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Solid Reasons to own a Brown Leather Jacket


Black and brown are two of the preferable options when choosing a leather jacket, while we agree that a black leather jacket is a versatile statement piece that is worthy of every bit of your investment.

A brown leather jacket is something you can’t go wrong with if you want to work your way up to something bolder and more adventurous; although it takes a bit of an effort to style one once you get it right, you’re certainly going to look badass and stand out from the rest. Furthermore, brown jackets also come in different shades like dark brown, light brown, tan, so you have plenty of options to choose from. You need to pick the right color, the one that you’re willing to stick to for a long time.

Another thing to note is that some of the most classic leather jackets like the A1 and A2 were brown; therefore, this color has a retro elegance that will never go out of style. 

Now that you’re ready to rock the brown leather jacket, here is what you can find at FJackets.

Brown Leather Jackets at F Jackets

At FJackets, each of our jackets is crafted with attention to detail; every product has unique attributes that make it stand out from the rest. Secondly, we do not compromise on quality; every piece is handcrafted to perfection to ensure our customers are delighted with what they receive. Here is a bit of a breakdown of what we have in our collection.

Shades of Leather Jacket Brown


Unlike black, there are many shades of brown ranging from light to dark. Here is what you should consider when picking your choice or color

Dark Brown Leather Jackets

Generally, the darker the shade, the more formal the attire, and this rule applies to everything from jackets to suits and blazers. In the same way, the dark brown leather jacket mens is a perfect choice if you want to look dressier. It will look flattering over a turtle neck or a solid-tone button-down shirt. You can wear them for weekend trips or a similar smart-casual setting. Learn more on how to style a brown jacket here.

Light Brown Leather Jackets

The lighter the shade, the more casual the attire; a light brown jacket mens pairs perfectly with T-shirt, hoodie, or Henley shirt teamed with slim-fit jeans and sneaker for a comfy yet fashionable look for your commutes. Whether you’re going to college, shopping at the mall, or walking your dog, you won’t lose an ounce of toughness with the light brown color leather jacket.

Medium Brown Leather Jacket

Medium brown, as the name suggests, is a neutral shade of brown; jackets of this color are slightly more versatile as you can dress them up with a jersey or button-down shirt as well as dress down with a graphic t-shirt or pullover hoodie. If you’re looking for something more basic and easier to dress, this is one color you should have.

Material of our Jackets


Different hides are used to make leather jackets, and they come with their pros and cons. We at FJackets use high-quality real leather obtained from the following hides.


We use lambskin to make our leather jackets, and there is a reason for it. Lamb leather is the supplest of all leather types, making it super comfortable to wear and offers a flattering drape; most people even call it a second skin. Moreover, most of our customers are style-savvy men and women who want a cleaner, smoother appearance that no material other than lambskin can achieve.


Cowhide is another durable material we use to make our leather jackets, brown leather field jacket, coats etc. brown cowhide jackets are perfect for cold breezy weather. Just throw them over a sweater or warm insulator, and you’re ready to brave the cold in style.

Jacket Lining


The lining is an essential part of the garment. It provides a neat finishing on the inside and covers the construction details of the leather jacket. Another function of the lining is to help you smoothly slide the jacket over your body.

When choosing a jacket, we tend to focus on how it looks from the outside. Of course, everyone wants to look stylish in their new leather jacket.

However, when it comes to quality, the inside also matters. Therefore, we use high-quality skin-friendly viscose lining that’s incredibly lightweight and breathable; these two features allow you to wear the jacket for more extended periods without feeling like you need to get rid of it at the end of the day.

Jacket Collar



The collar is a unique design element of the jacket and arguably the first thing that gets notices. The design varies according to the model and style of the jacket. You can find everything from classic shirt style collars to rugged biker-type flap collars in our online store.

Zipper Quality


Zipper and other details also count when considering the build up quality of a leather jacket. We use high quality YKK zippers that slide smoothly on every use. Furthermore, all the hardware, studs and buckles are made of solid metal.

Bottom line, a leather jacket in brown is a solid way to maximize your style without going overboard, you can pick your favorite style from our massive catalog and roll out on your next adventure.

