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Sherpa Lined Jackets

Sherpa is a super soft and fuzzy material named after the Sherpa people because it resembles the knitted clothing worn by them. However, it’s not the same as it’s made purely of synthetic fiber. Sherpa is soft luxurious, and warm; it’s used in winter household items because it can make any product feel cozier.

The texture of Sherpa resembles wool or sheepskin and is also much more affordable than the two. On the other hand, the material is also an eco-friendly alternative to fleece.

Why Choose Sherpa?


Sherpa feels fluffy and comfortable, which is the primary reason why it is used as a lining material for outerwear like jackets and coats; apart from this, there are several other reasons why you should own a Sherpa-lined jacket.

It provides insulation

Sherpa has excellent insulation capabilities; its ability to trap and retain heat makes it an excellent material for winters. It also provides protection against cold winds if combined with a thick outer shell-like leather or denim.

Sherpa Wicks Moisture

Sherpa is a quick-drying and moisture-wicking material which makes it a practical choice for your winter jacket. It will keep you warm and will prevent moisture from building up inside.

It’s Less Bulky


Just because it’s warm, you might be thinking it’s a bulky material, but that’s not the case; Sherpa is much lighter than fleece and also warmer. A Sherpa jacket won’t weigh you down even if you wear it for a long period.

Easy to Maintain

Sherpa dries quickly and is very easy to clean and maintain; you can opt for a spot cleaning method for the lining and collar of your jacket, then leave it to dry naturally.

Sherpa is Stylish

The material is not only known for its functionality, but it’s also incredibly stylish; the pearl white trims on the collar and cuffs add flair to the jacket/coast. It also creates a wonderful contrast with brown or black outerwear.

See what customers are saying

I absolutely love this jacket. It reminds me of the one that I had in the 80's. Great for cold weather. I bought one size larger to accommodate layering. The zip is as indicated and actually smooth. I like the snaps, they are just like the original jackets had when they were made in a different country, problem remains the ad saying they are button closure.

Timothy Whaley — Mens Sherpa Jacket

I'm 6'2, 175 lbs. and this jacket is perfect. I have longer arms. In terms of length, this is what this style of coat is supposed to be. Very happy with the purchase. It was somewhat heavier than expected, which is honestly a good thing. It should work for weather 45-50 degrees+. Anything colder than that, you should wear something thicker inside. Also, very comfy and soft on the inside.

Nathan Ortiz — Sherpa lined coat men's

Great leather jacket with Sherpa lining for those chilly San Francisco weather. You can't beat the price too. The same jacket in the other store was going for $300. Super comfy materials and fits as expected. It has extra room that you could add an additional layer like a thinner sweater, sweatshirt, or button-up shirt. I like the color as well. A classic design that'll never go out of style, I hope to own for many years to come.

William Ivory — Sherpa collar jacket men's

I purchased the XL Size jacket, and it fits very well. It's not a very roomy or thick Jacket, it does fit very well around the torso, and the length is around my hips. I am just under 6' feet and weigh about 175 lbs. and I'm still considered a slim fit. This Jacket came with deep outer pockets and two inside pockets. I am overall happy with my purchase because it's a good style jacket that I'm familiar with.

Ramon McCaffery — Black Sherpa lined jacket

IN LOVE with this jacket!! I assumed it ran small; however, I think the sizes are pretty roomy! 5’8 and slightly on the heavier side I was worried the small would be too fitted, but it’s perfect! Lots of room to move around and layer under! I love that the Sherpa lining isn’t a bright white, a lovely natural wool color. My new favorite jacket for fall!

Maureen Walton Womens Sherpa Jacket

Comfortable, stylish, and well-made Sherpa-lined jacket. These jackets are made to be form-fitting. There's enough room to move around, but this jacket is an "athletic" or "slim" fit, running true to size but snug due to the style/type of jacket that it is. If you want extra room for mobility or layers underneath the jacket (beyond a button-down or t-shirt), I would strongly recommend moving up 1+ size from what you would typically wear in a jacket.

Herbert Kenney Brown Sherpa Jacket Mens 

People also Ask

How should it fit?

Because of the thick Sherpa lining the jacket is going to feel a bit snug, if you want to layer it with something thicker than a tshirt like a sweater or hoodie make sure you have enough room to move around freely.

Is Sherpa warmer than fleece?

While Sherpa is a type of fleece it’s considerably warmer and fuzzier, therefore it’s used as a lining material for jackets and coats. It helps to trap and retain body heat by providing insulation. It’s also relatively inexpensive option as a jacket lining.

Should I wash my Sherpa?

Sherpa is a lining material which means it totally depends on the outer shell, if it’s leather there is no way you should soak it wet. However, if your garment is made of cotton or polyester, you can wash it according to the guidelines on the label.

Can Sherpa get wet?

Yes, Sherpa isn’t water resistant and can get wet if dipped or soaked in water. However, thanks to the fuzzy wool like texture it can still retain its form and quality after it’s washed or cleaned by hand and left to dry naturally.

Is it warmer than wool?

Wool is natural fiber that comes with exceptional water repelling capabilities and insulation feature. Sherpa is a man-made fiber that is just as warm if not more, it’s also much more affordable as compared to most wool garments. Both wool and Sherpa have their own importance in your wardrobe.

Can Sherpa be Ironed?

Sherpa does not need to be ironed because it does not wrinkle, thanks to its fuzzy texture. Secondly, it's primarily used as the lining of the jacket or coat. Therefore, it remains unseen for the most part except the collar and cuff.