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How to Buy a Mens Motorcycle Jacket?

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a solid statment piece like a leather motorcycle jacket because it is the only essential gear for both style and safety. It comes in different colors, but commonly found in black and brown color.

Riders always choose moto jackets due to high-quality leather, and durability but apart from safety, motorcycle jackets are now part of fashion as it comes in many fantastic designs. 

If you're a first-time buyer, it can be stressful to find a biker jacket that works as a fashion piece and gear as well. 

Let me highlight the most important questions regarding biker style jackets. 

Is Motorcycle and Fashion Jacket the same? 


The answer is NO!

You see, a simple fashion leather jacket is too light for the biker and may not have a very high abrasion resistance, therefore it does not work as safety gear. 

A classic motorcycle jacket is very stiff and requires some time to break it and does not look as good as a fashion jacket. Therefore it does provide intense protection.

It all comes to your requirements, If you're not a hardcore rider and your goal is to look good, you need a jacket that fits well out of the box.

Here's an example on how a guy can rock a biker jacket?


You may have heard of Negan from The Walking Dear right? Well, he's a perfect example of this.

The motorcycle leather jacket is an integral part of his outfit, it also adds more character to his overall costume

If you want to look good in a biker jacket here are a few things to consider.



The most important thing is fit. No matter how expensive your jacket is, if it does not fit well it's not worth it.

The picture here shows how a leather moto jacket should ideally fit.

As you can see the one on the left looks sluggish and does not have much of an attraction, while the jacket on the right is nicely taperd around the waist and sleeves. Here are 5 things to check before buying.

  • Length - should be a little below waist belt because it tends to look better and that's how classic motorcycle jackets are supposed to be. 
  • Sleeves - The jacket must not be tight or cover the fingers. The sleeves should end right at the wrist.
  • Movement - makesure the jacket makes you feel flexible. Try moving your arms up and down, left and right. If you notice any restriction, go for one-size up instead.
  • Armholes - the perfect way to identify whether the jacket is poorly cut or too big is through armholes. Low armholes mean the jacket is not designed good or big for you. 
  • Shoulders - The shoulder seams needs to sit right at the edge of your shoulder. It may feel slightl snug but keep in mind that leather gets more supple after a few wears. 


Here's the deal - always makesure to try the jacket or check sizing chart. 

What Should I Look for in a Leather Motorcycle Jacket?


When buying a mens motorcycle jacket, quality and features are two key points to check. Let me explain further.


A Robust jacket will never tear or lose durability. PU is a weak version that hardly can last a year or two and that's if cared properly. Real leather can flatter you up to 5 years and can last a decade.


Biker outerwear is known for having great features that a simple leather doesn't. It is more functional, includes many pockets and designed to counter wind, road particles and keep you save from injuries. Although, I will recommend to wear helmet, gloves and other protective accessories before riding.

For maximum protection, you should go with our premium quality jackets to rock the style and proper safety gear.


What is the safest motorcycle jacket?

Leather made of thick cowhide is considered the best option for motorcycle riders, because of the affordable price and high level of durability, it offers the best safety to the wearer. Other materials may not provide the same level of resistance and even if they do it will be at a substantial price.

Why do people wear leather motorcycle jackets?

Motorcycle leather jackets are not only for bikers but also for people who take style seriously and want to add a rebellious edge to their outfits. A biker jacket can make an average guy look sharp as heck in a matter of minutes. 

Do motorcycle jackets protect you?

Yes, motorcycle jackets are a crucial piece of safety gear for biker riders, however, the jacket alone cannot protect you, extra paddings and safety measures are required to keep the rider protected. Even with advancements in synthetic fiber, moto jackets are still a preferable choice.

How are jackets supposed to fit?

Motorcycle jackets are supposed to fit snug without feeling too tight, you should be able to comfortably zip it up and move your arms around without feeling too restricted. Also, remember that leather loosens up according to your body after breaking in, so it will fit better the more you wear it.

Can you wear this style formally?

Moto jackets are an excellent casual piece, however, they can also be dressed up with a button-down shirt and chinos, you can also optionally add a necktie to increase the formality of the style. Hower this is a smart-casual style and cannot replace a business suit.

What is the difference between a bomber jacket and a biker jacket?

Bomber jackets come with a stretchable waist, cuff, and hem and also have a straight zip closure while moto jackets are generally shorter in length and have a more trimmed down look as compared to the bomber. Moreover, the main difference is the asymmetrical zip closure along with a waist belt.

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