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Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Once a classic protective layer, now a statement piece! The motorcycle jacket is one of the few pieces in menswear that has stood the test of time and doesn’t seem to go out of fashion since its inception. It’s also the first style that comes to your mind when someone mentions the word “leather jacket.”If you’re looking to upgrade your style with this badass jacket, here is what you expect shopping at FJackets.

Authentic Styles


FJackets combines modern fit with the style of decades past. Our designs are basic and inspired by the authentic biker look of the 60s and 70s so that you can recreate the same experience. We have several styles of moto jackets, including the asymmetrical leather jacket that comes with a diagonal zipper and flap collar, as well as the minimal café racer jackets featuring a straight zip and laidback look. The style you choose depends on your requirements.

Fine Craftmanship

Our jackets are crafted with passion and attention to detail. We do not mass produce, which means each piece is created with proper attention and is identical to the other. After our jackets are made, they go through quality inspection to ensure you receive a flawless piece that you can enjoy wearing for years to come.

Multiple Colors


Different people have different choices. Some may like versatile colors like black and brown, while others may want something happening like a maroon leather jacket. We have something for both, starting from the most loved brown and black leather jacket to the awe-inspiring maroon jackets, plus we also have a jacket that comes with both the colors in one.

Premium Material


The jacket's material is undoubtedly most important, and it's something you need to pay close attention to. It's recommended to opt for real leather as it's more comfortable and lasts much longer than faux leather. We use lambskin and cowhide to make our leather jackets, both of which are considered the best material for leather garments. Also checkout our cowhide leather jackets

See What Customers are Saying

I believe that the product quality and price is unbeatable. Service was great and the time from order to receipt was very reasonable. I have now bought 2 jackets, one about 2 years ago and another just recently. I highly recommend this company. Very satisfied!

Topp - Brown Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Before ordering a leather motorcycle jacket online, I researched several websites. I kept coming back to this website because I liked their collection of mens leather moto jacket. Upon the initial order, the responses were timely, keeping me informed. I ordered the jacket on a Saturday and received it by Wednesday. Impressive delivery time. It's not a heavy jacket but nice quality and is real leather. Would order riding jackets for men from this site again.

Chad Shuler - Mens Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Delivery couldn't be faster, only 4 days to my doorstep.Jackets look great and smell genuine leather. I had a continuous feedback with support about some details related to shipment.Thanks fellas, you're doing a great job.

John Horrocks - Frisco Quilted Biker Jacket Men

I never expected this jacket to be such good quality. It was not the most expensive leather jacket I had seen but it’s quality is superb. It looks much more expensive than it was. When I opened the parcel I was overtaken by the strong smell of real and quality leather. It feels soft and is beautifully finished off with little touches that were not even mentioned in the description ie extra zipped pockets and a beautiful silky lining

Keith Thompson - Cafe Racer Motorcycle Jacket

This company is top of it's class. Communication was on point. Customer service easily 5 star rating. FJackets truly care for their customers. Shipping was lightning fast!!! especially considering the current situation. Highly recommended buying from this company. Follow the size chart you will not go wrong.

Jamie Russell - Vermont Black Moto Jacket Men

Excellent quality for the price, Jackets like these sell for 500 and above, the zipper is top-notch, the material is supple, and the fit flatters my physique. The jacket was delivered in time after about eight days of placing the order. That's where I think they have some room for improvement—overall impressed with the quality of product and service.

Phillip HolmesJimmy Mens Black and Maroon Moto Jacket

FAQ's on Motorcycle Leather Jacket- Huge Savings

Are leather jackets safe for motorcycles?

Even with advancements in technology, leather is still one of the most favored materials for motorcycle riding due to its durability and warmth. It offers amazing protection from road rash, cold wind, and harsh weather, so the answer is yes, a leather moto jacket is safe for motorcycles as long as it's made of the right material and comprises all the paddings and safety equipment.

Why do bikers wear jackets?

A motorcycle jacket has a rich heritage and has been an essential piece for classic bike riders. Even today after the advancement for synthetic fibers, a real leather jacket still provides unmatched resistance against road rash and is still the preferred material for some people.

How should a motorcycle jacket fit?

Motorcycle jackets are traditionally designed to fit closer to the body to avoid wind from entering inside. Therefore jackets inspired by this style are also supposed to fit snug without feeling too restrictive even if you're wearing it just for style.

Should you buy a size bigger in jackets?

You should buy a size bigger only when you're planning to layer it with something heavy like a sweater or hoodie. If you're going to wear your jacket over a plain t-shirt, it's best if you order your standard size, remember your biker jacket should fit slim and trim.

What is a motorcycle jacket?

A motorcycle jacket is a type of leather jacket recognizable with its double-breasted front accompanied with wide lapels and usually detailed with metal studs and belted waist. It is a classic design introduced by Irvin Schott and is still popular today.

Are Motorcycle Leather jackets waterproof?

The sturdy nature of leather helps it repel water naturally but that does not mean it's completely waterproof or even water-resistant, it's best if you keep your jacket away from water it maintains its longevity. Alternatively, you can also apply bee wax and waterproofing methods to make it water-resistant.

What temperature you can wear a leather jacket?

Leather jackets are designed for temperature between cold and chill, you can wear it as a transitional piece, or keep it as winter wear by combining it with other insulators like fleece, you also have the options of wearing a heavier shearling jacket for winter, all in all, a leather jacket is a three-season outfit.

How tight should a motorcycle jacket be?

A moto jacket should fit snugly and closer to the body. It was designed that way to cut through the wind. However, it shouldn't be tight to the extent of being uncomfortable, the ideal fit is just a couple of inches of space from your chest.

Is Asymmetrical Motorcycle jacket used for fashion?

When it comes to fashion no can beat asymmetrical style jackets. It gives a unique bold appearance and fits with every dress easily. The garment that was once used just for its functionality is not a statement piece and a choice of outerwear for every style-savvy individual.

How long biker jackets will last?

A good real leather jacket can last for 6 years and even more depending on how well you maintain it, people have been wearing their leather jackets for decades and even pass it down to generations therefore it's called an investment.

Why do people wear leather motorcycle jackets?

Motorcycle Jackets were worn as protective gear, but the riders' rebel nature and the garment's cool appearance have transformed it into a fashion staple; today, it's worn by every fashion-savvy individual biker or non-biker because it give them confidence and a unique sense of style.

Do leather riding jackets keep you warm?

Real leather jackets are generally considered a cold-weather garment and are efficient enough to keep you warm on a chilly day. It also depends on the insulation and lining, such as shearling lining in a biker jacket to keep you toasty on a cold day.

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