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Sustainable Leather

Craftmanship & Quality with Responsibility

"Sustainable leather" best defines our brand ideology in terms of ecological, cultural, and economic sustainability. Our leather is sourced from real animals raised locally for food. We stand behind our products because it's long-lasting and made with best environmental practices...

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motorcycle jackets

A Bond that Gets Motorcyclist Together

A leather jacket is a perfect reminder of how to stay flexible in order to sustain a strong connection.


A Friend is Priceless, and so is a Handmade Gift

There’s nothing like going retro with handcrafted Jackets for your best friends.

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Johnson Chocolate Brown Distressed La...

€339.00 €219.00
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Mens Bomber Black Leather Jacket with...

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These aren’t the kind of fare you’ll find kids wearing, though; the outerwear is made for adults and made for daywear.

Fjackets jacket || GQ Review

Looking for something that will keep you warm during the chilly fall nights? You’ll never go wrong with Angel Jackets!

Fjackets jacket || forbes

The jacket has the kind of interplanetary coolness that translates beyond your friend circle.

Fjackets jacket || Mashable Review



Bringing out the best in each other with apparels that lasts for life. By selecting premium quality outerwear for yourself or as a token of care for someone, you embrace the idea of "togetherness".


Fjackets Difference

Raw Materials

We maintain the highest quality standards by sourcing only the best raw materials for our products. This includes top grain leather, YKK zippers, metal elements, and smooth viscose lining. These finest quality raw materials are then transformed into finished products by our skilled artisans.

Fair Pricing

Our products are crafted with maximum efficiency and delivered directly to our customers without the involvement of middlemen. This enables us to make our products available at the fairest price that is a fraction of what other luxury brands would sell them for.

Our Mission

Our mission is to banquet positivity and togetherness in this world. When you select a high-quality and exclusive product for yourself or for someone who you love and care for, you pass on the same love and affection that went into making our product.

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Mens Bomber Black Leather Jacket with...

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