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    Make a lasting impression on your next sophisticated evening with this black and white tuxedo jacket, it’s detailed with a white lapel, two jetted pockets, one chest pocket, and a single vent. The waistcoat is the same...
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    The tuxedo includes both the ivory coat and black trouser. It's made from high quality rayon and polyester blend, with neat stitching done throughout. This ivory dinner jacket will make you look good and stylish by any...
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    This elegant and luxurious off white suit is made from the highest quality materials. The suit features an exceptional fit, soft material, high quality stitching all over. Features include three button closure, peak lapel...
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    Mens Notch Lapel White Suit
    € 299.00 € 199.00
    Notch Lapel Slim Fit White Suit for Men Jacket, and Trousers Features: Fabric: The complete suit is crafted from quality fabric that fits all climate. Jacket Lining: Fully lined with viscose to maximize comfort...
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    Mens Shawl Lapel White and Black Tuxedo Jacket Description  Impress others by your distinct style. Wear the White and Black Tuxedo Jacket this time! It is so versatile that you can pair it with any shirt and pants to...
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    All White Three Piece Suit Unveil a touch of history with our Men's Vintage White Three-Piece Suit. This ensemble, reminiscent of ageless sophistication, boasts a beautifully tailored jacket, trousers, and a distinctive...


Owning a suit is the best a man can ever have.

Because it is an essential element of man's fashion that shines the personality. 

However, a suit is considered for two things, it's color and fabric. 

While black is the classiest pick but there are different options that most men wear for ocassions like wedding, parties and photo shoots - like white suit. 


White suit for men has its own classy elegance, there is no doubt the suiting has been a pioneer of men for more than a decade and today, even if you have $100 in your pocket, you can buy yourself an elegant white color suit.

The only reason why it is popular after black, because it's versatile and fits every occassion, especially parties. Here are different ways you can style white suit. 



If you like to give your parties a fancy experience, then all you need is a bow tie, white shirt, an ivory white shawl lapel jacket and black trousers in straight cut style. Whether it's a Birthday party, your first date, anniversary or a dinner party, a white tuxedo is your best option. 



Here is another piece but with black shawl lapel. It can be paired perfectly with black trousers, white shirt and a black bow-tie. This one is in overall shining white and in single button closure, a unique option for casual friendly parties. You can also pair it with white matching pants. 



Some suits are meant for prossional parties that are annaully celebrated at work or in a business event. You can't wear a tuxedo everywhere you go so that's when you need a business suit like this one.

It is an overall package but you can always modify the fashion because it's a double breasted style. Wear it with any color tie, and shirt. 

1920's STYLE


People who are obsessed with old school fashion can try this 1920's fashion. The nostalgic style setter for men that usually consist of a checkered jacket and trouser with a solid plain vest. Add your favorite tie and you're good to make a rocking impression at wedding or parties. 



It's never too easy to dress like Bond. The silhoutte can be dressed up for every occassion. Even if you work in office or need to prepare for a wedding, this tux is a modern staple that will do the trick for you. Just get a prop gun and you'll be looking like Bond in no time. 

Reasons to buy from us?

  • We have all style of white suits build for every occassion.
  • You can get creative with our white colorful variations. 
  • Our styles will let you create bold statement, regardless of age.
  • Prepared from quality fabric which will not break anytime soon.
  • Solid budget friendly options, reliable with bonus features.

We only design quality suits for men and women that you can wear for many years anywhere you like. These are perfect options for white party dressing. Explore our collection today! 


Do I have to wear all white to a white party?

Well since it's called a white party, that means you're only allowed to wear white. However, the dress code does on apply to the entire outfit, you can play around with shades and textures as long as you have a white jacket.

Is a white suit formal?

A white suit is more laid back and relaxed, it has that easy-going look that is perfect for daytime formal events such as weddings. You can also dress it down with a plain button-up shirt and a pair of sneakers to look more casual.

Is it OK to wear it to a wedding?

Yes, you can try our ivory tuxedo or dinner jacket it's not only ideal for special occasions like weddings but will also help you stand out in a good way. On the other hand, white suits are best for summers and daytime events so that you can remain cool throughout the event duration.

Can you wear black to a white party?

No, it's called a white party because you're supposed to wear all white, wearing a black suit goes against the rules of a white party and you are certainly going to look like the odd one out, and you wouldn't want that to happen.

When were white suits popular?

White suits started to gain popularity in the 80s and were at peak during the 90s, the style is back in trend this spring. It's perfect for summers and if your invited for a day wedding reception. A light suit will keep you cool and stylish.

How do you wear a white suit?

You can wear light muted or pastel tone shirts, avoid anything that's too dark or gaudy, your suit should be relaxed and laid back, avoid anything that takes away from the basic cocktail attire look of the plain white suit.

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