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Winter Wool Coat Collection

As it gets colder, you want to snuggle up in a gigantic warm coat, but it comes at the cost of style. What if we tell you one piece of clothing that’s not bulky and will still keep you just as warm? It’s called the wool coat. These coats have come a long way since their inception and are available in different styles. Another fantastic feature of this style is its versatility; you can keep it casual by wearing it over a sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers, or dress it up by wearing it with a classic blazer, dress pants, and oxford. You can also keep it between by wearing it with a turtle neck, chinos, and boots. There are no limits to what you can do with your wool coat.

Here are some other cool benefits of that wool coat that would make you want to grab it now.


Wool is extremely insulative, which is one of the primary reasons it’s used in winter clothes. It makes an excellent mid or outer layer because of its ability to trap heat between your body and the outer shell.

Does Not Wrinkle:

Unlike cotton and linen, wool does not wrinkle easily, which is quite convenient because you’re going to wear it more often, especially during the winters, as compared to other items in your wardrobe.


There is no doubt that wool is a highly durable and flexible material that can bend thousands of times without losing its shape. This natural elasticity makes wool garments resistant to tearing. Hence, they’re long-lasting.

Comfortable in all seasons:

Wool is a natural fiber that feels comfortable near the skin, as we know it’s best for winters. Light weight wool is also perfect for summer as it will wick moisture and keep you dry.

Luxurious and aesthetically pleasing:

Apart from the functionality aspect, wool coats are also perceived as a sign of high social status and look very stylish for both formal and casual settings.

Repels moisture and sheds water:

Wool has unique moisture management capabilities that shed moisture on the surface while keeping you dry inside.

see what customers are saying

This coat is exactly the style and material that I wanted, so I ordered. It came today. It's a nice-looking coat, well-constructed, dressy enough without being overly pretentious. I love the fabric quality. I bought a Large. I'm 6 feet tall. It fits perfectly without being too loose or too snug. Hopefully, it will stand the test of time, and I do believe it will. Overall, I'd say it's a winner!

Randall Yeager — Long Wool Coat Mens

Tailored and flexible and above the knee, so driving in it is easy. Wool is comfortably cozy warm and not scratchy or itchy. Seven snaps mean it's warm just snapped, so there's no need to zip the zipper. The snaps are easy to unsnap all at once (instead of having to concentrate on one at a time). Two-way zipper lets the bottom get out of the way for driving, even though the coat is great for driving even when fully closed. Classy charcoal color. High collar makes a scarf unnecessary. In addition to all those features are the two secret pockets, one inside and one outside!

Oscar Catalano Mens Wool Coat With Hood

This coat is perfect. I purchased without expectations. It turns out that yes it looks exactly like the photos! The material is thick and looks expensive. I’ve only tried it on a few times but I can tell it’s warm. Overall, it’s gorgeous and I can’t wait for winter now. I ordered a size small and was a little weary because my arms are kind of long. The sleeves fit! I’ll be ordering this in black soon!

Matthew Denton — Mens Long Wool Overcoat

I like the color and length of the coat. I was pleased with the softness of the material and its machine washable which is a plus. I chose this color because it's a classic and neutral, it compliments nearly my entire wardrobe. It's a refreshing change from the black coats I usually wear. I'm so happy I purchased this coat and it was budget friendly also.

William Alves — Mens Full Length Wool Overcoat

This coat is very well constructed and very high quality. It looks great over formal clothes and can also elevate a casual look. It a bit roomy as expected with this style. It’s lightweight, ideal for fall or spring. Not overly warm, just enough to cut the chill and keep you dry in the rain. This is my second FJ coat. The first had - while very soft and pretty - it was too warm. This one is perfect!!

Leticia Austin — Long Wool Coat Women

I just got this today, and by chance, it is drizzling outside. This is a gorgeous coat. The attention to detail is amazing. I'm 5'5" 135, and the small fits well. I could wear a light sweater underneath, but nothing heavy. It is lined with soft fabric and feels very comfortable to wear.

Maxine Shih — Full Length Wool Coat Womens

People Also Ask

What is a wool blend coat?

Wool blend refers to the combination of wool with another material used for making a coat. There can be a mixture of one or more fabrics such as cotton, polyester, viscose, nylon, etc. However, that's not the only thing to consider; the percentages may also vary depending on the quality and one's budget. Coats with a higher wool percentage, like 50 to 90, are generally more expensive than the ones with 20 percent. Both wool and wool blend coats have their pros and cons making none better than the other.

Does rain ruin wool coats?

Wool has the tendency to resist water naturally, so it retains its insulation even when damp. On the other hand, it does not absorb water, so unlike other fabrics, it's not going to feel heavy when wet. Although we wouldn't recommend you go out during heavy rainfall with your wool coat. But even if you do, you shouldn't worry about it getting spoilt.

Should I buy a coat one size bigger?

Before buying a coat, you need to decide how you'll be wearing it. If you live in a cold climate where the temperature dips below freezing, apparently you will be wearing your coat over a thick sweater; therefore, you need to size up. On the other hand, if the temperature in your city is cold enough for your coat to handle, you'll probably be wearing it with a cotton t-shirt or a thin sweatshirt. In this case, ordering your actual size would be a better option.

Are wool blend coats good for winter?

Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyesters also have excellent insulating capabilities, combined with will it can be formed into a fantastic winter jacket. However, for better comfort and breathability, always opt for blends with a 60 and higher wool percentage. Less wool means more polyester that makes it less breathable, and the coat won't be as soft.  

How do you make a wool coat look new?

Just like any other item, a wool coat may lose its charm after it ages, but you can make it as good as new. Firstly, brushes your jacket with a stiff brush from top to bottom. Make sure you get rid of all the dust and lint from the surface. Don't forget the hidden areas like under the collar and sleeves. Secondly, create a mixture of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of liquid detergent, and then firmly apply it on all the stained spots using a damped cloth.

Can I wash my wool coat?

The first thing you should do for any garment is to read the label. Most manufacturers include care instructions to facilitate customers. If the label mentions dry clean only, then you need to follow strictly. If the garment is not dry clean only, you can wash it with hands. Make sure you use a mild detergent or wool shampoo, and the water should be lukewarm or cool.

How do you know if a coat is too big?

Although you may size up at a certain point if you're going to layer your coat with a thick sweater, you can still look sloppy if you select a size too big. Here is how to find out if your jacket is too big.

1. The sleeves of your coat shouldn't go past your wrist for more than an inch.

2. Depending on the style of your coat, the length shouldn't be too long. For instance, a peacoat is supposed to end a few inches below your belt. Any longer, it will be considered too big.

3. Shoulders seams are an essential part of the fit. If it sits closer to the edge of your shoulders, the fit is okay. You wouldn't want

What happens if you machine wash a wool coat?

You can machine wash a wool coat if there's no defined care instruction, but avoid putting it in a dryer. One tip is to put your coat in a washing bag and use the delicate wash setting. Keep the water temperature between cool and lukewarm.

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