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Coat is an outfit which is designed to protect you from rain and intense wind. Compared to men's leather jackets, they are usually made of cotton gabardine drill waterproof heavy-duty or sometimes leather. The key feature of a brown or long black trench coat is the removable insulated lining to provide necessary comfort and flexibility. 

During the early days of WWI, it was mostly worn by the generals of an army and top-ranking men.  At the time, there was only Khaki color for mens long trench coat which then later got introduced in many different colors, Trench coat have remained fashionable in the decades. 

Trench coats are currently trending mostly it is the best thing to keep you warm during the winter days. Men and Womens are likely to follow such trend because now the long coat has become a fashion staple, and now its on every fsahion blogger must have list.

How Skinny Guys Can Layer up With Trench Coats to Look Awesome

If you're finding it hard to put on weight, and the gym sessions don't seem to work, don't worry, keep going; results take time. However, if you're looking for a quick fix to look bulkier instantly, you're at the right place. All you need is the right kind of outfit that would add some structure to your silhouette, and we'll show you how.
Consider layering as your best friend as it can instantly make you look bulkier and stylish if done the right way. You have plenty of options like bomber jackets, Sherpa jackets, long coat men, and car coats, but here we're going to talk about something more versatile and more comfortable to dress up formally and dressed down casually. It's called the trench coat.
Military men in trenches used the long trencg coat mens during the First World War. Later the general public adopted it as mainstream fashion outerwear. Due to Having an army background, trench coats are also quite functional and ideal for unpredictable weather.
A general rule is to wear a light and a soft base layer that works as insulation and top it with something heavy like denim or leather. Of course, you can wear multiple base layers to look bulkier, but you want to look stylish as well. Here is how to do it.

Wear Trench Coat With Texture


A trench is made of textured fabric like tweed, denim, and flannel just like this grey trench coat men can be an excellent choice because of the bulky illusion it can add to your style; it will keep you warm and looks incredibly stylish. Wear it over a thick knitted turtle neck sweater with slim-fit jeans and black suede Chelsea boots to complete the look. Avoid jeans that are either too skinny, you might think that one would enhance your appearance, but in fact, they will ruin the balance of your outfit.

Trench Coat Over Hoodie


We talked about the general rules as to how you can layer your brown trench coat men with a light fabric. This one here is the other way around; you can layer your lightweight cotton trench coats with a Sherpa-lined hoodie. The hoodie adds some bulk around your neck which in turn makes you look tapered. Complete the look with grey sweatpants and running shoes for an athleisure look. 

Trench Coat Over a Formal Suit


Suits are a blessing for guys with a slim build; specially long trench coat black just make sure it's tailored closer to your body without being uncomfortably tight. You can wear an additional layer of wool trench coat when it's getting too cold for your suit alone. Trench coats are not only dressier but also an appropriate option to go with your suit.

Leather Trench Coat for Winters

Long leather trench coat for mens is a blessing. Specially black or a brown leather trench coat. leather is a material with rich heritage and unmatched durability; it can add some thickness to your ensemble while keeping you protected from the cold. Wear your double-breasted leather trench coat with a wool sweater and slim fit medium blue jeans. You can add some extra accessories like gloves and scarf depending on how cold it gets.

Trench Coat Casual Look


The perfect look for your daily commute, start off by wearing a beige trench coat men with a plain cotton tee with dark washed jeans with brown leather boots, throw a tan peak coat, and you're ready to go. A general rule is to match all your leather accessories that include boots, watch, and belts.

5 Layering Ideas as a Petite Women


As a petite woman layering up can work in favor by making you look flattering. However, if done wrong it can also appear like the clothes are wearing you instead. Here is how to get it right.

Add Happening Tone to the Mix


Starting off with a jaw-dropping look for fall, get yorurself a knee-length red leather trench coat and pair it with plain black crewneck top, balance the warm look with a light wash high waisted jeans and contrasting kitten heels. The double-breasted closure would accentuate your waist and make your legs look longer. However stay away from ankle-length coats that might make you look shorter.