Don't take our word for it "See what our customers are saying"

Looks great and feels awesome! I feel proud wearing something that is inspired by the jackets of the military, it has a vintage feel that no other outfit can come even close to. The stitching is solid, the material is tough, it’s something that will look better and feel better as it ages.

Craig Lanz — Suede Leather Jacket Brown

I was searching for a new leather jacket to replace an old one, I loved my old jacket but it was wearing off so there was no other choice but to switch. At first, I didn’t have very high expectations turn out the new jacket was even better than the old one. The material is premium and the zippers slide smoothly on every use.

Sean Porter Cognac Brown Leather Jacket

Soft. Fits well. Hard to find a just below hip level with straight zip. Settled for button. Daughter loves it. No belt so not clunky old look. Jacket not a blazer. Frustrated with fashion. Would buy again. 130lbs 5 ft 2-inch-tall small fit shoulders excellent and length perfect. Will mold to figure. Lovely made, price was good.

Wendy Robertson — Womens Leather Jacket Brown

I searched all the stores for a classic leather jacket in brown to no avail only to find what I wanted here on FJackets! I was skeptical until I read several customer reviews, so I decided to give it a shot. It arrived well packet. Then took it out and was surprised at quality and feel. It is really well made, and is a real deal. I wore it and drove around northern Utah in low 20s and was so comfortable in it. The leather really blocks that cold!

Anthony Cheney — Distressed Brown Leather Jacket

I love my jacket! The stitching is great, the leather is a wonderful quality and smells divine! Great price! From start to finish this was an overall fantastic experience! Great company! Will be ordering again

Kelly Crawford — Brown Womens Leather Jacket

Love this woman's jacket because it's unique. The quality of leather is great! Delivery was faster than expected. Packaging was nice too. I didn't expect such high quality for the price. Bought a men jacket for my boyfriend too and it's gorgeous. Supple leather and unique look. Love them both!

Patricia Greene — Womens Brown Leather Biker Jacket

People Also Ask

What matches with brown leather jacket womens?

There are multiple ways Womens can rock brown jackets. Simply Wear it with a light cotton T-shirt and jeans for your daily commute or a plain button-down shirt and chinos for a slightly elevated look; you can easily dress up or dress down for multiple occasions with a leather jacket in brown. 

Should I get a black or brown color leather jacket?

If you want to get good use out of your jacket, go with black as it's more versatile. However, if you're looking to pair your jacket with muted colors and textures, a brown jacket would make a better choice. Moreover brown is also unique and will help you stand out.

Is genuine leather washable?

Real leather should be spot-cleaned and wiped. It cannot be washed in a machine. Washing can ruin a leather jacket, once the water dries it will also dry the surface of the jacket, leaving crack and eventually spoiling the suppleness of the material.

How do you treat a brownish leather jacket?

A leather product can last many years, only when it is properly cared for. Here are quick and easy ways.

 Use damp cloth gently to clean the real leather jacket.

 Avoid using any cleaners. First, ask the supplier or test it on any old leather outfit.

 When wet, hang it in the open air for quick drying. Avoid hanging in dusty area and do not leave it for a longer time.

Should leather jacket be tight or loose?

Leather jackets should fit closer to your body without feeling uncomfortably tight; you should be able to work and move around without restrictions. If the jacket is too looseit kind of defeats the purpose because it wont be able to accentuate your physique.

What shoes go with a brown color leather jacket?

Look edgy by pairing your brown jacket with a pair of brown boots, or keep it casual and comfy with a pair of white sneakers. It all depends on the occasion and setting. However, avoid wearing any black footwear with a brown jacket, these two just don't go well together.

How many styles are there?

This is the perfect switch after black. There are many versions of the leather jacket in brown but you must identify which one is suitable for you? For example, a biker man needs something with studded hardware, an asymmetrical collar, and heavy paddings. An average commuter can happily wear a brown jacket with a simple design and no extra paddings.

Motorcycle Jackets - asymmetrical or belted collar with extra paddings on the shoulders and sleeves area. Cuffs, pockets and waist area have extra zip to offer proper fitting and security.

Bomber Jackets- Rib-knit cuffs, collar and waist-line. Some bomber jackets have extra attached hoods.

Cafe racer Jackets - a standard jacket with less bulkiness and classic combinations. They are easy to wear getup, best for regular or weekend outings.

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