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1920s Mens Suits

In the market, there are few aspiring fashion pieces that every man should own these days. For a contemporary twist, the best option is a vintage style 1920s Suit designed for interviews, high-class occasion and weddings.

Some of 1920's suiting inspiration also comes from movies and tv shows. The Gatsby is one of the top examples of how to properly style clothing in a theme party. Similarly, it also gives ideas for women dresses too, which is both vintage and unique. 1920's men's fashion has a great history, and what we know today has been through many colorful and herringbone textured changes. The important part of 20's suits trend is it was always available, there was not a single moment when the men's fashion disappeared or even less considered.

As of now, it's daily easy to wear the 1930s, 1940s or 20s, even casually. You can often mismatch it with your jeans with a shirt of your choice in slim-fitting. The colors on the other side are also in vast range from classic gangster texturing to modern solid. They are all appealing to new suiting fans but tricky to pick. The fashion evolved in the 1960'sand popular choice in the current era.

It's time you drop your current business look and wear our 1920 suits available in classy designs and colors. Our vintage style mens suits of three-pieces are constructed from soft touch fabric and come with striking features like the checkered pattern, functional buttons, and earthy tones.

These winter-ready 1920 mens suits are versatile enough to enter your daily fashion and you won't get bored of it. Aside from our delightful three pieces, we also have a range of men's leather jacket to inspire your next casual outfit!

Don't take our word for it, see what customers are saying

I wore this suit for a 1920's themed party, got a ton of compliments, and I think it draped well on my frame. I'm 6' 5", about 210, and ordered 42. The pants are adjustable at the waist and fit very well. You don't even need a belt. I used hem tape to adjust the length of the pants as this was a bit of a last-minute order, and I didn't have time to run to the tailor. Worth it for what I purchased it for.

Byron Lucas — Peak Lapel Navy Suit

This suit is old school and sharp. The material is not costume like. I had to get the pants hemmed and that added to the overall sophistication of this suit. I really didn't know it to fit so nicely. I'm 5'10" and 195lbs with a 36 waist and 44 jackets. The vest and the coat fit very well with no tailoring. The jacket was a regular length, which I usually get. The only thing I would like to point our is that this suit a little too dressy for a work environment these days. However, for a night out or a 20's party, you're good to go with this suit.     

Scott Brown — Grey Three-Piece Suit

The suit is made of a breathable material that allows me to wear it almost year-round. The stripes are well-placed and very fashionable. I bought a pin to give it a nice touch. The suit it breathable but does not sacrifice durability. The pant has deep picket I can easily fit in my wallet and mobile phone.

Ralph Lloyd — 1920’s Vintage Pinstripe Suit

I wear a suit maybe three times a year. This suit is exactly what I though it be. Nice suit good fit since I knew my measurements. I am a bigger guy so I pleased with the fit. Pants were slightly longer but I knew this to begin with and it’s a good thing. Overall happy with the purchase.

Robert Manthey — Grey Sharkskin Suit

erfect in every way! Looked for an authentic vintage suit that you would see on the cast of Peaky Blinders. After searching around the US in stores and at the mall I came up empty handed and nothing came close. FJackets is amazing. I found this suit went out on a limb ordering it for my boyfriend. It was a 3-piece suit and exactly what he wanted.

Kayla Arce — Three Piece Blue Suit

I ordered a 3-piece suit and it arrived within a week. I tried the suit and it fits like it was tailored for me. The material feels super amazing and it's not too warm for spring/summer. A must have! It’s fully lined from inside too. It's so unique. I'm the owner of a film production company and I don't care about price or brand names as long as the suit looks nice and the quality is great so with that said I highly recommend these guys!

Carl Pyle — 1920 Slim Fit Suit

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should a guy wear to a 1920s party?

Your 1920s party outfit depends on the type of look you want and how much effort you're willing to put in for an easier option. You can try the working-class mens costume, for which you will need a newsboy cap, flat front pants, a notch lapel vest, and a classic 1920s shirt. The businessman look will require a little more attention to details. You'll need a 1920's men suit, winged top shoes, and a homburg hat. 

What kind of suits did they wear in the 20s?

Three-piece suits with pinstripes and peak lapels were quite popular in the 20s men also wore light seersucker suits during the summers accompanied by a boater hat. So if you're invited for a 20s party you can incorporate the same look.

What is The Great Gatsby dress code?

The Great Gatsby's had a highly sophisticated and extravagant dressing that the majority could not afford therefore the style was usually seen on rich folks. It included a two-button coat with matching flat-front trousers, a contrasting wait coat, a bowtie, and a hat.

What colors were popular in the 1920s?

Blue, grey, brown, and ivory were some of the most popular colors of that time. On the other hand, black suits were rare and only reserved for formal occasions. Stripes were also ubiquitous and could be found in every other suit.

Where to buy 1920s suit?

Instead of investing your time and efforts into assembling your own 1920 suit, why not buy suits that are designed to look that way. You can find the timeless ready-to-wear vintage suits at FJackets that too at very reasonable prices.

Why did gangsters wear suits?

Gangsters were generally top criminals and considered themselves as high-level bosses and not some local thief, they treated their illegal work as a business therefore often wore suits as a businessman would wear. This sets them from the low-level thugs and crooks.

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