Balance the Look With Bright Colored Top


Here is another way to add happening colors to you outfit, start with a bright yellow shirt or top and balance the style with a light beige short trench coat. Wear it with slim fit high-waisted black jeans and matching heels to call it a day.

Wear Your Trench Coat Fastened


A long trench coat women is an outerwear however it's can still look awesome on its own without showing what's under. The style above is a beautiful contrast of light ivory trench coat paired with dark grey jeans. The belt and double breasted closure beautifully defines the waist giving your petite silhouette a more structured appearance.

Wear it With Striped Top


Although most people would suggest, you stay away from stripes if you're petite, we disagree to a certain extent; you can always pair a striped top with a solid tone coat, but never wear both printed top and overcoat together.


Grey Coat with Cropped Top and Jeans


A black trench coat women or a Cropped top and high waisted jeans are the perfect combinations for petite women and it can't get any better, the style adds definition to your curves while making your legs appear longer simultaneously, elevate the look even further by wearing a grey trench coat and high heels.

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FAQS (frequently asked questions)

How long should a men's trench coat be?

The coats come in different lengths ranging from mid-thigh to the ankle. You can select the one that resonates with your style.

How to style a long trench coat?

Can wear it over casual tee and jeans or use it as an overcoat for your suit, either way, it's a versatile piece that goes with almost everything.

Are trench coats in style?

Its half-season outerwear and worn only in cold areas. In some countries, people still love to wear it in summer due to its extended length and features.

Where can I buy extra long trench coats?

If you're looking for quality material and professional tailoring without breaking the bank, FJackets is the best option you have.

What is the best type of leather for a trench coat?

If you want your coat to be supple and drape well over your shoulders, opt for lambskin leather; however, if you want a rugged appearance, cowhide is the way to go. 

What is the best color option?

 Black and brown are always the best option for formal and casual wear. You can also find unconventional colors like burgundy, green, and red trench coat men.

People Also Ask

What is the purpose of a trench coat?

Just like most modern fashion outerwear, the trench coat has its military heritage that dates back to the late 1800s; it was introduced for the British officers who operated in trenches hence giving it the name trench coat. As you know, military gears were about practicality and comfort, and lastly, style, these coats are also highly functional to offer protection from wind and rain. Thanks to its unique design, the trench continued to become popular and was adopted as a casual overcoat.

What is the difference between a peacoat and a trench coat?

There are several differences between a peacoat and a trench coat, including cut, style, material, and length. Trench coats have a longer length that may reach your ankle; it also comes with light fabric and a belt at the waist, unlike pea coats made of thick wool material and come with a shorter length that extends only a few inches below your trouser belt.

Can you wear a trench coat in winter?

Traditionally a lightweight trench coat is not very warm on its own, and you will need to layer it with something that provides insulation like a wool sweater or another jacket. However, trench coats with heavier fabrics like wool or leather are quite efficient for cold weather. Hence it totally depends on the type of material your coat is made of. If you need it for transitional period, opt for a lightweight coat, and if you need it for winters, opt for heavier leather trench coats and wool coats.

What temperature do you wear a trench coat?

A lightweight cotton trench coat is perfect for fall and spring when temperatures are moderately cold between 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A proper woolen trench coat is comfortable enough when the weather takes a dip to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If it's getting chillier, you will need an additional layering like a chunky turtle neck or cashmere sweater with leather pants and leather boots. Optionally you can opt for leather coats; the sturdier outer shell offers better resistance against cold wind.

What is the difference between a duster and a trench coat?

The dusters and trench coats both have different origins and purposes; dusters were worn by horsemen to protect their clothes from trail dust. The trench coats were used by British officers while operating in trenches. Both the apparels are also quite different in appearance; dusters are heavy full-length loose-fitting leather coats usually worn unfastened, unlike trench coats that fit closer and vary in length and material.

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