic fibers can be dyed in any color. If you can invest in only a few quality pieces it’s best if you go for versatile colors that can be dressed up or down and also go with other clothes in your wardrobe.


The outer shell works as the wind breaker while the insulation material retains heat and keeps your body warm, leather jackets and coats are found with shearling, fur or sherpa insulation while puffer jackets are insulated with down. Womens winter coats with hood, shearling and down have incredible insulative capabilities and will keep you warm during freezing temperatures. 


The length of women coats for winter can vary starting from waist length and can go till the ankles. Different styles serve different purposes, generally a longer coat is definitely warmer than a jacket but jackets provide more flexibility to move around freely. You can also try car coats, they’re longer than a jacket but shorter than a coat, so you get the best of both worlds.
Fjackets made this category to provide you top-quality jackets at a reasonable price for the winter season. Choose your best style from our huge variety of womens winter coats for sale.

Frequently asked question

Which is the warmest winter coat for ladies?

The kind of winter coat you need depends on the climate and activity level, generally puffer jackets are incredibly warm yet lightweight perfect for sport inspired look, you also have the option of parka jackets, these come with a hood and are water resistant . Another great option is a leather shearling jacket. These are warm and look luxurious.

What is the price of a winter coat?

Winter coats are generally pricier because of the raw material and hard work that goes into making one. But with our direct to customer approach, you can get high quality real leather winter coats and jackets for as low as $199

How long do winter leather jackets for women last?

A high quality winter coat can easily get you through 5 winter seasons and even more if properly cared for, some can even last a lifetime. Always opt for real leather and fine craftsmanship like that of FJackets. Moreover, you can get all the value at a very minimal price.

In how many colors are women winter leather jackets available?

Winter coats and jackets are available in different colors including black and multiple shades of brown. It’s best if you stick to these colors because you’re going to be wearing your outerwear with different outfits and brown and black is versatile enough to go with everything.

How should a womens winter jacket fit?

If the winter jacket is lined with something like sherpa or shearling it’s going to feel snug and cozy, however if you’re going to wear anything thicker than a shirt like a sweater, opt for a size larger for a comfortable fit.

Can winter leather jackets get wet?

Yes, winter jackets can get wet as long as they’re not water resistant. If you get caught up in rain make sure you get rid of all the excess water immediately and leave your jacket to dry naturally and also apply leather conditioner once dried.