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shearling leather jacket & coats


The shearling jacket is a timeless and functional asset for winter wardrobes. It's a favorite among men and women, keeping you warm and stylish. Men's shearling jackets come in various styles, from bomber jackets to trench coats. They provide insulation and protection from the elements, making them practical outerwear for winter. Our affordable lineup offers a range of colors and skin-friendly materials, ensuring luxurious style and comfort without breaking the bank. Shop now and enjoy the best shearling leather jackets!

Understanding Shearling Leather

Shearling leather is a luxurious and versatile material that has gained significant popularity in the fashion industry. 

  1. Origin: Shearling leather is derived from the hide of sheep or lambs, making it a natural and sustainable material.

  2. Insulation: Shearling provides exceptional warmth and insulation, perfect for cold-weather jackets and coats.

  3. Breathability: Shearling leather has natural breathability, allowing moisture to escape and preventing unpleasant odors.

  4. Comfort: The soft and plush texture of shearling adds a luxurious and comfortable feel to any garment or accessory.

  5. Visual Appeal: Shearling leather exudes timeless charm and sophistication, whether in its classic tan color or bold dyed variations.

  6. Versatility: Shearling leather can be used in various fashion items, including jackets, coats, boots, hats, and accessories, offering versatility in styling options.

Shearling Leather Jacket and Coats Every Fashion Insider Owns

A good quality leather jacket is a wardrobe staple that will last years. But if you want extra warmth, opt for a shearling coat or jacket. It is made from lambskin lined with soft, warm, and ultra-cozy shearling. It's also surprisingly easy to style - throw it on over jeans and a tee for an instant outfit upgrade, plus you don't need a ton of layering.

Plenty of great options. You can also check the top 8 winter coat to invest for mens; however, if you're looking to invest in a shearling piece, including short and long options. From sleek moto jackets to oversized bombers, here are some of the best shearling coats and jackets to add to your wardrobe this season.

Long Black Shearling Jacket


Generally, long leather shearling coats are warmer because they provide more coverage. These overcoats look impressive worn over a suit jacket or blazer. They’re friendly enough as a standalone piece over a plain cotton tee. You can also layer it up as the weather gets even colder. Just make sure you order a bigger size to accommodate whatever you wear inside.

Another thing to note is the color. You should buy a brown or black shearling coat as these colors are more versatile and accompany different outfits.

Sherpa Lined Leather Jacket

A leather jacket lined with sherpa or shealing is a combination of ruggedness and refinement. The addition of shearling lining makes the jacket warm and suitable for winter. Additionally, it also looks dressier as compared to a regular jacket. You can wear it with a turtle neck, jeans, and boots for a nice vintage look during the winter. These jackets are also long-lasting and will only get better with age year after year.

Shearling Bomber Jackets

The shearling bomber jacket, also known as the aviator jacket, is backed by years of heritage and unmatched quality from the world war days. The general public later adopted the garment because of the warmth factor. Although it not a part of military uniform anymore, you can still find premium quality recreation. Some are fully lined with shearling, while others are only shearling collar jackets. If your want something warm, versatile, and easy to style, you can never go wrong with a shearling-lined bomber jacket.

Leather Shearling Coat


Keep cold weather at bay with the added protection of a hood on a shearling coat. Hooded coats are very much in demand these days and look cool unfastened as well. Our coats with fur trim on the hood act as boundary layers and break the wind before it reaches your face. It’s a must-have coat for winter commutes.

People Also Ask

How should I care for a shearling leather jacket? 

Shearling leather requires special care. It is essential to avoid getting the jacket wet or exposing it to direct heat sources. Regularly brush the wool to remove dirt or debris; if necessary, use a damp cloth to spot clean any stains on the leather. 

What's the difference between sheepskin and shearling?

Sheepskin is the sheep's hide with the fur intact, used for making leather garments and rugs. On the other hand, shearling comes from a lamb. You can also find faux shearling that mimics the fur's appearance and is much more affordable.

Which is warmer, shearling or down?

Jackets insulted with down are hot and light-weight. However, down loses its insulation capabilities once exposed to moisture. On the contrary, shearling jackets are heavier and warm. The rugged, leather outer shell makes it a better option for windy conditions.

Can you wear shearling in the rain?

Wearing your shearling-lined jacket while it is pouring outside is not recommended. However, if you suddenly get caught in the rain, there is no need to worry about your shearling garment if it's of high quality. However, do remember to brush and condition your jacket once it dries.

Will a shearling jacket stretch?

Shearling jackets naturally stretch after the material breaks in as long as it's genuine leather. After buying a new coat, it may feel snug at the beginning. However, wearing it for a few months will naturally loosen up. The more the jacket ages, the more supple it gets.

What temperature should you wear shearling?

Shearling leather jackets mens are made for winter, so you can wear them when the temperature is below 40 degrees. The longer the coat is more suitable for colder climates, depending on your cold tolerance and location. You can also layer up for extra protection.

How long does shearling last?

Shearling jackets can last 10 to 20 years, depending on the quality and care. They're pretty durable and can easily handle the test of time. Leather garments are known to look and fit better as they age.

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