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  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/k/587/Kingsman_Taron_Egerton_Orange_Tuxedo__63240_std.jpg
    Improve your fashion and make a bold statement with this orange dinner jacket.  The Tuxedo jacket features contrasting black peak lapel. It's one outfit to play like a spy and perform the mission with Style...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/t/360/Spectre_James_Bond_Daniel_Craig_White_Dinner_Tuxedo_Suit__56126_std.jpg
    The Ivory tuxedo includes both the white ivory coat and black trouser. It's made from high quality cotton fabric, with neat stitching done throughout. This white dinner jacket will make you look good and stylish by any...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/k/043/Black_3_Piece_Suit__25424_std.jpg
    Mens Slim Fit Black 3 Piece Suit Add ultimate sophistication to your formal look with this black tuxedo 3 Piece. It’s detailed with wide lapel, one button closure, three outer pocket and two inside pockets. The...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/c/093/Burgundy_3_Piece_Suit__29834_std.jpg
    Mens 3 Piece Slim Fit Prom Maroon Suit Look sophisticated with this Black and Maroon tuxedo. It’s constructed with wide lapel, the coat features one button closure, three outer pocket and two inside pockets. It comes...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/j/924/Navy_Blue_3_Piece_Suit__69007_std.jpg
    Mens 3 Piece Slim Fit Navy Blue Prom Suit Add a touch of style to your look with this black and blue tuxedo from FJackets. It's tailored from blended fabric, has a one-button closure, three pockets in the outer, two inside...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/s/048/White_3_Piece_Suit__85594_std.jpg
    Make a lasting impression on your next sophisticated evening with this black and white tuxedo jacket, it’s detailed with a white lapel, two jetted pockets, one chest pocket, and a single vent. The waistcoat is the same...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/b/796/midnight_blue_tuxedo_men__92874_std.jpg
    If you're looking for a tuxedo that will make you stand out from the crowd, look no further than the Shawl Lapel Midnight Blue Tuxedo from fjackets. This stunning tuxedo will surely turn heads when you walk into any room...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/c/023/Black_Mens_Tuxedo__69214_std.jpg
    The Peak Lapel Black Tuxedo is the style that is dominating the mens closets over the years. Offers flattering fit, especially when worn over matching shirt and bow-tie. Coat features flap waist pockets, single closure and...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/e/624/Mens_Deep_Blue_Suit__37385_std.jpg
    Add ultimate sophistication to your semi-formal look with this navy blue velvet tuxedo. It’s detailed with a shawl lapel, two-button closure, three outer pockets, and inside pockets. The fashionable piece is the answer...
  • https://www.fjackets.com/product_images/y/829/mens-pink-tux__12117_std.jpg
    Shawl Lapel Rose Pink Velvet Dinner Tuxedo Jacket for Men Make your style unique for yourself and identifiable for others by adding the rose-pink dinner jacket's unconventional appeal. The coat is detailed with a shawl...

All you need to know about Mens Tuxedo 


A tuxedo for men is a timeless and elegant formal wear ensemble that exudes sophistication. Whether it's for a wedding, black tie event, or any other special occasion, understanding the anatomy of a tuxedo and choosing the right one is essential unlike mens suit. We will explore the elements that make up a tuxedo and provide tips on selecting the perfect one from Fjackets.

Choosing the Right Tuxedo

When selecting a tuxedo, several factors must be considered to ensure the perfect fit and style for the occasion.

  • Body Type Considerations: Different body types require different tuxedo cuts to enhance the overall appearance. Slim-fit,regular-fit, and classic-fit options accommodate various body shapes.

  • Color Options: While black is the traditional color for tuxedos, other color options are now available. Navy, charcoal, and midnight blue are popular alternatives for a modern twist.

  • Regular vs. Custom-Made: Deciding whether to get directly or want to have a custom-made tuxedo depends on the frequency of use and personal preference. We have both of the options available. Custom-made tuxedos offer a tailored fit, while rentals provide convenience for occasional wear.

Tuxedo Lapel Styles


The lapels are the folded flaps of fabric on the front of the jacket that frames the chest. There are three main lapel styles:

  • Shawl Lapel: A smooth, rounded lapel without a notch or peak, often seen on classic tuxedos.

  • Peak Lapel: A lapel with an upward-pointing peak at the end, conveying a more formal and assertive look.

  • Notch Lapel: A lapel with a small horizontal cut at the point where it joins the collar, commonly found on suits but less formal for tuxedos.

FAQs about Men's Tuxedos

What is the difference between a tuxedo and a suit?

The main difference lies in the details and formality. Tuxedos typically have satin lapels and satin stripes on the trousers and are worn with bow ties. On the other hand, suits have more variety in style and fabric and can be worn with neckties.

Can I wear a tuxedo to a wedding if I'm not the groom?

Yes, wearing a tuxedo to a wedding as a guest is appropriate, especially for formal or black-tie events. However, it's essential to consider the dress code specified on the invitation and dress accordingly.

How should I choose the right bow tie for my tuxedo?

The bow tie should complement the lapel style, shirt collar, and overall color scheme. Opt for a black silk bow tie for a classic and formal look, or experiment with other colors and materials for a more personalized touch.

What shoes should I wear with a tuxedo?

Black patent leather shoes are the traditional choice for tuxedos. They should be well-maintained, polished, and match the formality of the ensemble. Loafers or oxfords are suitable options.

Can I wear a colored tuxedo to a black tie event?

While black is the traditional and most formal color for tuxedos, certain black tie events may allow for colored tuxedos. It's crucial to consider the occasion and dress code guidelines to ensure appropriateness.

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