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Black jackets are the most demanded outerwear that is extremely edgy and versatile.Best for everyday use and can be worn in any situation. In short, it's a signature outfit.  Leather jackets are not only upgrades but also provide warmth experience.

People miscalculate the black leather jackets advantages due to its simple appearance.

Let's discuss the benefits:

  • Never goes out of style.
  • Signature style for Men.
  • Second skin (extra protection, durability and functional).
  • Goes with any dress code.
  • Comes in many designs.

These are 5 points I mentioned, let me share three more reasons. 




Night out of the city, charming the day lights or just want to go out for a drink, the anxiety of finding the right clothes will end once you have a leather jacket in your wardrobe. A simple black jacket gives you options to play dress up without putting extra efforts. During rush hours, you can easily trust a black leather outer when no other clothes are available. 



Adding boldness or boosting confidence is not an issue for guys, all thanks to motorcycle leather jacket. Even a NOBODY can gain popularity just by rocking a leather outfit with jeans, t-shirt and shades. No other clothing makes a man look more confident and stylish except for a black leather jacket for men. 



A biker only desires two things, protection and style - you can count on a black leather biker jacket for both. A thick and heavy leather has the feature to protect rider from rough wind, and crash injuries. And if the leather is cheap, you won't stand a chance against the tough weather conditions.

What Goes With a Black Leather Jacket?

Black leather jacket is perfect for the casual street style. It look awesome with any of the outfits from your wardrobe without overdoing but with little fashion sense and tweak you can become a head turner. No wonder black leather jacket have been our best seller for years

Here we will discuss how easily you can look stunning with black leather jacket without trying hard.

For Casual Style


Jeans makes the best combination with leather jacket because they both have textured look. Any color, style jeans looks stunning with leather jacket.

Plain blue and black jeans are preferable choice. While you can wear other colors and ripped jeans too.

Plain white T-Shirt enhances the look of black leather jackets while you can complete your ensemble with white or black top up sneakers.

For Semi Casual


Upgrade your semi casual outfit by adding black leather jacket to it. Pair your jacket with black chinos and shirt if you love wearing dark. For a less casual vibe you can wear black leather loafers

For Formal


Bomber jacket is a versatile option, you can wear it with almost every outfit in your wardrobe, it also looks great dressed up with formals or dressed down. Introduce formal shoes (Loafers, Oxford, Derby, Brogue and Lace Up Boots) to your outfit and the whole look will come brilliantly.

How Women Can Style a Black Color Leather Jacket


A black leather jacket women is an essential piece of gear for every wardrobe. It gives ideal finishing touch to any outfit. It actually is the best investment for a woman to make. The choices are endless when it comes to styling outfits with black leather jacket. When the weather is warmer you can keep it casual with a pair of jeans and a white or black t shirt. For cold weather ahead a women should opt for a black color leather jacket worn over a Hoodie or a cool jumper.black leather jacket for women is actually a piece of clothing that works for any occasion.



Dress like life is a party, take your getup to the next level with this cool 90s look. Take your Jacket and layer it with a simple check dress. If you need to instantly dial up your look, throw a black leather bag into the mix. With this look you can easily grab attention of people walking by you. This look is also ideal for warmer seasons.


Black jackets basically goes with outfit. if its warm outside a black jakcet with a pair of navy blue skinny jeans  a white t Shirt and Vans is the best way to bring in yourself some classic street type style. 


The all black look, just keep it relaxed and black. this look is very easy to put together. A pair of a black color leather jacket with a Vneck or a round color black Tshirt with a skinny black chinos. Jeans will also work fine. These outfit style will totally look classy and practical at the same time. Moreover, will look amazing worn together.

What Color Shoes Go with Black Leather Jacket


It actually depends on the context. Mostly black shoes are best with black Jackets. But if you are going out somewhere casual with your friends, then wear whatever color shoes you want.

While choosing the perfect pair of shoes to go with your black color leather jacket, picking up a fun color is what actually adds a cool touch to it . Wearing a pair of brighter color shoes tends to go well with it and gives your outfit a more fashion-forward look.

Meanwhile Black shoes are the easy choice for pairing with leather jacket. but if you are looking more of a street style look You can also go for white sneakers which are trending nowadays.

Brown color shoes are also an option if you wear brown tie in formal with black jacket, shoes matching with tie color will provide you a balanced look.

So, where to find the right leather staple for riding, styling and performance? 

Why Shop Black Jackets From Us?

Film Jackets produces stylish and incredible leather outfits in minimalistic slim fit cafe racer style for casual and formal use.

Both men and women will have equal opportunity to magnify their appearance.

Is Our Material Good Enough To Last Many Years?

We only use natural hides such as lambskin and cowhide for a maximum quality and longevity.

All are made by experts in top-notch quality top grain and aniline leather that providese exceptional support and comfort.

