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Distressed Leather Motorcycle Jacket


A biker jacket is not only a jacket worn by motorcycle riders, it’s a symbol of attitude and a staple of urban culture. The jacket symbolizes toughness that won’t pass by like you’re trying too hard. Apart from the looks these jackets are also warm, windproof and perfect for rugged outdoor activities, it will also make a good part of your everyday clothing.

What is a distressed jacket?

Distressed is the term used for jackets that have a worn-out appearance, such jackets are loved from a fashion stand point because they’re believed to give the wearer a sense of toughness and rugged appearance. A nice distressed look can be obtained by treating the surface of the jackets. However, it’s better to let a leather expert do it.

Biker usually wears distressed motorcycle jacket when going for a ride. No matter what weather it is, they will require to cover up their body with heavy-duty outerwear not just for protection but to look old school. The prices of Distressed type of leather jacket in today’s market are alarmingly high, and there is no question about the quality. 

One must know the benefit of wearing motorcycle jacket distressed style before purchasing. You'll find different styles of men's leather jackets but we have created an easy guide to help you figure out which type of clothing will look good with Biker mens distressed leather jacket.

How to Dress in Black Biker Jackets


What is really noticeable about this outerwear is the rustic and vintage look. As you see here, a model is wearing a completely distressed leather jacket dressed down over a jeans . Fashion-wise, it matches and altered his demeanor style. Some guys prefer more of a casual touch but here, he improvised it with a cool pair of jeans. 

How to Dress in Brown Distressed Leather Jacket


Black is not the only color available for mens distressed motorcycle jacket. Bikers are focusing more on wearing a different color. You may have seen Chris Evans wearing the distressed brown leather jacket in the First Avengers which has now become the first choice for men. Similarly, this distressed brown jacket can be worn with denim jeans, casual or formal shirts. Here we see model dressed up in a more semi-formal way that includes brown leather motorcycle jacket with padded shoulders, casual white t shirt and black jeans. 

These are the examples to provide you a mindset about motorcycle jacket distressed. To enjoy a quality and safe ride, prefer our distressed leather jacket mens that are designed in a variety of styles. These are not just any outerwear to complete the look, but a protective gear to wear while riding or traveling.

If you're obsessed with men's distressed brown leather jacket, this is the place for you. We produce gorgeous styles of leather jackets and strive to bring you the best variety at best affordable prices. 

The collection is not just designed for bikers, but every hardcore fashion enthusiast can pick from the category according to the choice. The best part of wearing our genuine leather jacket is to avoid injuries, it provides the best protection from harmful particles for a more extended period. Apart from that, it is also durable for cold weather.

Let’s talk about the looks, it comes in many variations that include Dark Grey, Black and White, Chocolate Brown, Vintage, Black Slim, Asymmetrical and more. Our distressed leather jackets mens collection has potential to last for decades. Also, enjoy an exclusive discount on your orders up to 56% and free shipping! Select Yours! Also learn some of the coolest ways to style a biker jacket casually.


This is one of the best jackets I’ve ever owned. I’m the type of guy who would read the reviews of dozens of items before settling on something, buying this jacket was no different. I unsure on what size to get so I originally ordered a 2XL, it was a little big in the arms and chest. I returned it and ordered the XL and it fits perfect. The arm length and chest feel like it was made specifically for me. The quality of the leather and stitching is top notch. Very durable, without being bulky.

Robert Irving — Distressed Brown Leather Jacket

This jacket was a fantastic find. The leather is durable, the craftsmanship is high quality, and the look is classic. Quite frankly, it's more stylish than some 600-designer motorcycle-style jackets. It is a little tight in the forearms and slightly a little shorter than I would have liked (maybe half an inch to an inch), but I'm thrilled with the purchase.

Donald McDaniels — Distressed Leather Motorcycle Jacket

I bought this to replace my favorite jacket that I wore for over a decade. The thickness of the leather is decent enough, not too heavy or light. The buttons and zippers are not cheaply made. This is a good jacket. I bought mine one size larger, just if I wanted to wear a hoodie or something under the jacket on cold days, and I have a big chest and shoulders. The jacket fits well and moves nicely. I also ride year-round, in all weather.

Ronald Aragon — Distressed Black Leather Jacket

I ordered this in the hopes I made the right choice in size. I'm not a tailor, and you never really know what you're getting from the internet. That being said, this jacket is fantastic. Real leather, well made, and rugged. Great style and fits perfectly. I was delighted I bought this, and now I am ready for the fall weather to look like a badass again!

Marvin Greenwalt — Men's Distressed Vintage Leather Jackets

I’m a big guy muscular and low body fat, I bought 2XL and fits great. If unsure about sizing but I trusted their size chart and it worked. The quality is amazing. It's a warm jacket, I wore it with a flannel shirt underneath and was nice and toasty in 20f degrees. The dark brown is very dark indeed, basically black. I think it would lighten up with wear. It looks kick ass, very happy with this jacket.

Jeffery McGill — Rustic Mens Jackets

Excellent jacket very warm I wear it for early morning rides and is thick enough, the customer service is really outstanding I ordered the wrong size by mistake (I miss understood the sizing chart) and upon contacting FJackets, I was sent a new jacket of the correct size! Really great people, amazing jacket would absolutely recommend this to a friend.

Charles Sterling — Antique Brown Leather Jacket


Frequently asked questions

How do you make leather look distressed?

It recommended to buy leather jackets that have already been distressed by professionals, but if you already own a jacket that you want to modify, start by testing a small portion, apply alcohol and rub it with sand paper while it’s damp, do the same at the corner and edges of your jacket for a beaten-up look.

Is distressed leather real leather?

Yes, distressed leather is real leather, the only difference is that it has a beaten-up weathered look that most people enjoy wearing a leather jacket may get distressed with years of usage or you can acquire the same look with DIY methods.

How do you dull a shiny leather jacket?

Lightly spray alcohol using a spray bottle and wait for it to dry for a weathered look. Don’t overdo it or you completely ruin your jacket. The best way to go is to apply alcohol on a small hidden area to see how the surface reacts then continue doing it on the edges.

What is distressed leather?

After wearing a leather jacket for several years it starts to look more rugged and gains even more character, but people who don't want to wait for so many years can get the same rugged appearance by buying a jacket that's already distressed.

Where to buy distressed leather?

Distressed biker jackets can be found in almost every leather jacket store as well as online stores, if you’re looking for quality leather jackets without breaking the bank, you can opt FJackets exclusive styles that cannot be found else where.

Is distressed leather durable?

Distressed is just the name given to leather with a weatherd appearance, this does not take anything away from the quality of durability of the material, a distressed leather jacket can be just as long lasting as any other real leather jacket.

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