Fjackets gives you the opportunity to grab luxurious products in a very low price. Our products will compliment and enhance your personality without breaking the bank. Explore Now!

See What our customers are saying

It is an amazing-looking jacket, it's real leather and smells excellent. I loved the way the jacket drapes. The leather is supple, and the lining is soft with two inside pockets. The customer service was also exceptional at every point, answering and making me feel confident in this purchase. I will be considering them for my next leather jacket, possibly in brown color.

Jerry Campbell — Shirt Collar Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Exceptional quality jacket especially for the price. Leather is flexible, soft and seems durable and of amazing quality. The Jacket came quickly and is as described. The fit is exact, so read their size chart as it will help you buy the perfect size. Jacket is so nice you can dress it up. I'm going to wear mine to ride my Harley, but might wear it out as well! It’s not bulky or cumbersome like other jackets. Buy this!

Ricardo Lowenthal — Asymmetricla Leather Jacket Black

It fit perfectly well (I'm what's considered a healthy weight- maybe on the higher end but not overweight- and got a medium) and looks great. I got caught in the rain on one occasion but thankfully it didn't destroy it, the zippers on the front are smooth. Overall a good choice for that first leather jacket.

Kevin Hood — Motorcycle Jacket Black

I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Prior to shipping, they reached out to me to make sure my measurements were correct. It fits well! The design is exactly as in the pictures and I would definitely purchase from FJackets again.

Jerry Sanchez — Real Leather Black Jacket

The jacket looks nice, the leather has a great feel to it. The workmanship seems amazing. The delivery packaging is some of the best I have seen online. It arrived well packed and not wrinkled. And of course, it arrived on time. I loved fit of this jacket. Mine looks just like the picture. This is a great buy.

Stanley Hugh — Real Lambskin Mens Black Jacket

I bought a medium, and it was snug around the shoulders, but I’m sure it will loosen with a few wears. I wanted it to fit well to wear it as a 2nd layer with T-shirts, dresses, and light sweaters, but with the medium, I don’t see myself wearing it with hoodies unless it does loosen over time. Overall love it. Super cute and sleek. I am looking forward to dressing down and dressing up!

Suzanne McChesney — Womens Leather Jacket Black

People also Ask

How much is a real black leather jacket mens?

Leather jackets in black cost the same as any other color, The color of the jacket does not determine the price. However You can get an amazing quality leather jacket at a budget friendly price of $180 to $200 from FJackets. 

What does a black color leather jacket symbolize?

The leather jacket in black has been a part of multiple sub-culture over the years including techno, goth, punk and more. It was used to represent the wearers alliance with their community. Now it’s a staple for urban fashion and everyone who wants up their style.

Are black leather biker jackets still in trend?

Black and Brown are the two main colors of leather jackets. Although, there are many alternatives available black has its own status and value. It's more versatile and will always remain the number one choice for color for leather jacket lovers. Especially if you're a first time buyer.

Can you wear it to work?

Jackets such as bomber or blazer-style are highly suitable for a formal style. In cold weather, if you are looking for something warm for your daily commute, then you can add up mens black color leather jacket with hood to your professional look.

Is it suitable for a business casual?

Black is more refined and can be worked as a complete casual as well as dressed up as a smart casual outfit. A leather jacket is suitable business casual as long as it's basic with minimal detailling and has a sophisticated look.

What color of pants are ideal to pair?

Navy blue jeans are considered to be the ideal pair with a black leather jacket men. Moreover, you can also wear the jacket with Khaki chinos for a dressier look in a smart casual setting. To make it more casual you can wear a light blue jeans.

What wearing a leather jacket says about you?

A leather jacket symbolizes attitude and style, it gives the wear a sense of toughness without looking like they’re trying too hard. It also shows your amazing sense of style and that you’re confident enough to invest in quality pieces rather than chasing the trend.

Is leather naturally black?

Leather jackets have a natural russet color, it’s not black, brown or as a matter of fact any other color unless dyes and pigments are applied to get the desired tone. So, all the leather jackets you see in stores or online have been through a dyeing process before turning into a finished product.

How do you break in a new leather jacket?

There are multiple tips and tricks of breaking in a new leather jacket such as rubbing alcohol, conditioner and getting it slightly damp. But the recommended way is to let it break in naturally overtime as you wear it, it’s better for the longevity of the garment.

Does real leather peel?

Unlike Faux leather, real leather does not peel, it can only crack if not maintained or moisturized. To maintain the longevity and durability of your jacket make sure you moisturize your jacket by applying leather conditioner whenever needed and clean it from time to time.

How do you moisturize leather?

Stay away from DIY methods like coconut oil, instead use products that are actually made for leather such as conditioner, firstly apply it to a small portion on the inside to see how it reacts then apply it all over the jacket.